Character and style of a real man

male haircutOne of their important
aspects of the appearance of a man is his hairstyle. Despite
that model male haircut is done on short hair,
efforts to create a successful and suitable hairstyle sometimes
apply no less than to create a female. Diversity
male model haircuts allow you to create different images: from
classic and business to youth and creative. Successful haircut
will be created only if its choice will be based on
individual approach: when not only the type of hair is taken into account,
facial features, but the nature and lifestyle of a man.

Many men, having chosen a successful hairstyle in their youth, do not
then change it throughout life. Everybody knows that
a change in appearance can affect both mood and
man’s behavior, and on his fate. Incorrectly selected image
can provoke the appearance of completely unnecessary vital

Looking at a man’s hair, you can unravel some of the features of his
character Character and hairstyle

Confident and purposeful

Such a character can have a man who does not change his
does not change the hairstyle and categorically does not want to change his

Seeking and uncertain man

Constantly changing the length of hair, parting or the hair itself.
The man is in constant search of himself and feels discomfort in
your chosen image.

Unpredictable and extraordinary

Prefers avant-garde and creative options, is decided
change hair color, uses coloring and toning.
Psychologists say that such people suffer from misunderstanding
others, trying to attract attention and live in the pursuit
prove yourself and others that they are the best.

Capricious and infantile

Romantic heroes from children’s fairy tales seem to us
men who wear long hair. In fact, as
say psychologists, long hair, mustache, beards and large
sideburns men enclose themselves from the outside world and
emerging issues.

Model men’s haircuts and style

From season to season, fashion for men’s model haircuts changes,
although not as fast and fast as women. But always their
combines the clarity and accuracy of lines, as well as bright accents,
which correspond to modern fashion trends. More often
The emphasis in men’s haircuts is on bangs. It is thanks to bangs
– long or short – the image of a man becomes stylish and
strict or brave and defiant.

A bang laid on its side creates an image that is preferred
Many women – the image of “share boy”. Neatly laid up
bangs talking about a balanced nature and open character. Coming up
from the characteristics of their character and lifestyle, men choose
a hairstyle that is most comfortable for him and is in
harmony with his inner world.

Style “sports”

male haircutShort model
the haircut that men of all ages prefer over the years has not
loses its popularity. “Hedgehog”, “halfbox”, “playground” – this
exceptionally comfortable sports haircuts that do not require special
care. They give men a stylish and masculinity. Their
leaders choose – purposeful, hardy and with it
able to behave with women.

The length of the hairstyle varies depending on the nozzle of the machine for
hair cutting Haircut “naked” – a “radical” solution, on
the adoption of which must be a very good reason. it
“saving” option for balding men. Maybe this is the beginning
“new” life? .. According to one of the common points of view,
hair loss is associated with an excess of testosterone production. therefore
men with shaved skulls give the impression of being courageous and
sexual. Over the years, the fashion for this haircut is growing,
especially in the world of show business, which creates a fashionable “star”

Style “Romance”

Men with “fine mental organization” prefer length
hair enlarged to medium.

Men’s model hairstyle of this style with such a long hair
allows you to create all sorts of styling. Various piling
means you can create sharp needle strands or stuck together
curls. For a business day, you can comb your hair back and
in the evening to disheveled into a merry shock of hair. However it is worth noting
that hairstyles with long hair will look good only
with thick or curly hair that creates volume and

Men who choose such hairstyles have a soft character.
Masculinity gives a slight unshaven appearance to the romantic image.

Style “Military”

“Military” model haircuts will probably never lose their
popularity After all, they emphasize the main male ones better than others.
character traits: masculinity, inner strength and ability
protect. Haircuts of this style are suitable for both young men and
mature. By acquiring the image of a “fighter”, you turn into a man
“win” the heart of which the majority of the female half wishes
of humanity.

Style “Classic”

These are haircuts that are practically not affected by trendy ones.
trends appearing from season to season. Classic looks very
neat, restrained and natural, and easily combined with any
clothing: from elegant tuxedo to sets in sports

Style “Creative”

This style intrigues, fascinates and emphasizes the originality
men The most popular here are asymmetrical haircuts.
Similar haircuts with long hanging bangs – as on medium length
hair, and on short – will go to young people with thin
the face.

In order to model the haircut turned out well, you do not need
just the right choice of style, but also a skilled hand
a stylist hairdresser who knows how to professionally pick up
and cut male model hairstyle. He will give recommendations on
hair care, the health of which will make the selected image more
more well maintained and attractive.

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