Chemerichna water from lice and nits – way of application

Pediculosis is not only unpleasant, but also infectious,
therefore, you need to start fighting it as soon as possible. One of
Affordable, effective and proven means – this is water than calmer.
Used correctly, it helps to get rid of
parasites soon. Chemerichnoe water from lice

Whether hellebore water helps against lice: the form of release, composition and
effect of the remedy

The content of the article:

  • Whether hellebore water helps against lice: the form of release, composition and
    effect of the remedy
  • How to use hellebore water from lice
  • Dose and duration of treatment
  • Contraindications, side effects and precautions
  • Shelf life and storage
  • Method of use for children
  • Average cost and where to buy
  • How much to keep chemeric water on the hair?
  • How to apply water for the prevention of lice?
  • Reviews
  • Alternative means and methods

Chemerichnaya water is a solution that is equal to
The proportions includes water and tincture of hellebore. It is cheap,
but very effective antibacterial and
antiparasitic action. You can buy it in a pharmacy.
Chemerichna water is sold in dark bottles of 40 and
100 ml.

IMPORTANT! The product is intended for outdoor use only.

Hellebore root and stem includes a large number
alkaloids. It is these components that have a detrimental effect on
parasites, bacteria and fungi, including lice. water

When she gets water from the parasites, she wets
and envelops them and then gets into their airways and
gradually comes to the internal organs. initially
the insect becomes less mobile, after being paralyzed and cannot
move at all, then perishes. The same thing happens with nits.
But they are more hardy than adult lice, and can survive after
processing. In this case, the procedure must be repeated.
after a certain time.

How to use hellebore water from lice

Before treating hair, you must first wash your hair
familiar shampoo. Then the solution is evenly applied to
strands. This is convenient to do with ordinary cotton, which is necessary
moisten in solution. You can also use cotton swabs.

It is important to treat the hair in its entirety.
length. To do this, it is convenient to separate them into strands and evenly
process each one of them. After applying the tool you need to wrap
strands of cellophane or polyethylene. how to use

The composition should be left for 30-35 minutes, then rinse
running water and use shampoo. Lice must
disappear after the first treatment. Nits have to clean up
by hand, as they stick to every hair. Chemerichnaya water
kills them, but does not remove. To eliminate nits you need to take
a simple white sheet of paper and a comb for removal with frequent

It can be bought at the pharmacy – these are special products.
designed specifically to remove lice and nits.
Scallop is used for combing, which is made
head bent over a piece of paper. After combing the sheet you need
Carefully roll and throw away.

Dose and duration of treatment

As such, the dosage of use of funds
missing. It is determined individually, taking into account
thickness and length of hair. It is important that the strands are processed entirely.
from root to tip.

After treatment should not remain dry hair, but also
do not use too much solution –
otherwise it will drain and may get into the eyes. chemerichna

The treatment is carried out by the course:

  • When parasites are detected, the first
    treatment. If after this all lice and nits were
    eliminated, you can no longer use the tool.
  • If live parasites remain, the procedure
    repeats. A second treatment may not be performed.
    earlier than a day after the first.
  • For prevention, you can spend another procedure.
    a week later.

Contraindications, side effects and precautions

Chemerichna water is a fairly safe remedy, but it has
a number of contraindications:

  • hypersensitivity to the components;
  • children up to three years;
  • fresh wounds on the scalp;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • skin diseases.

pregnant girl

ATTENTION! Do not allow hit of the drug
inside and on the mucous membranes. If this happens, you need to carefully
Rinse with running water.

In case of non-compliance with contraindications and incorrect
the use of hellebore water can provoke the following

  • nausea and vomiting;
  • itchy scalp;
  • tingling, burning sensation;
  • poisoning.

headFor safety use, consider the following.
precautionary measures:

  • In case of contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly.
  • If the solution provokes severe burning and itching, it should be washed off.
    right away

If use of the drug provokes nausea, poisoning
or deterioration of health, you need to urgently consult with
a doctor.

Shelf life and storage

The shelf life of the product is 2 years (24
months). Keep the cemeric water should be in a dark place with
temperature of 9-15 degrees, out of reach of children.

Method of use for children

According to the instructions, the drug is contraindicated in children aged.
up to three years. For treating head lice in older babies
the tool is allowed, but it is important to use it carefully and store it in
a place closed to the child.

The scheme of use of funds for children is standard. Water applied to
hair along the entire length, paying special attention to the temples and
back of the head. If the child is more than 12 years old, it is convenient to begin treatment with
back of the head. children

The head should be tilted down. Need to
make sure that the child does not scratch his head during the application process
– this can lead to skin contact with toxic

Applying hellebore water for children, in any case can not
keep it more than the time specified in the instructions.

Average cost and where to buy

Chemeric water can be purchased at the pharmacy. This is an inexpensive tool:
40 ml bottle will cost about 25 rubles, 100 ml
– about 40 rubles. cost

How much to keep chemeric water on the hair?

The standard dwell time of the pore water on the hair is
30-35 minutes, after which you need to thoroughly wash it with water and shampoo.
If the remedy provokes severe discomfort and unpleasant symptoms,
you can wash it off earlier. water in the hair

How to apply water for the prevention of lice?

Chemerichna water can be used for prevention
head lice. For this, it can be dripped onto the head and the area behind.

Besides the fact that the drug helps to prevent
parasites, it helps eliminate dandruff, strengthens hair and
stimulates their growth.



Did the hellebore water help you get rid of lice?

Alternative means and methods

There are other tools that help in the fight against head lice,
both pharmaceutical, and national. They can be used instead
hellebore water or in combination with it.


Combing is a must-have procedure for pediculosis,
even if used drugs. For these purposes
used plastic or metal comb with frequent
teeth. Crest

Most modern tools are sold with such
comb included.

First, the combing procedure is done on wet hair, then
– on dry. It is necessary to separate the strand corresponding to the width of the ridge, and
comb it carefully so that as a result there is not one
white point.

REFERENCE. Convenient to use for combing
electric comb. It acts on electric hair.
impulses, under the influence of which the parasites fall. This product also
prevents the likelihood of recurrence of parasites on

Benzyl Benzoate Ointment for Lice

Ointment effectively fights parasites, it is contraindicated
pregnant and lactating women, as well as children up to three years.

The product must be evenly distributed on the hair and
leave for half an hour, then rinse and comb through the strands. Later
day procedure is repeated. Ointment is quite cheap.

Spray Nyuda

It is a safe tool that can be used.
for kids. Contains Dimethicone, detrimental
affecting the parasites. Spray evenly distributed on dry
combed strands, then you need to comb them again with a comb, which
Comes with included. After 45 minutes you need to wash your hair and comb
parasites. Nuda

Tablets for lice and nits

Lice pills such as Butadion, Albendazole,
Levamisole is indicated in cases where the means for local
use of contraindications. Their action is directed towards
so that the human blood becomes poisonous to the parasite. As a rule, for
Pest control means must be taken within 15 days.
It is necessary to take into account the available contraindications to the use of tablets.
The doctor must prescribe them. Levamisole

Shampoo Paranit

The composition of the shampoo helps in the fight against parasites.
It should be applied to dry hair so that they are all evenly
moistened from root to tip. The composition remains on the strands at 15
minutes, then rinse thoroughly with water. After that the dead
insects are removed with a special comb that is present in
complete set. To remove the nits need to re-process
shampoo after a week. Paranit

Folk remedies

In the fight against lice can be used and proven folk
facilities. Before using them it is recommended to consult with
a doctor.

Tar soap

Tar soap – one of the most popular folk
funds against lice. Effect is due to it
antiseptic properties. In the fight against parasites, it is used
in the following way:

  • A piece of soap should be grated, pour water in a small
    quantity and shake.
  • The composition must acquire a homogeneous consistency, then
    apply it evenly on the hair roots and spread it all over
  • Means remains on hair for 40 minutes.

tar soapIt can also be used to eliminate lice.
tar soap, it is produced in bottles with a convenient

A small amount of the product is pressed into the palm
mixed with water and froth a little, and then applied
as usual tar soap.


Kerosene is a very radical method of combating
pediculosis. But it is important to use it carefully so as not to
cause a burn. Pure kerosene does not apply – it needs
diluted with vegetable oil in proportions of 1:10. Kerosene

The prepared tool is applied to the scalp and hair in
large quantities. Then the head is wrapped with polyethylene and on top
warmed with a towel.

In this form, the compress should be left on the head for 2-2.5
hours, then the hair is thoroughly washed with shampoo

The main disadvantages of the use of kerosene – sharp resistant
odor and high risks of side effects. Kerosene
can not be used to treat young children. In the event of
burning and other unpleasant symptoms should be immediately washed away.


Vinegar is often used to fight pediculosis.
For efficiency, it is combined with
with salt.

  • A glass of vinegar, diluted with water to a concentration of 3%, you need
    Mix with 40 grams of salt.
  • The components are thoroughly mixed. Then 5 ml is injected into the mixture.
    alcohol 96% concentration.
  • The prepared product is applied on slightly damp clean hair.
    and remains for up to 2 days.

Vinegar treatmentHair needs to be moistened periodically.
solution. They are then washed and combed thoroughly.
special comb. This composition not only helps to cope with
parasites, but also eliminate itching, which is a symptom of neglected
head lice.

As you can see, the remedies to help cure pediculosis,
There is a lot. Chemerichnaya water – one of the most accessible and
effective among them. With proper use and compliance
of all contraindications and precautions, it will soon help
forget about the unpleasant problem.

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