Chemical peeling – salon procedure in home conditions

Modern beauty salons are ready to present today a whole
range of different cosmetic services that make women
look younger and long remain beautiful and attractive.
One of the most effective and most common methods of rejuvenation
Skin is a chemical peel. However, not all
the fair sex can afford to visit
salons. Therefore, many successfully carry out chemical peels in
home conditions. Cardinal change after one procedure is not
there is, but the full course guarantees an obvious result.


  • Choose peeling according to skin type
  • The most popular recipes for chemical peels
  • Natural recipes for chemical peels
  • Important recommendations

Choose peeling according to skin type

The main advantage of home cleansing and rejuvenation
consists of no risk of redness or burns
skin. But before you do chemical peeling at home, you should first
find out which recipe is right for your skin.

Peeling at home

To prevent burns the composition of chemical peels
it is necessary to evenly distribute a thin layer.

Despite the many types of peels, they need to be applied
carefully. Exfoliating agents are intended, as a rule,
not for all skin types and, sometimes they may include
allergic components.

For example, owners of oily or normal skin
The procedure should be performed thrice a week. There is no reason to be afraid
since this type of skin is not prone to irritation and redness, but
regular cleaning in this case is necessary. Recommended
periodically use salicylic acid – great
for skin care with active sebaceous glands.

For dry skin, only one treatment per 14 days will be sufficient.
An excellent choice would be recipes with alpha-hydroxy acids,
since after using them nourishing creams penetrate into
deeper layers. For sensitive skin, you need to select
peeling recipes with a gentle action, the concentration of acids in which
low enough.

The most popular recipes for chemical peels

Independent execution of the procedure at home
based on the use of softer formulations containing
boric acid, hydrogen peroxide or calcium salt of hydrochloric
acids (calcium chloride) as the main components. Unlike
salon mixtures, they gently affect the skin without causing
side effects.

Chemical Peeling at Home

Home Peeling Recipes

Boric acid peeling

A set of pre-purchased at the pharmacy ingredients: Boric
acid (10 g), camphor alcohol (30 ml), 10% solution
ammonia (10 ml), 2 tablets of hydroperit, glycerin (30
ml) and ordinary toilet soap (grated) mixed in deep
capacity. The resulting creamy white mass to cover
face skin and wait until completely dry. After that, remove the mask
calcium chloride, wash your face and wipe with a tissue or cloth

Attention! Means can not be applied to inflamed, irritated
or purulent skin.

Hydrogen peroxide peeling

The crushed bodyaga (40 g) is thoroughly mixed with a solution
hydrogen peroxide until foamy
gel homogeneous paste. Mask applied to the work area
lightly massaging movements and leave for 15-20 minutes. Then all
wash off with warm (not hot!) water. This procedure will have to do
4-5 times a week for those with oily skin and 2-3 times –
holders of dry skin.

Calcium Peeling

The procedure will require 5% or 10% calcium chloride (1 ampoule)
and baby soap. The wadded disk impregnated with solution is moistened
face skin. The drug should be a little dry, after which the action
need to be repeated four more times. Then by hand or cotton
the applicator begins massaging the skin with soap suds.
The interaction of soap with calcium chloride contributes to the formation
flakes on the surface of the skin. In the end, wash your face with warm water.
use a soothing mask, and then a moisturizer.

Calcium chloride (CaCl2) peeling is recommended for one or two
but no more than once a month, there are no problems on the skin (irritations and
inflammatory processes) should not be.

After removal of any peeling solution from the face, the face
must be dried with a soft paper towel and then powdered
slightly talcum powder.

Natural recipes for chemical peels

Fruit acids are the best peeling agent for dry
skin. They do not injure this vulnerable skin type, gently cleanse it and
enrich with microelements and necessary vitamins. Exists
several effective recipes using herbal
components contained in many fruits.

Citrus peeling

Citric acid and other acids that make up
Lemon carefully cleanse the pores of the accumulation of sebum, which is
whole leads to a general improvement of the epidermis.

Citrus Peeling Mask

For its preparation you will need any citrus fruits, as well as
any other fruits available at home. All ingredients
grind, turn into a mush and gently apply with a thick layer
on the skin of the face. Remove in 15-20 minutes, wash with room water
temperature and apply a nourishing cream.

Lemon peeling

Many cosmetologists recommend doing at home
chemical peels using lemon juice. In addition to cleansing the skin, he
helps to eliminate not only small, but even deep wrinkles.
Lemon juice and purified water are combined in equal proportions and
a cotton pad dipped in this liquid covers the face. After 5
minutes all washed off and applied cream.

Attention! After peeling, the use of creams with
vaseline content.

Strawberry peeling

Another tasty and effective peeling mask –
strawberry and apple. In a blender, cook mashed 5 strawberries
and 1 medium sized apple. Apply the fruit mixture to the face.
for 5 minutes. After a minute there will be a feeling of lung.
tingling No need to worry – this is absolutely normal.
reaction characteristic of the process of renewal and purification.

House Peeling Recipe

The recipe for home peeling called

Peeling “Exotic”

If you like fruit peels, you will be ready
continue to experiment, then it is worth experiencing the exotic
option. Using a blender, chop the papaya pulp (100g) and
pineapple (100g), combine gruel with a small amount of honey and
apply on face no more than 5 minutes. Then remove all from the face
this exotic, wash with water and apply a cream.

Important recommendations

  • The use of any chemicals requires
    mandatory test for the presence of allergies. Means,
    which you are going to use, first try on a small
    sensitive skin in the area of ​​the elbow bend.
  • You can do chemical peels at home either in autumn or in winter:
    solar activity during this period is not so high. For
    weeks after the procedure, you need to apply a cream with protective UV
    by filters.
  • It is strictly forbidden to increase the time of the session,
    specified in the instructions attached to the drug, so as not to cause
    harm to the skin. It is also unacceptable to adjust as desired.
    the percentage of chemically active substances in the case
    If you prepare the peeling solution yourself.
  • Some time after applying the composition to the skin
    a slight burning or tingling may occur. However when
    these sensations become unbearable, or the remedy provoked
    the formation of swelling, redness, then it is urgently needed
    wash off, neutralizing the action of chemicals. This will prevent burns.

Peeling today can be called the foundation of skin care.
The chemical peeling procedure gives skin radiance, healthy color and
elasticity. The inability to visit for this purpose salons,
not at all a barrier to the desire to be young and beautiful. Great
a substitute for a professional salon procedure will be a chemical
peeling at home. And although the effect of the home procedure
weaker, its regular holding will provide brilliant

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