Children’s hairstyles for little fashionistas and mods

baby hairstyle photoToday’s children are no less watching
modern fashion, and this applies to both teenagers and
kids 5-6 years. Little fashionistas and fashionable women flaunt in stylish
suits and dresses, shoes and sneakers, and choose hairstyles
like famous movie stars or football players.

And there is nothing wrong with that, you need to instill good taste with
childhood itself, the main thing here is not to bend the stick so that the desire
looking beautiful and fashionable has not become an obsessive constant idea.
But how great do children look when they have beautiful and unusual
hairstyles, and not copying adults, but their own
age And some moms don’t think that traditional
braids and tails – the only thing you can do for your children.
A little imagination and desire, a little bit of time and attention, and there you are,
Please – an original and simple hairstyle is ready for your

Direct the beauty for every day

children's hairstyles for girls photosOf course, the easiest option is
This is when a girl has short hair. Good haircut, regular
hair care (washing and combing) – that’s probably all
procedures that require very little time.

Very comfortable for girls are a bob or bob haircut,
which are both beautiful and practical. Especially they go to the owners
wavy or curly hair, and in combination with beautiful hairpins
or hoops look just great.

Long hair requires special attention, but it has
more options and opportunities to create different images.

Children’s hairstyles for every day on long hair should be
uncomplicated, neat and comfortable. Here are possible as
combinations of braids: two, three small braids, grabbed into one,
braid braid from bangs, or just one braid, decorated with bright
rubber band.

A great option: weave two braids, grasp at the base
wide bright rubber bands, at the tips fix more thin. AND
original and beautiful! Instead of the usual rubbers you can use
“crab”, gum with balls or kind of funny figures – then
The image will be even more interesting.

children's hairstyles for girls photo 2All known tails can
do on the hair of different lengths, you only need to stock up big
a variety of different gum. Today you can purchase
inexpensive hair ties of various “calibers”: thin,
lace, with lurex, “shaggy”, with which help to create
baby hairstyles for long hair will be very easy. Two or three
workouts and in the morning you need quite a bit of time to
to make a fashionable and practical hairstyle on the head of the daughter

Here are just a few options:

  • we divide hair into tails, and make them more than five
    (will be more original), fix every tail along the entire length
    thin multi-colored rubber bands. Haircut is ready!
  • dividing the hair into individual strands, we start them from the nape
    pick up the stairs in separate tails, we get as a result
    fun and funny hairstyle with a few tails.
  • starting with the temple, pick up the hair in the gum, take the locks
    upright, threading into each tail and locking with a rubber band.
    The free end is left in the form of a tail, or you can braid it in
  • As you can see, children’s hairstyles from braids or tails,
    braided in different variations is a great way to “bring in”
    beauty on long hair for your little fashionista, while
    This can be done quickly and easily.

“Celebration, celebration celebrate family …”

children's hairstyles for girls photo 3Although, of course, holidays
there may be not only family, because the life of modern kids
eventful no less than in adults. Birthdays and
matinees in kindergartens, concerts and performances, graduation and participation
in adult events (anniversaries or weddings) – everywhere required
look beautiful and solemn.

But immediately note that the festive hairstyles, although they require
longer time and more careful styling should not
be too frilly and adults. Your baby should be
beautiful and charming for her very close nursery
beauty that does not need bulky and high

Many mothers are puzzled by the problem: “How to make a holiday
children’s hairstyles for short hair? “. Here you can use
special dressings to match the color of the dress or shoes, tiaras and headbands
with rhinestones and sparkles, small but bright hairpins. Beautiful on
short hair will look like one big or several
small artificial flowers, fixed with

In the same way, you can decorate children’s hairstyles for a wedding, because
the appearance of the baby at family celebrations of this kind should
match the moment. On medium or long hair can
make curls.

children's hairstyles for girls photo 4Curling irons need
use as little as possible, only if you need a little curd
hair ends or ponytails. To create curls best
The option will be hair rollers, after removing which hair is not
comb, and curly strands fix varnish. Little fashion-girl
It will look lovely, while the hairstyle itself will be light and

More complex and spectacular holiday hairstyles are obtained if
use weaving and plaits. For example, children’s hairstyles on
graduation in kindergarten can be done with the help of “spikelets”. After all
the holiday itself involves the participation of the child in contests and
performances, dances and fun running around with friends, so this
the hairstyle will be both beautiful and practical.

“Spikelet” or “dragon” you can braid one, you can do it in
several rows, vary their location, weave ribbons,
fix bright hairpins.

Another example: we take long hair at the back of the head,
we divide into six-seven identical strands and weave from each
pigtail, without leaving a tail (that is, along the entire length).
We fasten the end with rubber bands, wrap each pigtail to the base
tail and fix with studs. But then – your complete
fantasy! Pigtails can be left to decorate the whole composition.
large elegant elastic band, you can put pigtails in different shapes,
securing them with pins – then how you choose, in any case
hairstyle will be great.

If you are not afraid of more serious tests, then instead of braids
You can braid the harnesses, which will also be fixed with studs
base of the tail, and then fixed in the composition.

These hairstyles are very simple, and after a series of training
classes you will do them better and faster. In addition, each
you can experiment by adding new parts and

If you want to try on a new image, then today
the day does not necessarily go to the hairdresser, can be done
selection of hairstyles on the computer, and you do not need
to understand graphic editors, but you just need to download
experiment with your own photo

Hairstyles for “strong” sex

Children's hairstyle for a boy photoFidget boys also want
be beautiful, and believe me, they pay a lot of attention to their hair.
Short haircuts with a “lonely” chelle are no longer listed, hairstyles
“hat” go out of fashion. Of course, short hair is very comfortable.
in summer, because boys love to swim, play football, and at the same time
it is very desirable that there is no interference.

But today, hairdressers offer a variety of children’s hairstyles.
for boys: both more voluminous, and with different hair lengths, and

A very popular “hedgehog”, which is then using a gel and mousse
can be laid in different variations. Haircuts are very relevant when
a small tail-tail is left behind, a hairstyle with an average
lengths of hair at the back of the head.

Haircuts “sites” with strictly defined contours will be appropriate.
for boys who lead an active lifestyle.

And if to visit a kindergarten or school is better to choose a haircut
more traditional, then for summer holidays and vacations you can choose
any creative model. Ripped edges, elongated bangs – and
your little boy will be simply irresistible!

Do not forget about care

Never forget that no hairstyle, even
the most luxurious will not attract attention if children
hair will not be appropriate care. Correctly pick up
shampoo, do not forget about the individual combs, watch out for
condition of the hair – by meeting all these simple requirements, you
be able to control the condition of your baby’s hair.

Fruits and vegetables, fish and nuts – these products must
be on the menu. Do not forget about the harmful effects on hair
ultraviolet rays, so that Panama, baseball cap or cap will save
not only from sunstroke, but also save hair from drying.
Do not use often varnishes, sprays, mousses, because they can
cause allergies, and affect the deterioration of children’s

And finally: do not forget that the children’s hairstyle should
like most of all to the kid himself, not just his parents, so
what to consider and the opinion of your child in controversial situations
trying to find a reasonable compromise.

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