Children’s hairstyles for little princesses: beauty does not require sacrifice

children's hairJust on
photos you can see calmly sitting and smiling cute
little girls. In life, they climb and run, crawl and
tumble. Therefore, it is necessary to make haircuts for
little girls were not a hindrance, but they should be good
keep fit and look neat. In this case, the mother
a dilemma arises: to grow daughters long hair or make
haircut. Both options have many advantages.

Haircuts for little girls

Minimize the time to create a neat haircut allows
well done haircut. Short haircut “under the boy”
surely not all mothers want to make their daughter. It is quite
justified if the baby curls are too weak and thin.

Hairstyles for small hair

Short cascade haircut, classic bob and bob can be
the best option, because any one of them is difficult to install
requires and allows you to show the natural beauty of the hair. Besides,
if you want, you can easily convert this haircut into
extravagant hairstyle. Pigtails will be great
decoration not too short haircut. They should not be very
a lot, and the hairstyle will be softer if they are as you can
thinner. Pin braids can be using colored rubber bands.

There is such an option: drag thin strands of hair or
braids with rubber bands in several places along the entire length. Little ones
Hairpins are also suitable for this purpose. Pigtails can be braided
or ribbon. Hairpins with feathers hanging from beads,
color strands will also look good. Summer will
pert hairstyle for a little girl, if you divide the curls on
strand and twist them with flagella, then secure with stealth
or “crabs”.

Children’s hairstyles for medium and long hair

If you turn on the fantasy, creating a hairstyle with tails and
pigtails, you’ll get a completely boring option. There are plenty
ways to make it curls of such length. By the way, on such
strands are made all the most stylish haircuts for girls. Simple in
performance, but very effectively looks “mesh” of the hair. To
make it necessary to separate the part of the horizontal part
Curls need forehead and pull them into the tails with the help of small
gum so that the tails are from each other on the same
the distance.

Then from the remaining hair to separate the next part.
Divide into two parts each tail of the first row and collect
tips in tails of the second row. The latter should be located in
staggered with respect to those located in the first
the row. All the following series are performed on the same principle, their
The quantity depends on your wishes. Hair will turn into
festive if the remaining hair is slightly curled.

Another fantasy on the topic of hairstyles with rubber bands and tails:
parting the hair from the head into eight equal sectors
and secure them with rubber bands. Tails with each other connect
consistently using colored rubber bands so that
“crown”. Pull neatly the last tail after a few
the following rubber bands (how long is enough). It will be very
smartly if you use the same color rubber bands.

children's hair

Another option with braids. Vertical parting divided
hair (can be zigzag or simple – this is not particularly important).
After that, separate with a horizontal parting the locks above the forehead along
both sides of the vertical parting. Next, braid on each side
two identical pigtails, gather in two tails strands behind,
split in two each and also braid. 4 pigtails turned out with
each side, consistently fasten with rubber bands. On
a little girl such a hairstyle will look original and

And in conclusion we will share one more simple and at the same time
festive hairstyle. To make it, you need to collect in the tail
hair at the crown (you can also at the back of your head – as you like),
then properly secure with a rubber band. Disassemble the tail into 4 (or
more) identical locks, each of which is braided into a pigtail (in
they can be woven into ribbons and leave long loose ends).
Lift the pigtails up and secure with one rubber band, another
attach the tips of the braids to the base of the tail, fluff and
form curls of hair at the ends (they should not be much
short). Instead of ribbons, you can decorate with an elegant hair clip, and
also artificial or even fresh flowers.

As you can see, children’s hairstyles can be made very different.
ways, each of which is original in its own way. Which one is you
No matter what they choose for their baby, the main thing is that her hairdo
liked and approached.

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