Chinese woman has grown hair length 199 cm!

Resident of the People’s Republic of China Tsen Yingyuan has hair length 199
cm, with its own height 1. 52 cm. Not visited
Barber Yingyuan as much as 11 years! Although the hair
give her a lot of inconvenience, the Chinese woman is not going with them
saying goodbye.

Long hair Going out she catches herself huge
number of surprised looks.

Long hair There have been many offers to buy
hair, the largest amount for them was about 2,000 pounds
. Zen Yingyuan is not going to part with his luxurious shock
hair and says “If my hair started to go gray, I would paint
them in white and would change the image ”

Long hair Qen collects all lost hair, per year
It turns out about 50 grams.

Long hair Such hair requires very careful and
careful care, it takes half a day to wash and dry them. Washes
Zen hair every 4 days.

Long hair Glitter hair she keeps with the help
of beer.

Long hair

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