Chocolate hair coloring: we select a good one shade

In recent years, at the peak of popularity, natural colors,
including hair color chocolate. Saturated, multifaceted,
brilliant, it fits almost any type

Chocolate and curls

The main thing is to choose the right tone among the palette.
chocolate shades. Stylists and colorists willingly share
your secrets for choosing a good color.

  • 1 Who is chocolate?
    • 1.1 Who is not suitable for chocolate coloring?
  • 2 What are chocolate shades?
  • 3 How to choose paint according to your color type?
  • 4 Choosing makeup
  • 5 Tips before dyeing
  • 6 How to choose paint: review of popular manufacturers
  • 7 How to care for chocolate tint?

Who is chocolate?

Chocolate hair color – one of the most versatile. His rich
a variety of shades allows you to try it on yourself and
fair-skinned, and mulatto, and blue-eyed, and
green-eyed and brown-eyed girls. Focusing on
color type of appearance, you can choose the most successful shade.

Among those who go to this hair color, first of all is
highlight beauties with dark skin and eyes the color of whiskey. Bright
representatives of the tsvetotip “Winter” with porcelain
skin and blue eyes, this color is also very to the face.

Chocolate coloring

To find the most winning shade of chocolate
for each color type, it is necessary to consider the color of the eyes and tone

  • dark chocolate, rich, deep, suitable light-skinned
    girls with dark brown eyes;
  • hair color cherry in chocolate (with a reddish undertone) costs
    choose girls with blue eyes and light, practically
    white skin; Hair color
  • the hue of chocolate with truffle suntan is beautiful
    Looks in combination with dark skin and dark
  • owners of peach skin tone and light
    the eye (color type “Spring”) will suit the color milky
    chocolate. Coloring by eye color

Who is not suitable chocolate coloring?

As we have said, chocolate strands fit almost to
any type of appearance. The only exception is
girls of the “Summer” color type, who have natural hair,
eyebrows and eyelashes bright. Having painted strands in dark brown tone,
the girl with the color type “Summer” should change the shade with makeup
and eyebrows and eyelashes. Otherwise, the hair will be heavy
image, look inappropriate.

Advice: to beauties who have a head of hair by nature
Light, it is better to choose softer shades: light chocolate,
milk chocolate with highlight. Not worth it
experiment by coloring the curls in dark brown or black

Light-eyed girls with tanned skin should be wary.
Approach changing color strands. Dark shading
can add age. If this is your case, but really want
change the hairstyle, choose lighter tones of the palette,
such as caramel with chocolate.

Color caramel with chocolate

What are chocolate shades?

Chocolate color has many faces. Colorists use to
Selection of a successful shade of tens of tones of this color:

  • dark chocolate – dark, rich;
  • chocolate mocha is dark but warm; Dark color curls
  • milk chocolate – light chocolate, warm, has
    golden play;
  • caramel – has a copper play; Light chocolate colors
  • chocolate chestnut – dark, deep, without reddish;
  • chocolate-red – has a fiery undertone, looks
    multifaceted, suitable bold nature; Chocolate-red and chestnut
  • chocolate brown – natural, light shade;
  • chocolate-ashy – cold, interesting
    color achieved using special techniques
    staining (shown in the photo below). Light Brown and Ash Color

Note! Make the color more interesting and
deep staining techniques such as shatush or
balayazh. In combination with dark chocolate color or, on the contrary,
bleached strands look very attractive, they are visually
they add volume to their hair, and to speakers – to dynamics.

How to choose paint according to your color type?

Depending on the type, you can choose a shade
a chocolate palette that will brighten your face
younger and nicer.

Paint by type

Suitable shades for basic color types:

  • “Spring”: honey-chocolate, caramel,
    chocolate and nutty;
  • “Summer”: chestnut, bitter chocolate;
  • “Autumn”: milk chocolate, copper-chocolate, cognac,
    chocolate chestnut;
  • “Winter”: dark chocolate, chocolate ash,
    frosty chocolate.

Focusing on the color of the skin and eyes, you can choose a cold
or warm tone. For type “Spring” and “Autumn” should choose
warm tones containing golden hues. Curls
warm chocolate colors will make your look harmonious and complete.

For “Winter” and “Summer”, choose cool shades, such as
ash chocolate, cold chocolate.

This video is about chocolate hair color and who
He goes and how to choose the right chocolate shade.

Makeup selection

Makeup not only makes the image complete and complete, but also when
unsuccessful choice of paint color allows you to adjust the result.
For example, if a fair-skinned girl with blond or
light-brown-haired hair decides to dye her hair in
dark chocolate, she may not like her new look. But
You can correct the situation with the help of a competent make-up:

  • tint eyebrows dark brown pencil or shadows;
  • apply black mascara on eyelashes;
  • use dark brown or emerald eye shadow
  • Paint your lips with matte lipstick natural dark shades:
    burgundy, plum, wine.

Representatives of the “Winter” color type should focus on
Make up on bright open colors. If the shade of the strands is saturated,
dark, you can paint your lips bright red

Girls color type “Spring” with light chocolate curls at
the selection of makeup should pay attention to pastel soft

Makeup selection

Tips before coloring

Despite the fact that the chocolate tones are in the paint palettes
almost all manufacturers, it is better to carry out the procedure
staining is not at home, but in the cabin, trusting
a professional Especially this advice is relevant for girls,
whose natural color of the strands is light. Brown tones good
paint curls, and the color may get too saturated.

It can be difficult staining in the presence of gray hair. Not
each brown dye can block gray hairs. To
the paint went well and held on for a long time, better
consult a specialist who knows a lot about it.

This video shows how to dye your hair in several
chocolate tones.

If the hair has previously been dyed,
predict the result can not every master. On bleached hair
brown tones can “lie down” wrong, and
the resulting shade may have a green tide.

Important! Dark-haired girls painted black
or dark brown paint, if desired, to choose a tone lighter,
Do not do without the help of a professional. In this case, staining
carried out in 2 stages.

If, say, your hair color is dark chocolate, and you
want to get honey and chocolate, you have to first
use a wash remover to remove a dark shade. Only after
This lighter paint is applied to the strands.

Color wash remover

If you put the paint more lightly on the dark strands, special
Changes in the image will not happen. Hue will be more
saturated, hair will shine stronger, but not to lighten the tone
will succeed.

Important! Blondes, for many years lightening curls,
should be prepared for the fact that the first time the color will not take
such as in the picture. Primary filling is carried out first.
hair color, and 2-3 color they acquire the desired

How to choose the paint: a review of popular manufacturers

Popular Hair Dye

If you decide to dye your hair at home, choosing
paint, give preference to professional tools and
proven manufacturers. The list below is good
proven paint, which can be purchased for
home use:

  • Wella Koleston Perfect shade 4.77;
  • Kapous Hyaluronic acid tone 5.8;
  • Wella Color Touch New 4.77;
  • Princess Essex 5.7;
  • Estel Love Intense tone 7/7;
  • OLLIN Color 5/0.

Tip! When buying a professional paint
the oxidizer is chosen depending on the effect
achieve staining. When coloring tone to tone or darker
shade is used 3% oxidizer. If the hair is gray, better
choose 6% oxidizer.

How to care for chocolate tint?

Hair care

Dyed hair requires special care, only in this case
they will retain their rich color for a long time. During
shampooing hot water and shampoo pigment coming out of
hair. After a couple of weeks you can see that the hair
became not so brilliant, and the color – less saturated. To
the result was maintained, it is worth buying a special toning
shampoo, balm or mask. Good reviews have:

  • Balm Wella Color Recharge;
  • Londa Color Revive Cool Brown mask;
  • Estel Curex Balsam;
  • Estel Quality shampoo.

In the composition of tinted shampoos often added
sunscreen components that do not allow color
tarnish when exposed to sunlight.

This video shows caramel chocolate
Color with the help of a safe nano dye that heals
hair in the process of dyeing.

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