Choosing a wedding hairstyle for the mother of the bride

hairstyle for mother of the brideWedding is one of the most
significant events in the life of each family. But it is important to remember that not
only a young couple will be the object of close attention. Views
will be chained to the parents, which means the hairstyle for the mother of the bride
no less important than the image of the future wife. How do
right choice?

It is difficult to imagine the excitement and thrill of mom present on
the solemn entry of his daughter into adulthood. To holiday and
subsequent viewing of memorable photos fully met expectations
it is important to take care of the image of the mother of the bride in advance – an important guest

How to choose and select?

In preparation for the solemn event it is necessary
discuss all the details with her daughter. She – the main character of the upcoming
fairy tales, and nothing should darken her mood. Dress, makeup and
hairstyle should be designed in the same style. After hearing the wishes
bride, you need to choose an image so that it complements or shaded
outfit future wife. It is worth considering the opinion of her daughter and discuss with her.
ambiguous moments.

In choosing the hairstyle and outfit of the mother of the bride should be guided
simple rules:

  • they should not be everyday so that the photo does not work out
    the impression that the important guest is just an occasional
  • hairstyles for moms should not be too fanciful, otherwise
    future mother-in-law will feel uncomfortable, can not
    relax, which means she will not be able to fully enjoy
    future changes in the life of his beloved daughter.

To save precious wedding day hours and finances better
if you complete the images of the mother and the bride will be the same
specialist. He will be able to perform hair in one style, and make-up in
one color scheme, it will help to emphasize the close relationship
main figures of celebration. In addition, an experienced hairdresser can
determine the type of mom’s face and select a styling that will emphasize
dignity and will help to hide age changes, so that photos
the memorable day pleased parents for more than one decade. Just and

Tips for styling the bride’s mom’s hair will help you easily.
make the right choice.

  • Do not give preference to the long uncool
    hair. Flowing curls below the shoulder blades fit only slim and
    very young looking ladies in an elegant age.
  • The owner of a short haircut is better to bet on
    careful styling without excessive pretentiousness. Abundance of styling
    Means will make her hair look visually inanimate, she can deliver
    the discomfort. Carefully laid fresh haircut is always
    elegant and stylish.
  • Regardless of the length of hair and the form of styling moms better
    abandon all sorts of catchy jewelry in her hair. Today
    it is not fashionable, and such a design is allowed only in royal
    the image of the bride. Better to bet on elegant earrings or
    necklace. The only allowable shining decoration in the hair –
    miniature hairpin holding a disobedient strand.
  • The owner of hair of medium length should not give in to desire
    build on the head something come from their own youth. Styling
    once considered a classic chic, today they went into the category
    retro. They will add age and underline figure flaws if
    they are available. In the worst circumstances, such a hairstyle on
    her daughter’s wedding will turn even an elegant woman into a worker
    Soviet cafeteria. Do you like hairstyle once
    borrow a common form or some nuances, reproduce it
    not exactly worth it.
  • Thinking about laying on a wedding for mom, it is worth remembering simple
    rules of hairdressing. Smoothly tucked hair
    regardless of the type of person, make a woman strict and restrained, but
    they add gloss and elegance to the image. Light curls like
    touched by the breeze, guaranteed to make the bride’s mother
    younger and more tender. These features are visual perception styling
    must be made to play in your favor. For example, high
    Smooth hairstyle with neat discreet curl at the neck or temple
    will make the bride’s mother elegant and romantic.
  • It is worth paying attention to the stars in an elegant age, on
    hairstyles that they demonstrate on the red carpet.
    Stylists have worked on the image of these women, and often they can
    see what is right for you.

Examples or generalizations of advice

Understanding the sea of ​​useful advice is difficult, especially at the time
when all thoughts are busy with pre-wedding efforts. Make it easier to choose
help ready templates proposed by stylists.

styling options for the mother of the brideFree low beam or variations of this styling.
This hairstyle is suitable for all women, regardless of
age and social status. The main thing is to choose a suitable shape.
face type. The bundle will last until the end of the celebration, and the photo is nice
surprise elegance.

If the mother of the bride can boast of long-groomed hair
below the shoulders, then it is suitable for styling of the loose hair with the cleaned
strands at the face and temples. This image is increasingly chosen movie stars.
The collected strands will open the face, make it more expressive and not
leave a trace of negligence.

Classic shell. This elegant hairstyle is at its peak
popularity of more than one decade. Today, the actual styling with
slight negligence effect.

Loose bundle at the neck. This hairstyle will make the bride’s mother
younger and more fervent, looking at herself in the mirror
want to smile, and is this not the main thing? You can add styling
In curls, the asymmetrical beam looks especially advantageous.

Owners of short haircuts can do the usual styling,
adding an interesting element to it. You can try to slightly shift
a parting, curl the ends of the hair or “tame” one small strand
elegant hair clip.

Do not think that the choice of hairstyle for the mother of the main culprit
Celebrations – a minor task. Elegant image will allow
future mother-in-law to feel young and important at this celebration. AND,
Of course, the whole family will be pleased with the photos, which are next to
newlyweds worth a youthful stylish woman – the most expensive for
brides man on earth.

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