Choosing an intimate depilation cream

Intimate depilation cream has undeniable advantages against
of its competitors: unlike a razor, it does not irritate the skin and does not
causes pain like waxing hair removal. Hair removal using
special cream – the only optimal method to combat
unwanted hairs in intimate places.


  • Do not save on beauty!
  • Read the instructions carefully.
  • Scrub will save from hair ingrowth

Do not save on beauty!

Most women are used to using a regular razor, for
order to quickly get rid of the hairs, but this procedure
negative effect on the condition of the hair: they become more rigid
and grow even faster. And with the help of the cream you can make hair
soft, and if you use it regularly, the structure of the hairs
will improve: they will become less rigid, will grow more slowly.

Cream for hair removal in delicate areas

By choosing a cream for depilation bikini should be approached with
special responsibility, since even the most expensive cream can
cause irritation.

The main thing when choosing a cream is to study the instructions in detail and
use the tool as intended. Do not save, because gentle
smooth skin without redness and irritation is certain
costs. In addition, these costs are several times less than those that a woman
carries if chooses a method such as wax depilation. Like
hair removal in the intimate area is also a very painful procedure.
If you want to get smooth skin without pain, then cream for
depilation intimate areas – your only option.

The composition of the means for depilation of intimate zones is designed to
the way that its substances slow down hair growth and soften
new hairs.

The main advantages of hair removal in this way:

  1. Gentle impact.
  2. The procedure does not cause discomfort.
  3. This depilation nourishes the skin.
  4. Virtually no irritation, redness and itching.
  5. Does not require much time.
  6. You can spend at home.
  7. Low cost.


  1. Hair ingrowth
  2. A perfectly smooth effect does not last long – a maximum of 5 days.
    Then you need to repeat the procedure.
  3. If you choose a poor-quality product, itching is possible,
    redness, irritation.
  4. This epilation is contraindicated for women who are expecting a child,
    and lactating mothers.

Read the instructions carefully.

To choose a tool that will show a good result,
Pay attention to the following nuances.

Read the instructions carefully. It is important that the cream is intended
just for the intimate area. Depilation for legs and underarms
may cause irritation in the bikini area.

Pay attention to expiration dates. Overdue product may
do not bring the expected result.

Examine the composition. If it is written that the tool can
cause allergies, be sure to test it to avoid
irritation and redness.

Cheap tools may not cope with the removal of hard
hairs. Choose a quality product. Be sure to search for
packaging information on the composition, method of application, the manufacturer
and the timing of implementation.


Depilatory cream for intimate areas should be sold in a set with
special staple for application and aftershave
for sensitive skin.

This hair removal is carried out quite simply and at home
conditions. For this you need to make sure that the cosmetic
means does not cause an allergy. Try smearing it on
inner side of wrist and wait an hour. If everything is ok
You can proceed to the procedure.

First of all, you need to take a shower. Wash well and dry
rub the skin to be treated. Then using
special spatula put mass for hair removal on the intimate zone
thin layer. After that, wait a few minutes. how many
namely, must be written in the instructions for use. By
after this time carefully, again, using a spatula
remove the mass from the intimate area. Staple against growth
hairs, and you need to do this, as if clearing the hair.

After that, wash up and remove the remnants of hair. there is
alternative means that can be applied like gel and then
just rinse with water. These tools are intended for use.
in the shower. They are very easy to use. After the procedure you need
lubricate the body with moisturizing oil. This method is suitable for women
which time is limited and who need to quickly conduct such

Scrub will save from hair ingrowth

After hair removal with this method, a woman should immediately
see the result that will surely please her. Still would! Without
pain and irritation can get smooth skin. Of course after
This epilation of the body need to care. Be sure to lubricate it.
aftershave cream that should be included in the removal kit
hair in intimate places. Additionally, you can use oils for
body or nutritional lotions.


There is a risk in this procedure. This is hair ingrowth.
To avoid it, three days after the hair removal process the area
Bikini special soft scrub. This method will lift soft
hairs, and the woman will avoid ingrowth and discomfort. And then
Scrub Do not forget to lubricate the bikini area with nourishing cream.

Among the mass of positive properties of the cream for intimate depilation
zones has a negative quality: it includes
chemical elements. To balance their influence, choose
funds which include:

  • extracts of aloe, calendula, series, eucalyptus;
  • nutritious oils of rosewood, olive, almond;
  • vitamins of group C, E, provitamins B5, panthenol;
  • menthol or mint as cooling elements.

There are a lot of companies that are engaged in the production of such
hair removal products. Among the most popular: “Wit”,
Velvet, Batiste. For example, the last trick of the company “Vit” –
depilatory gel that can be applied right under the shower and he
acts gently and gently. Velvet developed a cream specifically for
sensitive skin owners: after using it
irritations do not occur. A “Baptiste” is designed for real
gourmets. Its creators invented “delicious” creams: chocolate and

But when choosing a tool, still rely on your knowledge.
Of course, you have to experiment! But among the many
options you will certainly be able to choose an effective cream that
right for you.


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