Choosing hair color for green eyes

hair color for green eyesIn the appearance of each person should
be the absolute harmony of all elements of the image. Ideal also
there should be a combination of colors and shades. You may already have
favorite color, but it does not mean at all that he will approach
your appearance. Если вы хотите подобрать цвет волос”>цвет волос
for green eyes right, you can use the services
stylist or do it yourself by determining the appropriate
shade given all the important nuances.

How to choose the right color

Important criteria in the selection of tones are eye color, skin tone and
natural shade of hair. It is for them professional stylists
determine the type of appearance, with which then pick up
individual style of dress, makeup, hair color and hair style. But,
sometimes there is no possibility to use the services of the master, therefore
you need to be able to determine the color that suits you.

In order to choose the perfect hair color under green eyes, you need to
first of all pay attention to the skin. Even the owners
similar in color to the eyes, there may be completely different skin. And this
means that for every girl hair color will be
some kind of “theirs”.

Stylists divide people into two by eye, hair and skin color.
Type: cold and warm. The owners of the warm type are usually
yellowish, peachy or slightly golden skin, so when
the choice of color, they should give preference only to warm colors.
Light skin with a pink or blue shade attributed to cold
to type. This means that the color range of colors for owners of such
hair should also be extremely cold.

Using shades not of your type is fraught with the fact that your
looks will look just unnatural. To prevent this
happened, you need to carefully determine your type and pick up those
shades that you recommend.

Warm type

The skin is golden and yellow and the eyes are green or
bright grass-green color, in which the iris is present
yellow or even orange blotches are considered characteristic
features of the warm type. Determining which hair color will fit
green eyes “warm” girls should pay attention to how
light or dark is their skin.

Bright skin. To match the color to the light skin is very simple, so
how almost any shade goes with it. You can choose
among copper, black, brown, red and light tones.
All shades of honey will be ideal for coloring,
which emphasize the eyes and make the appearance brighter. Not worth it
ignore also warm golden, auburn and copper colors,
able to visually hide skin imperfections and emphasize it

Olive skin. The best choice for owners of green
eye and olive skin will be bronze and caramel color. Highly
hair painted in plum will also look good,
chestnut, burgundy, dark brown and black.
Too light colors will make the appearance pale, so the color
The paint should always be darker than your skin tone.

Tanned skin. For green-eyed beauties with tanned skin
the perfect choice would be the whole range of shades of brown.
You can, for example, choose brown-chocolate tone, champagne or
beige tint. These colors go well with tanned skin and
with green eyes so you will look very natural and

If the color of the eyes and skin, you are a warm type, then
now you know how to pick a hair color for green eyes to
he looked as natural as possible. The only recommendation is you
should avoid light red, ash, platinum shades and
color light blond. These tones will make the face expressionless and
faded, therefore it is better to refuse their use.

Cold type

To cold type are the owners of light skin with a light
backlit blue and pink shades. The eyes of these girls usually
have marsh or olive green tones with a noticeable presence
gray and gray-brown colors.

The cold type categorically does not accept any shades of red,
therefore, stylists are not recommended to use them. Choosing under
gray-green eyes hair color can dwell on brown
color or shade “black tulip”. For lovers of blond hair
Wheat, ash and platinum shades are perfect

Gathering to repaint your hair, do not be afraid to experiment with
color choice! If you doubt the correctness of the selected
shade, try dyeing your hair with unstable colors first.
Special tonics and temporary dyes will give you the opportunity
try one or another color, but completely wash off hair through
few weeks. So, you can reinsure yourself against the bad
results of staining and, in case of an error with color, quickly return
hair their natural color.

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