Choosing the oil for facial massage

Widely used in cosmetology has oil for facial massage.
It not only helps the hands to smoothly slide over the face, but also nourishes
skin useful elements.

Facial massage is popular with women and is gaining
momentum as it helps prevent aging and fights with
wrinkles, tightens the skin, improves blood circulation, strengthens
facial muscles. It also helps with headaches, relieves
tension and soothes tired face skin.

Doing facial massage is not only pleasant, but also useful. But,
to achieve better results, you need to choose the right
composition. Each skin type corresponds to a certain type of composition.
The most popular are nut or apricot. They are rich
vitamin E, which keeps youth, and fatty acids nourish
skin, improving appearance. Another valuable feature of them is they give
the ability to breathe, penetrating into the deep layers, and do not leave
oily shine. But still you need to choose the most
suitable and the best oil for facial massage. For example, for dry
skin is more suitable thick oil: wheat germ, pitted
apricot, avocado.

Essential oils

Facial massage with aroma oils –
Excellent care for any skin type, but is considered
Especially effective for mature, aging and lost elasticity
skin, as well as for tired, dry and sensitive.

Regular oils are suitable for normal skin:
sunflower, olive. It is better to use oils for oily skin.
Hypericum, jojoba. Almond oil tightens the area well
around eyes.

However, in order to achieve a better result, the basic
oil and active ingredient.


  • Basics of base oils
  • Active ingredients
  • Cooking at home

Basics of base oils

Base oils are oils that are taken as a basis, and to them
essential oil is added (active ingredient) to improve
face massage effect.

There are the following basic foundations:

  1. Olive – suitable for almost everyone, it contains a large
    the concentration of vitamins A and E. Solves many problems. It
    prolongs youth, makes the dermis more elastic, and also well
    moisturizes and nourishes. Minerals of the olive are recognized as the most useful since
    ancient times. That it is part of numerous creams.
    For women who have too dry skin, this is the best remedy for
    facial massage.
  2. Sesame – removes toxins and slags, cleans the cover. Linoleic
    The acid contained in this oil has healing properties.
    properties. It is most suitable for women with oily skin.
  3. Apricot kernel oil. The main property is moisturizing and
    regeneration of skin tissue. Great for
    sensitive skin.
  4. Almond – makes the skin more elastic and resilient, strengthens
    facial muscles. Fading skin acquires radiance and shine. Wrinkles
    become less smoothed. Almond minerals easy
    absorbed and leave no trace. Great for women
    old age.
  5. Jojoba – a multifunctional composition with anti-inflammatory
    effect. Jojoba minerals well protect the skin from negative
    external factors. More suitable for mature skin.
  6. Grape seed oil – has a lot of
    antioxidants. Promotes nutrition and hydration of the skin, significantly
    rejuvenates her.

Active ingredients

By adding an active component to the base, you can achieve
greater effect. Oil is chosen depending on what
effect is needed. You can add several oils to the base at once:

Essential oils

Rules of the aromatic massage for the face in
home conditions are simple – it is strict adherence to contraindications
and precautions for each particular oil.

  • cinnamon – eliminates puffiness;
  • Jasmine – has a regenerating effect;
  • Bergamot – cleans and frosts the face;
  • Rosemary – the best for facial massage with oily derm;
  • grapefruit or orange – cleanses the pores;
  • Myrtle – increases the tone of the dry cover;
  • eucalyptus – soothes irritations;
  • chamomile – increases cellular metabolism;
  • geraniums – more suitable for sensitive surfaces;
  • lemon – reduces the production of excess fat;
  • Clove – stimulates blood circulation;
  • pines – deeply cleanses;
  • roses – smooths wrinkles;
  • Thyme – helps to remove black dots;
  • Cypress – well aligns the complexion and brightens.

Cooking at home

For the preparation of oils for facial massage does not require large
effort. To do this, just take 10-15 ml of base oil and
add 5-7 drops of the active ingredient. Essential is better to pick,
based on skin type and what effect you want to achieve:

  1. The most classic cooking option: 10 drops of base
    mixtures, 1 drop of wheat germ, vitamin E in liquid form and
    a few drops of active ingredients.
  2. To even out the color and get rid of age spots, you need to
    jojoba oil add tea tree, lemon or cypress.
  3. To smooth out wrinkles, enough in the almond base
    add honey and massage the area around the eyes.
  4. Sunflower oil is used to massage oily skin.
    add lemon, bergamot and cypress oil.
  5. For normal skin, the best oil for facial massage can be
    make, taking as a basis almond and adding to it a combination
    rose, jasmine and cedar oils.

Massage oils

The mixture is best kept in a cool place.
for example on the door of the refrigerator, and get before use
beforehand to warm up to room temperature.
It is recommended to do face massage with oils in courses. For further
maintaining the tone is enough to do a massage 1-2 times a week.

Before the massage, the face must be prepared: steam with steam
baths for opening the pores, scrub, wash with a tonic or

Properly selected composition for facial massage will help the skin to become
elastic, taut, will return a healthy look, will help to cope with
some diseases, and a woman will give confidence.

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