Cinnamon – a spice for the strength of curls

Problems with hair could be anytime – tips
some begin to break with the onset of cold weather, others have spring
itchy scalp appears, third locks are weak and brittle in
for other reasons. Cinnamon hair mask is capable enough
quickly return hair healthy and radiant look. Cinnamon

Universal useful qualities of spices

The content of the article:

  • Universal useful qualities of spices
  • Nuances of safe use
  • Cinnamon Mask Recipes
  • Effective cinnamon masks for hair:
  • Brighten hair with cinnamon!

Cinnamon has been used in cooking, medicine, homeopathy and
cosmetology, in particular its effect on the hair due to its
unique composition:

  • Beta-carotene protects against loss;
  • Retinol helps to split split ends;
  • Thiamine has a calming effect;
  • Riboflamin activates blood circulation;
  • Pyridoxine treats dandruff;
  • Folic acid protects against low temperatures, ultraviolet and
  • Ascorbic acid, vitamins E, K and PP renew the structure,
    strengthen blood vessels, give shine;
  • Choline moisturizes.

It is possible that the first use of cinnamon does not bring
a stunning change in the condition of the hair, but it is necessary
significantly reduce their loss and give them shine, similar to
lamination effect. Achieve a wide range of impacts can
achieve regular procedures in compliance with
the rules.

Nuances of safe use

Cinnamon is not only an extremely fragrant and healthy spice, but
and quite aggressive component of cosmetics, with
the use of which you need to be careful:

Each mixture after preparation must be tested on
sensitive area of ​​skin (behind the ear or at the bend of the elbow) – with
discomfort, rinse off immediately and do not try
use further; When purchasing cinnamon, it is desirable
choose it in the form of sticks to protect yourself from the possibility
purchases of ground grain, synthetic powder or cannels –
cheap analog spice. They will not harm the body, but they
healing properties are much weaker. Cinnamon sticks easy
grind with a coffee grinder or boil one of them thick concentrate
consistency to create later cosmetics.

  1. The mask is applied only on clean and dry curls;

  2. The product, NOT LOSS, is first applied to the roots, and then
    distributed over the hair, along their entire length;

  3. The head is wrapped with polyethylene and insulated;

Cinnamon powder can dry dry curls, so for
They are best suited cinnamon essential oil.

  • The mask is removed with warm water;
  • In the preparation of cosmetics can not be used
    tools and utensils containing metal;
  • The course consists of 1-2 procedures per week for one and a half.

Cinnamon Mask Recipes

Means with spice is selected, depending on the desired
result: activate hair growth, strengthen them, lighten a couple
tones, add shine and elasticity, restore health:

Component Beneficial features
Honey Power, Shine and Strength
Olive oil Restoration of damaged tips, nutrition
Coconut oil Restoration of the structure, protection from aggressive environmental
Egg Nutrition, Strengthening, Moisturizing
A tomato Recovery, giving volume and shine, rejuvenation
Red onion Activation of growth, dandruff treatment, antiseptic
Garlic Stops prolapse, activates growth
Banana Recovery, moisturizing, protection
Kefir Power, clarification
Aloe juice Nutrition, growth stimulation, loss prevention

Girls who are not seeking to lighten curls
means to keep longer than half an hour is not worth it.

Effective cinnamon masks for hair:

A remedy for hair loss for brittle, thin, dry hair

Cinnamon for hairA mixture of a teaspoon of cinnamon, warm
olive oil and liquid honey, taken 2 tablespoons,
applied to the head for 45 minutes, then washed off with shampoo.
To shine curls rinsed with cool water and vinegar.

Nourishing mask for all types of curls with fast

Cinnamon Mask Egg white whipped in a small amount
boiled water, combined with cinnamon, olive oil and liquid
honey (a tablespoon). The composition is left on the hair for a while.
0.5-3 hours, depending on their condition. After washing off the curls
rinsed with cool water with lemon juice.

The means for imparting strength and volume to a secant, dull,
burnt out hair

A tomato Gruel from a small very ripe tomato
combines with olive oil, cinnamon and liquid honey, taken by
tablespoon and beaten egg. The mixture is applied to 15-20
minutes, then washed off, and the hair is dried naturally.

Mask to enhance the growth of curls

bow To slurry of 4 garlic cloves and red onion
add a teaspoon of honey and 2 teaspoons of cinnamon. Received
the mixture is stored in the refrigerator – it lasts for 4 days. The composition is applied
on the roots for half an hour.

Means for restoring and giving a golden hue

banana Mix of mashed overripe banana, coconut
oils (3 tablespoons) and a teaspoon of cinnamon are applied on wet
hair for 40 minutes.

Moisturizing mask for any type of hair

Kefir and cinnamon In a mixture of a teaspoon of cinnamon and egg
A yolk is added to a glass of kefir. The composition is applied for an hour
rinsed and rinsed with cool water.

Moisturizing conditioner for dark hair

Cinnamon Mask Liquid gruel of ground cinnamon and boiled
water applied to clean wet curls, lightly rubbing between
palms strands, and left overnight (6-8 hours). Morning hair
rinse thoroughly with cool water.

Nourishing mask for the growth of normal and oily hair

Cinnamon and honey A mixture of 2 tea beds of cinnamon, honey, any
vegetable oil and fresh aloe juice, taken in a teaspoon,
left on the head for 2 hours, then washed off. Cinnamon
can not only give a healthy and radiant look of hair, but also
enjoy the process of applying the mask, thanks
its unsurpassed flavor.

Brighten hair with cinnamon!

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