Cinnamon will lighten your curls easily and without harm!

cinnamon brightens hair effectivelyMost beautiful ladies
love cinnamon sticks for their charming flavor. It attracts and warms
even the coldest winter evenings. Cinnamon can be added
in a wide variety of dishes, above all, of course, in the pastry
products and drinks. But cooking is far from the only one.
The scope in which the spice in question can be applied. WITH
It can greatly improve the condition of the hair. TO
brightening cinnamon hair has become very popular today.
home conditions.

It is generally worth noting that the scope of application of cinnamon is very
wide. First and foremost, of course, analyzing the feedback from specialists,
it can be said that it benefits health. Its components
help to improve the digestive processes, strengthen the stomach,
accelerate blood circulation, stimulate and tone up the body in

Moreover, with this spice you can ease the pain
dental and muscular, malaise at high temperature and viral
diseases, chronic bronchitis, loss of appetite and
performance. Even neurosis, depression and fear will become
are subject to you.


Starting the most reasonable will be with what thanks to cinnamon
valued so highly. The composition of this fragrant spices include
vitamins – A, C, B1, PP, trace elements – zinc, potassium, iron,
magnesium, essential oils and other beneficial substances. With the help of all
of these components, cinnamon can actively affect
the quality of your hair. First of all, it is worth noting that the mask for
hair with cinnamon will help you get rid of dandruff. This problem
very relevant for many girls and women.

Spice will also have a nourishing effect on the scalp,
which certainly has a beneficial effect on the quality of hair. After all
for whom it is no secret that today the hair of even the most demanding and
attentive beauties are subjected to the most brutal daily
tested. We are talking about permanent drying, styling, painting, etc.
d. Moreover, just by going outside, you are already subjecting your
danger hair, because there is a strong wind, and rain, and snow, and
the sun – all this negatively affects the quality and color

useful properties of cinnamonCinnamon is capable of lightening hair, on
stimulating hair growth as well as preventing them
excessive fallout. Regularly making masks for hair, you can
improve blood circulation of the scalp. Literally a few
procedures, you will notice that your hair has regained its shine, and the new
The color of the curls will delight you every day.

In addition, it should be noted that cinnamon hair is
natural component that can lighten hair without
harming them. In turn, most modern
cosmetics intended for both care and for
To change a hair color, consist from artificial
components that may well be considered harmful to
your hair.


Cinnamon hair can be used the most elementary
in a way. You just need to take your regular shampoo, squeeze out
the required amount and add a few drops of ethereal
Cinnamon oil (3-4 drops will be quite enough). Using
The resulting mixture for washing hair just once a week, is already quite
Soon you will be able to regain strength and shine to your hair. In this way,
By adding spice to ready-made hair products, you will
increase their effectiveness.


This is an extremely pleasant and effective procedure that
will help greatly improve your hair. Massage
hair follicles can actively affect their growth and
structure. You do not need anything for the procedure
extraordinary. It is enough to take a couple of tablespoons of olive
or burdock oil, add 4-5 drops of our oil to them
miracle spice and wait a few minutes to mix
became homogeneous. When our magic mix is ​​ready, you can
proceed to massage. It is best to use not only hands, but also
massage brush, which you will comb your hair in


Finally, we turn directly to the topic of our article – to the
how does cinnamon brighten hair In order to hair
changed color in the cabin you are likely to offer various
hair coloring options. The procedure will be especially harmful.
hair coloring if you want to lighten the color. For those who do not
wants to burn their hair with chemicals, special ones were invented
home remedies that allow you to lighten the color as much as possible

The most effective way for those who want to do
lightening your curls, this is a mask on your hair. For her cooking
you have to mix with a wooden spatula in a glass or
ceramic bowl half a glass of honey, four tablespoons
cinnamon powder, hair conditioner. Before you start
lightening you will need to wash your hair with your regular

Before your hair is dry, apply the resulting
staining the mixture on each strand of the highest quality possible to
the color is uniform. After covering all the strands, you
it is necessary to wrap the head with polyethylene or a swimming cap.
For maximum effect, wrap a towel over polyethylene.
After waiting from one to three hours (it all depends on what color you
plan to get), the mask can be washed off with warm water. At the end
procedures with a comb you remove the remaining grains
cinnamon Testimonials of experienced girls talk about this method.
extremely high efficiency.

Another way to change the color suggests adding to the mask, besides
glasses of honey, four tablespoons of our miraculous spice
and a glass of pure water, three more tablespoons of olive oil. For
to make hair change color and become even more beautiful, the best
leave the mask (in polyethylene and a towel) overnight. If before
You have not used any chemical methods to change color,
That clarification from procedure will be maximum.

Other Mask Recipes

cinnamon hair masksCinnamon can be used not only
to change the shade, but also to improve the quality of hair
bulbs. On this occasion, it was also invented a large number
recipes that have a striking effect. For example,
It may be noted mask to enhance hair growth.

For her you will need: one tablespoon of honey, two tablespoons
spoons of any oil (which is suitable for cosmetic purposes and
personally for you), one tablespoon of powdered cinnamon. As a result
mixing all the ingredients you should get a uniform
weight that you put on the entire length of hair for 15-20 minutes.
The procedure ends with washing off the mask with warm water.

Another mask is designed to restore damaged and weakened
curls. The main ingredients will be: coconut oil (3 tablespoons
spoons), our spice powder (1 tablespoon), natural honey
(1 tablespoon). Mix thoroughly, put the mixture, keep
half an hour, wash off with warm water and shampoo. And that’s not all.
miracle recipes that will help you stay
truly attractive. You just want to be
beautiful and take a little time.

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