Clay masks: 8 effective recipes

People have learned to use the beneficial properties of natural
materials a long time ago. Then there was no chemical based
substances, so for cosmetic and medical purposes used
mud in which a lot of minerals.

Cup with clay

Animal products, herbal teas and herbal infusions
supplemented with procedures for hair using clay (kaolin).
This natural storehouse of valuable substances in detail
studied, in the exceptional use of clay no one

A simple tool that can transform hair: save
from split ends, enhance growth. Fat curls clay
dries, and too dry, on the contrary, moisturizes.

  • 1 Types of clay
  • 2 What hair to wear a mask?
  • 3 How to make a mask for the hair of clay?
  • 4 Contraindications to use
  • 5 Homemade recipes clay hair masks
    • 5.1 White Clay Hair Growth Mask
    • 5.2 Anti-fallout mask
    • 5.3 Firming mask
    • 5.4 Moisturizing mask against dry and brittle hair
    • 5.5 Mask for greasy hair
    • 5.6 Brightening Mask
    • 5.7 Mask for saving split ends
    • 5.8 Mask for damaged and deprived hair

Types of clay

Clay for masks

In nature, there are many types of clay. They differ in
composition, which determines the color and beneficial properties of the substance.
In the care of hair most often use
kaolin white and blue.

Important! Clay hair mask is great
remedy against seborrhea, dandruff.

Main varieties:

  1. White This type actively fights dandruff.
    Suitable for hair with high fat content, because this clay
    is a good adsorbent. It restores the structure
    bulbs, provides their density. In white powder
    contains trace elements and vitamins, especially a lot of magnesium and
  2. Blue This species is a concentrate.
    mineral salts. In addition to silicon and aluminum, in it
    iron oxide, magnesium, compounds are present
    titanium. Blue clay mask has a positive effect not only
    on the hair, but also on the scalp. It is added to the means for
    accelerate growth. It also adds shine, strengthens the roots,
    provides locks with a healthy look.
  3. Green Its color is due to the presence
    iron in the form of oxide. It removes toxins, helps cleanse
    skin. This variety treats for dandruff, removes
    irritation of the skin.
  4. Black This dark color gives kaolin
    graphite and other minerals. This type of clay provides hydration.
    With regular use, the ends of the curls will not
    exfoliate. Black powder regulates the pH.
  5. Pink Due to its high iron content,
    magnesium, in combination with silicon and calcium, this product
    strengthens hair, gives them strength, density, decides
    the problem of fragility.
  6. Yellow This type is suitable for dry
    curls, because it is yellow kaolin moisturizes them well. In her
    of potassium dominates minerals as well

Colored clay Another common variation
useful natural substance – red clay. It has a lot of oxides
iron and copper compounds. It stimulates growth
hair, they become stronger, and the scalp is saturated
with oxygen.

What hair to wear a mask?

Clay powder is suitable for any type of hair. Just for
certain problems need a specific kind of kaolin.
The tool does not have any restrictions or
contraindications. In one mask, you can use kaolin
one color or mix several types.

However, before use, it is better to check the mixture.
allergic reaction. Make it simple: you need to apply
a little makeup on your wrist and wait 15 minutes. If a
the skin did not turn red, it did not appear, it means that clay can

Mixing tones

How to make a mask for the hair of clay?

Consider the following tips when making cosmetic

  • use only fresh ingredients cooked
    immediately before the procedure;
  • mix the ingredients in a glass container, not
    use metal utensils;
  • the consistency of the clay mixture should resemble sour cream, in such
    the form it is convenient to apply;
  • the tool must be evenly distributed
    mixture by strands;
  • to enhance the effect, wrap the head with the applied mixture
    package and towel;
  • exposure time depends on the composition, can
    range from 15 to 60 minutes;
  • wash off the product using shampoo and plenty of water,
    to thoroughly wash the mask;
  • After clay, hair becomes stiff, so
    additionally use balm.

This video covers clay and its beneficial properties, as well as
shows how to make masks for hair.

Contraindications to use

In humans, allergy to pure clay is almost never found.
Irritations may provoke additional
ingredients that are part of the mask. With
chronic skin diseases, especially during periods of exacerbations, from masks
it is better to abstain from clay. Apply the mixture in a thin layer,
little by little, so that you can check the reaction.

In case of unpleasant sensations, strong
itching, burning, tingling the mixture must be immediately washed off.
Most likely, this mask does not fit. Clay – very strong
means. Therefore it is important to observe the measure so that
harm the hair and scalp.

Homemade recipes clay hair masks

girl put on a mask

Cosmetic blends with the addition of clay can be easily prepared
do it yourself at home. The very kaolin of various colors is quite
available at a price that can be purchased at the pharmacy chain.
Such a homemade recipe is safe, wholesome and does not contain harmful

White clay hair growth mask


  • clay – 3 tablespoons;
  • kvass – 200 ml.

Kvass is heated to warmth, clay powder is added.
The composition is quite liquid, so good
wets all hair from root to tip.

Important! The mask should completely cover all the curls.

Wrap your head in plastic and a towel, you should wait 30
minutes This composition is easily washed off even without
shampoo, enough to use air conditioning.

White clay and kvass

Anti-dropout mask


  • chamomile infusion;
  • clay (white variety).

This mask is very simple to prepare. Brewed tea
from chamomile, they are bred powder and mix thoroughly.
To enhance the power of the hair, give it shine, such a mask
must be kept on the head 25-30
minutes Then rinse well with water.

Chamomile and powder

Firming mask


  • clay powder (black) – 2 volumes;
  • henna (its white variety) – 1 volume;
  • apple vinegar – 1 vol.

All ingredients are measured in proportion with
any measuring capacity. The number of masks depends on
addition, long hair or short. All components required
mix thoroughly without education
lumps. The black clay mask is distributed over the hair and
scalp, gently massaging it. Withstand the remedy for 30 minutes.
The head is washed out with the addition of balm.

Apple cider vinegar and henna

Moisturizing mask against dry and brittle hair


  • clay;
  • vegetable oil, better than olive oil.

To begin with, kaolin is diluted with water to a consistency of slurry,
only after that add olive oil.
This composition has a beneficial effect on dry hair, providing
im moisturizing and nutrition.

As for the other mixtures, this requires a thermal effect and
half an hour to “work”. This composition is removed a little harder,
therefore, you should wash your hair twice with shampoo.

Olive oil

Mask for greasy hair


  • clay powder;
  • cream (dry in powder form);
  • kefir.

To prepare this useful mask, dry ingredients.
taken in equal proportions, mix well between
by myself. And then add kefir to get moderately thick
mass that will not spread. Apply this mixture to all

Mask on the hair

The composition has a drying effect, so for more than an hour
can not hold. For washing use shampoo. Strengthen
exposure can be done by rinsing the hair infusion
medicinal plants.

Brightening mask


  • pink clay;
  • squeezed lemon juice;
  • plain water

Lemon and pink clay

When mixing these three components, you get excellent
a remedy that helps lighten hair. Mask
from pink clay spread over strands, stand for one hour,
necessarily observing the conditions of the thermal effect. After rinsing
You can apply oil on the ends of the hair.

Mask to save split ends

  • clay (yellow) – 1 tablespoon;
  • one yolk;
  • burdock oil – half a tablespoon.

Burdock oil and yolk

The clay powder is first mixed with water (it needs a little), and
then add oil and injected yolk. Stand
composition about an hour. Then put it on all the curls. All masks
containing fatty components, it is necessary to wash off
shampoo in two doses.

Important! Yellow clay mask perfectly moisturizes
hair and makes them shiny and soft.

Mask for damaged and invalid


  • clay – 1 volume;
  • sea ​​buckthorn (can be replaced with cranberries) – 1 volume;
  • milk – 1 volume.

Sea buckthorn

To begin, the berries are ground, gradually adding clay
powder. Then milk is injected and thoroughly.
stir. You can use a blender. Hair wet
water, and then treated with a clay mixture.
Withstand the mask for 30 minutes. It provides
curls cleansing, restores damage.

Clay hair masks, cooked according to homemade
recipes – unique products. They protect hair from
loss, relieve excessive dryness, eliminate
increased fat content. Simple components and minimum effort
provide the desired result in the shortest

This video covers clay-based masks and for which
hair types it fits.

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