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Clay for hairClay is an extremely effective remedy for
health hair. This is due to its unique qualities to remove from
heaps of excess fat, increase blood flow to the skin that
contributes to the activation of the growth of curls, giving them smoothness and

This natural remedy also has antiseptic properties.
A clay mask for hair that you can buy or make
personally from dry raw materials, depending on the selected type
substances and additional components can simultaneously solve
various problems.

The effectiveness of various types of clay powder

The content of the article:

  • The effectiveness of various types of clay powder
  • Rules for the use of masks with clay
  • Basic rules for making a clay mask
  • Effective clay masks

This cosmetic can cleanse hair and protect it.
from environmental influences:

Type of clay Beneficial features
Blue Dandruff treatment, hair follicle restoration
White Combating dryness and brittleness
Green Dandruff treatment, lowering fat
Yellow Anti-dandruff, brittleness, shine and life
Black Growth Activation, Strengthening
Pink The fight against fragility, split ends, skin
irritations, easier styling
Gray Freedom from dryness and section of tips
Red Removal of excess fat, giving strength, fighting fragility

Rules for the use of masks with clay

To achieve a quality effect from a cosmetic
it requires the correct selection of raw materials, competent production of the mixture and
compliance with the rules of its application:

  • Checking for allergic reactions is done by
    applying the prepared composition on the inner side of the forearm
    – after washing it off after half an hour of redness or other symptoms
    should not be observed;
  • The product is rubbed into the pre-washed head, into the roots, on
    tips and curls applied with a thin layer;
  • Wrapping helps to increase efficiency several times
    cellophane and warm towel;
  • The maximum procedure time is 30 minutes, since otherwise
    case, the tool will dry out and it will be problematic to comb it out.
  • Wash off the composition with warm water without shampoo, rinse hair
    preferably lemon solution or herbal infusion;
  • It is necessary to dry the hair naturally, without using
    hair dryer;
  • The treatment procedure is performed twice a week, for
    prevention – a month 2 times.

Basic rules for making a clay mask

ClayFor preparation means bought in a pharmacy dry
the agent is diluted with warm water in accordance with the instructions.
For this purpose, you can also take mineral water or herbal

The amount of powder depends on the thickness and length of the curls, since
composition should be enough for its application to the entire length.

The consistency should get a similar thick sour cream, or
somewhat thinner. Then other mass is added to the resulting mass.
ingredients, depending on the desired result. In mask
for dry hair, it is recommended to use softened creamy
oil, for fatty ones – some lemon juice.

After applying the composition, the head is covered with cellophane,
a towel. Means, after drawing, is washed off 15-30 minutes.
Completely remove the clay is usually possible in several stages.
Experts recommend be sure to use the balm – in
Otherwise the curls will be harsh.

Blondes preferably after washing the clay mass wash your hair
a solution of tint and shampoo in a ratio of 1: 2. After
using darker types of the main component, the color of the curls can
acquire a slightly yellowish or grayish color, and tint
the tool will return the original shade and shine of the hair.

Effective clay masks

Adding to the clay mass of other components can increase
useful properties of the tool:

Mask for shine, smoothness and restoration of curls

Blue clay A mixture of blue clay, honey, cream
oil, natural vinegar (Interesting vinegar) or lemon
juice, taken in a teaspoon, one yolk is applied to the entire length

Dandruff treatment and activation of hair growth

Blue clay Chevelure washed with water with a little
by adding clay.

Mask for fat curls

White clay The composition of white clay and dry cream, taken by
tablespoon, a teaspoon of lemon juice and 2 tablespoons
Mayonnaise is applied for 25 minutes.

Hair loss remedy

Clay A mixture of kvass and 3 tablespoons of clay
left on the head for 15 minutes.

Firming mask

Types of clay In 50 g of white clay, diluted to the required
consistency, added to a tablespoon of colorless henna and
natural apple vinegar. The composition is applied for half an hour.

Split ends treatment

clay in the form A mixture of taken 2 tablespoons of white
clay, milk and sour berries (sea buckthorn, cranberries) is applied to 20

Mask from hair loss

Blue clay In this case, the composition of 2 tablespoons dry
blue clay, fresh lemon juice and melted honey, taken by
tablespoon, egg yolk and water, applied to the head on
half an hour.

Tool for restoring curls

Clay In a mixture of, taken on a tablespoon, black clay and
melted burdock oil is added to a teaspoon of fresh
lemon juice and warm honey, egg yolk.

Mask for hair high fat

Clay The composition of green clay and water (2 tablespoons) and
tablespoon of natural apple cider vinegar is applied to the head on
30 minutes.

Dandruff Treatment

Clay A mixture of 2 tablespoons of dry pink clay with any
herbal decoction, egg yolk and a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar
aged on the hair for half an hour.

Before using any type of this care product
for the hair you need to explore all its qualities, as these
natural products for different types of hair have on them
various effects. Regular and competent use of such
Masks are able to give shine and shine on strength for a long time.


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