Cleansing face masks with soda – 10 simple homemade recipes


The effectiveness of soda masks for face is determined by chemical
composition of this unique product. If you were good at school
and still remember the chemistry course from the textbook, baking soda is
sodium bicarbonate. Each element has an effect on the skin.
and its special.


  • Efficiency of masks from baking soda
  • Soda masks: indications and contraindications
  • Rules for the use of homemade masks from soda
  • The best recipes for soda face packs

Sometimes things we are used to appear in a completely different way.
quality and surprise us. This tool is able to clean any
the surface of the most stubborn and age-old dirt, save the house from
unpleasant odors, relieve fatigue, save from heartburn and may even
used as a deodorant. Few know him
Scientific name (sodium bicarbonate) and chemical formula
(NaHCO3). This is baking soda, which is in every kitchen. And instead
to use it again in baking or for
cleaning the sink and stove, try to make it cosmetic
means for deep cleaning of a time. Any house mask from
Facial soda has excellent cleansing properties. They are
relieve fatigue, give the skin a fresh, rested appearance and give
pleasant sensation of coolness on the face. However, given the strongest
abrasive properties of this substance, with it as with cosmetology
means you need to be able to handle.

The abrasiveness of baking soda is a coarse, granular
consistency that deep cleans, but at the same time
injure the delicate surface of sensitive and thin skin.

Face Mask with Soda

Efficiency of masks from baking soda

The effectiveness of soda masks for face is determined by chemical
composition of this unique product. If you were good at school
and still remember the chemistry course from the textbook, baking soda is
sodium bicarbonate, the chemical formula of which looks
as follows: NaHCO3 (sodium, hydrogen, carbon,
oxygen). Those substances that are part of the soda, just
have an effect on the skin, each element being different,

  • Water (hydrogen + oxygen) in the composition
    baking soda smoothes the aggressive action of the rest of her
    components, but the moisturizing properties of soda masks do not have
    will be, as the water here is very small.
  • Coal (ash) is one of the greatest
    beauticians, since only he is able to put in order work
    sebaceous glands, eliminating the oily shine of the face penetrate deep into
    pores and pull out on the surface of various kinds of pollution,
    ridding you of black dots. By cleaning the skin, charcoal contributes
    healing foci of inflammation, so that it is effective in fighting against
    acne and blackheads and it is quite useful for proper care
    problem teenage skin.
  • Sodium enhances the action of coal, helping
    it penetrates through the thickest walls of skin cells. Him
    main cosmetic functions – transport, as he
    promotes better absorption of other components in the skin

Naturally, all these properties possessed by food
soda, and transmitted cosmetic mask, in which she
is included. The only thing you need to know before using it:
the action of soda can either be enhanced or smoothed by others
components of the mask.
For example, activated carbon will increase
cleansing properties, and honey, flour and egg – will smooth it too
aggressive abrasive intentions. But in any case, you need to know
when it is worth referring to such a remedy, and when not.

What will help soda to the skin of the face

If you have oily skin, then in the face care
Egg protein will help:

The best whitening face masks to get rid of pigment

Soda masks: indications and contraindications

Given the aggressive action of carbonic acid on the skin,
know when masks with baking soda for face can be used, and
when – strictly contraindicated. In the first case, it will help
achieve the desired results and will become a real helper for
elimination of facial defects. In the second case, everything can end.
sad enough. Soda face masks can and should be
use to solve the following problems:

  • for oily skin care;
  • to eliminate black dots;
  • for getting rid of acne and blackheads;
  • for deep cleaning of the face.

So if you feel that your skin is tired of harmful
external influences, pores are clogged, and ordinary scrubs are no longer
Cope, be sure to use the soda mask for

However, be extremely careful: aggressive exposure
sodium and carbonic acid can harm in the presence of fine,
sensitive skin. They just hurt her, and the consequences will be
very pitiable. When peeling baking soda is also better
use as these spots may start to bleed under
exposure to baking soda.

Dry skin will not be a contraindication for masks with soda only in
In the event that their composition will include softening components. AT
pure soda can not be used for this type of skin: it
the condition will only worsen from such cosmetic procedures.

Masks with baking soda for face

Rules for the use of homemade masks from soda

To make soda masks even more effective,
Be sure to listen to the advice of experienced cosmetologists like
use them correctly. After all, many beauties love very much
experiment, mix different incompatible products in
cosmetic masks, do not comply with proportions, apply the compositions to
face and forget about them. Baking soda will not tolerate such carelessness.
attitudes and disappoint all who do not comply with certain
rules for its use in the composition of cosmetic masks for

    1. Baking soda should be fresh. Do not use stale,
      damp, expired product, which is covered in hard lumps and
      no longer white. Do not risk your appearance.
    2. Dissolve it only in filtered, pre-cleaned
      or mineral (naturally, non-carbonated) water.
    3. Pre-test each mask on the skin behind the ear, on
      the inner bend of the elbow or wrist: rub it for 10 minutes, flush
      and wait an hour for the effect. If there is no discomfort, you can
      feel free to use the mask and apply it directly on
    4. Apply homemade masks on pre-steamed skin.
      (after a hot bath or a steam bath on the grass) and purified
      (scrub): so dilated pores will be able to more easily and deeply perceive
      active ingredients mask.
    5. To make cleansing more effective, soda masks
      need to rub into the skin in a circular, massaging movements, as if you
      Scrub your skin for 1-2 minutes.
    6. Do not leave such a mask on the skin for more than 10 minutes, but
      otherwise you risk getting burned.
    7. Wash off the mask with cool water or herbal decoction.
    8. Do not get carried away with it, even if the first results will lead you to
      delight. If you do a cleansing mask, then
      once a week will be enough. If you use
      soda mask as a treatment, in order to eliminate acne, then
      You can do them once every three days, but not more often and not more than 10 masks per
      one course. Then be sure to take a break in two weeks – not

On many sites you can find recipes that offer masks on
based soda for the skin around the eyes. Doubtful cosmetic
agent for thin and sensitive, dehydrated and defatted
face areas. Better do not risk and do not put such
Experiments. You will follow these simple secrets – you can
enjoy the impeccable effectiveness of soda face masks,
which cleanse the skin and cause acne. The most important thing is to find your
recipe, the lack of which today is not.

The best recipes for soda face packs

And finally, the best recipes for soda masks – for you.
Choose, use, find yours and enjoy the results.
You can try different masks (in reasonable quantities, of course).
Someone will stop immediately on the classic, and someone will
select different ingredients for your skin type.

  • Classic mask: soda and water

Dissolve a small amount of soda in room water.
temperature to a mushy state. Can replace conventional water
your daily shower gel, foaming it with baking soda.
Classic soda mask without any auxiliary components
possesses exclusively cleansing properties and can replace
scrubs, so effectively it exfoliates dead cells and
pushes out pollution from the deepest layers of skin.

  • Cleansing mask soda and salt

All the same as in the previous recipe, only soda need
mix with ordinary food or cosmetic sea salt in equal
proportions. The new component in the old composition has a double
effect: first, enhances the cleansing action of soda, and
secondly, it softens its aggressive properties.

  • Anti-inflammatory mask soda and

The classic recipe can be supplemented with ordinary wheat flour,
which will reduce the effects of baking soda on the skin. On a teaspoon
soda – two tablespoons of flour, which, by the way, you can safely
replace with potato starch. Both flour and starch
enlarged pores and have a beneficial effect on oily
skin, eliminating greasy luster and stopping the processes of inflammation
(acne and acne).

  • Nutritious mask soda and oatmeal

Grind oat flakes in a glass of the resulting oatmeal
Pour a teaspoon of baking soda, mix thoroughly. Take this
the mixture, diluted with water to a mushy state. Bunting also
has cleansing properties, but it still has time
enrich the cells with all sorts of vitamins and elements that
so rich is its chemical composition.

  • Mask for problem skin soda and

Dilute in a glass of warm water in a teaspoon of soda and sugar.
Wipe face with soda-sugar water. This mask can
fearlessly use adolescents who dream of coping with
acne and acne.

  • Refreshing orange juice mask and

Fresh orange juice mixed with soda in equal quantities.
The mask not only dries well and pores, but also
gives an unusual charge of cheerfulness. The skin after it is refreshed and

  • Rejuvenating mask: soda and honey

Mix soda at the tip of the knife with a tablespoon of fatty
(30%) cream and the same amount of liquid honey. Such a mask
can be very carefully (having previously tested) use
for cleansing dry skin, as fatty dairy products soften
in this case, the traumatic properties of soda. And against
wrinkles this mask has no equal.

  • Anti-inflammatory mask: soda and peroxide

A teaspoon of soda mixed with 3% hydrogen peroxide to
porridge. Another great way to get rid of
teen (and not only) acne on the face.

  • Multicomponent mask with soda

Grind a teaspoon of soda with protein, add to them in the dining room
spoonful of strawberry puree and liquid honey, two tablespoons
natural yogurt and chopped almonds. Very effective
a mask that cannot be used often. If the pores are strong
contaminated, and no other effect on the oily sheen
means it will help. Protein in the composition of such a mask
dries and tightens pores; strawberries clean and
nourishes cells, honey has anti-inflammatory properties,
yogurt will eliminate shine, and almonds will give the mask status
scrub, because its hard particles, along with soda granules will
actively remove contamination in the skin surface.

  • Acne Mask: Soda and Yeast

Mix soda and yeast in equal quantities, dilute with water
to density. Yeast is a well-known acne treatment that
today is perceived not as a folk, but as a medicine,
so effectively eliminates foci of inflammation on the face. Connecting
yeast baking soda, you can achieve two results at once.
First, get rid of the cause of acne – pollution. Secondly,
calm the center of inflammation.

Despite the fact that soda face masks are very effective, their
effectiveness depends on individual features
every organism and skin type.

For some, they can be a panacea for all ills, and for someone
manifest unexpected side effects. So think
a hundred times before brushing your skin so extreme enough
in a way. Yes, this product perfectly cleans the surface of the kitchen,
but your skin is not a sink or tile. Perhaps should
consult a dermatologist before that, ask his opinions on
this bill And for someone it is enough test period to
understand that baking soda will now live not only in the kitchen, but also
in a cabinet next to other favorite cosmetics.

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