Cleansing facials as a necessary step in regular skin care


Would you like to prepare cleansing facials at home
or look after a branded product in a beauty store?
We will show you how to make the right choice. Rating the most
the best industrial facial masks and the most effective
homemade recipes – at your service.

Care for dry skin and oily different. But all women should
Be familiar with the 4 stages of daily skin care. The first and one of
the most important is cleansing. This is the process of washing with
cosmetics such as gel, foam, milk, etc.
However, their main task is to remove the remnants of decorative cosmetics.
and settled for a day on the surface of the epidermis dust.

But they are not able to penetrate deep into the dermis. And all that
pores become clogged, it remains to be pressed further into greasy plugs,
comedones, black dots— In order to extract all this skin
garbage out, cleaning masks are required,
which cosmetologists recommend doing a couple of times a week after
scrubs and gommage.

When you need to do cleansing face masks

Why do we need cleansing face masks

Some genuinely wonder why we need masks
cleansing the skin if their function is successfully performed
scrubs. But there is a serious difference between them. During
Scrubbing means is in engagement with the skin of everything
A couple of minutes.

While the Muscat is in contact with it for a longer
amount of time. Accordingly, all its active components
have time to penetrate the epidermis and work hard there,
extracting the contents of greasy plugs and black dots on his
surface. The magical effect of such means is enough

  • exfoliation of dead cells;
  • the resorption of the contents of greasy traffic jams and black points;
  • removing debris from pores: dust, cosmetics residues,
  • peeling of the damaged layer (with injury or after
    powerful cosmetic procedures in the form of chemical peeling);
  • as a result of this “general cleaning” to the cells increases
    the flow of fresh air – the complexion is noticeably improved;
  • acceleration of blood circulation;
  • reduction of inflammation (including acne and acne

It remains to figure out how to cook the cleansing
face mask at home. You do not need to have
skills and abilities of a professional cosmetologist. You can always find
in the kitchen or in the first aid kit means that will help provide the skin
perfect cleanliness.

However, do not deceive yourself: self-cooked, they
may not work due to different circumstances (individual
reaction, skin type, mask composition, etc.). Therefore some
prefer to buy ready-made in the store.

More nuance. Cleansing facials beneficial
differ from scrubs also because they do not injure the tender and
sensitive skin. Therefore, you can always choose a tool for
delicate cleansing of any type of skin.

The benefits of masks that cleanse the skin of the face

For deep cleansing, use black face masks.

Recipes home refreshing and rejuvenating facial masks from
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Application features

Let’s see how to make a cleansing mask.
for a person at home in stages so that this process does not
evoked fear and doubt.

    1. Cleansing face masks are designed primarily for care.
      for oily, problem and combination skin. Indications for them
      applications – black spots, enlarged pores, greasy congestion, acne
      and other misfortunes due to pollution.
    2. For dry and sensitive skin such remedies are selected.
      very carefully, individually.
    3. Check each new mask for source.
      allergic reaction. To do this, it is enough to apply it briefly on
      wrist. But such a test does not always give a 100% result.
    4. Ideally, you first need to steam the skin (sit in a hot
      bath, take a shower, breathe over a steam bath).
    5. Applying a cleansing mask on the skin, massage it (as

  1. Action time – from 10 minutes to half an hour.
  2. Most cleansing masks dry out on the face in the form of thin
    film, which, when removed, carries with it the contents
    polluted pores. You can not give them to turn into a crust, which
    then it will tear off very painfully. Do it better jerk the bottom
    up, wet hands.
  3. The frequency of application – 1-2 times a week.
  4. The course of the cleansing mask – 1-2 months.

If you do cleansing facials at home in accordance with
This manual, problems with this stage of skin care is not
will arise. Now you can fully evaluate the effectiveness of these
means. If there is no desire or time to cook it yourself
– You can always choose a store product.

Take note. Cleansing home
masks – one of those that do not have to whisk to the state
liquid sour cream, and you can leave small lumps, smearing them
then on the face and thus additionally scrubbing the polluted

How to make a cleansing face mask at home

Brand Products Rating

Difficult to determine the best cleansing masks
for the face, because sometimes expensive means does not justify
the money spent on it, and sometimes cheap allows you to achieve
perfect skin cleanliness. So here you will need to pick up the method
trial and error. The rating below is the result of the analysis.
feedback from ordinary consumers and laboratory researchers.

  1. Strawberry Toxifying Mask – strawberry face mask
    cleansing pores, from Baviphat (Korea) for $ 17.
  2. Mud cleansing mask for the black points from SpaPharma
    (Israel) for $ 13.5.
  3. Aqua Nature Blackhead Clean-Off Nose Pack – Purifying
    Mask film for the face from A’pieu (Korea) for $ 9.7.
  4. Acne Cleansing Mask by Yves Rocher (France)
    for $ 9.4.
  5. Wonder Pore Black Mask Sheet – Black Cleansing Mask
    from Etude House (Korea) for $ 5.6.
  6. Caribbean Holidays – Pearl Cleansing Mask
    powdered and seaweed from Avon, Avon (USA) for $ 5.2.
  7. Perfect skin – 100% natural deep cleansing mask for
    face for oily and combination skin from Planeta Organica (Russia)
    for $ 3.7.
  8. Cucumber and tea tree – cleansing facial mask film from
    Avon, Avon (US) for $ 1.8.
  9. Blue cleansing face mask on cornflower blue water from the bathhouse
    Agafi (Russia) for $ 1.8.
  10. Turkish Hamam – cleansing face mask from Avon, Avon (USA)
    for $ 1.7.

When choosing a store product, do not forget to look for a term
shelf life of the goods. In addition, check for presence.
allergens in the composition. Consider that there are a lot of preservatives in them and
perfumes. If you are afraid of chemistry, try folk cleansing masks for
persons who sometimes are not inferior in efficiency

Additional Information. Do cosmetic
brands have a whole line of products designed to cleanse
skin. Look for masks for black spots, pimples and greasy traffic jams among
of them.

Producing country The brand Line
Israel Christina Rose de mer
Premier Ageless future
Gigi Glycopure
Renew Peeling
Spain Sesderma Mandelac
Keenwell Premier
Poland Clarena Acid
Italy Frais monde Gommage
USA Clinique 3-Step Skin Care
Germany Biodroga Cleansing line

The best brand cleansing face masks

Recipes homemade masks to cleanse the skin

And now it’s time to look for the most effective.
cleansing face masks at home, the recipes of which are in
A wide variety scattered across the net. Try,
experiment, share reviews and, of course, feel yourself
the most charming and attractive with a perfectly clean and beautiful

  • From black dots

Very effective black cleansing face mask
dots are obtained from egg white, which, drying on
skin forms a film. Removing it, you pull with it
out and greasy blockage from pores. The recipe recommends taking
products in the following proportions. Mix 2 tablespoons of black
cosmetic clay with 10 ml of concentrated lemon juice,
add egg white.

  • Black Mask

One of the most popular lately –
black cleansing face mask, the very Black
Mask, which can be easily prepared at home.
Crush into flour 2 tablets of fresh activated charcoal. Mix up
10 ml of lemon juice with the same amount
water. Dilute black coal powder with this solution. Add 2
droplets of essential oil from tea tree. Put on the problem
zone for 20 minutes.

  • Cleansing pores

If you need a face mask that cleans the pores,
Try the following recipe. However, it has one feature:
This product is not suitable for sensitive skin. But it
Ideal for regular care for problem or oily. Need to
grind into powder 2 aspirin tablets. Mix it with 25 gr
sea ​​salt. At the very end add a teaspoon lightly
heated honey

  • Mask film

Gelatin cleansing facial mask
also proved to be a good idea in cleansing the pores of various
kind of pollution. Crush in flour 1 pill fresh
activated carbon. Mix it with gelatin powder (5 g).
Add a teaspoon of warm milk (or water). Carefully
beat, heat, so that all the lumps disappear. Put on the problem
face area. Remove after skin tightening

  • Acne

Teenagers probably need a homemade face mask
cleansing of acne. Additionally she has
anti-inflammatory action. It is recommended for its preparation
mix 1 tablespoon of glycerin, aloe juice and potato

  • Deep cleansing

For oily and problem skin will need deep
cleansing face mask. You can cook it by
following recipe. Mix 2 tablespoons of oatmeal and
low-fat sour cream (cream). Add half a spoonful to them
apple cider vinegar and lemon juice.

  • With clay

Cleansing masks always help from dirty pores.
faces with clay:

* Dilute green clay (50 g) in water (15 ml), add oil
hazelnuts (50 g).

* White clay (30 g) diluted in milk (30 ml), sprinkle
talcum powder (30 g).

* Pink clay (15 g) diluted in warm milk to
creamy state.

* Black clay (30 g) diluted with calendula spirit tincture
(30 ml), add lemon juice (10 ml).

* Yellow clay (30 g), rub with yolk, add sea buckthorn
oil (30 ml).

* Blue clay (30 g) diluted in sour milk (30 ml),
add tomato juice (15 ml).

* Red clay (15 g) diluted in water (15 ml), add honey
(10 ml), 2 drops of chamomile and geranium essential oils.

* Gray clay (30 g) diluted in milk (30 ml), add
sour cream medium liquid (15 g).

  • With coal

In addition to the film of gelatin, a good result
cleansing face mask with coal and protein. Protein
provide a strong grip with black dots and other debris,
entrenched in the pores. And activated charcoal will penetrate deep into the skin and
clean it as it should. Crush into flour 2 tablets fresh
activated carbon. Mix it with raw whipped protein
foam conditions. Apply immediately, wait for the formation of the film.

  • Tarwood

Many help tar cleansing mask for
faces. For its preparation you need to rub tar soap (50 g),
shake to a foam condition, add a pinch of salt.

  • With honey

Another very effective recipe is a facial cleansing mask.
with honey and baking soda. The latter is
rather aggressive component, but its irritating effect
fully compensated by the soft cosmetic properties of honey.
To prepare this tool, you need the following proportions
products: 50 grams of soda diluted in 100 ml of filtered water (she
should be at room temperature). Add 50 ml of warm honey.
If the mask turns out too thin, the potato will help.

These are the recipes for facial cleansing masks offers us
home cosmetology. If something went wrong, you can always
count on the novelties of the modern beauty industry, as already
showed the above rating. Do not give up and
give up when there is no result. Clogged pores, greasy
traffic jams, acne and blackheads are problems that simply don’t
go away. It is necessary to work on them for a long time and painstakingly. But masks
always come to your aid.

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