Cleansing facials from cosmetic clay



  • What are useful face masks made of clay?
  • Each clay color is a solution to a separate problem.
  • Homemade clay recipes for facial skin
  • Rules for applying clay masks to the skin

Healing properties of clay described in his scientific works
famous doctor Avicenna. Over the centuries
mankind has used this sedimentary rock for the benefit of
your health. Glynotherapy – efficient and fast
a way to get rid of a variety of diseases. But medicine
clay application is not limited. Today in many
beauty parlors offer clients various masks
of this substance. Depending on its chemical composition, different
there will be both the color of the raw material and the effect on the skin.

Bags with powder of cosmetic clay of different colors can be
today found on the shelves of stores and pharmacies to arrange yourself
beauty home. Learn to use this unique gift.
nature, praised by Avicenna himself – and skin problems
will be much less. Homemade masks from cosmetic clay for
faces – this is what should be in the arsenal of beauty of each

Clay face mask

What are useful face masks made of clay?

Cosmetic clay can not be called a treasure trove of nutrients
because its basis is silicon (47% of
total composition). However, in silicon – and the whole secret of useful properties
clay It is considered a unique mineral that plays a very important
role in human life and health. He allows to use
clay for cosmetic purposes:

  1. Strengthens the elastic connective tissue, which is
    the basis of the epidermis and blood vessels;
  2. Keeps skin turgor – its elasticity and youth;
  3. Helps synthesize collagen in cells;
  4. It is an excellent adsorbent, that is excellent.
    cleans the polluted pores and disinfects them,
    by improving the condition of problem skin;
  5. Refreshes the complexion, eliminating all sorts of redness,
    whitening various pigment spots;
  6. Normalizes the production of fat by the glands, thereby improving
    oily skin condition.

Silicon in the clay – a real salvation for the fading and
problem skin. If you notice the first signs on your face
getting older or tired of fighting acne maybe it’s time
get acquainted with homemade masks from cosmetic clay –
rejuvenating, tightening, cleansing, drying.
They are prepared very easily, are inexpensive. The only problem with
which will have to face – to understand the color palette
clay Indeed, depending on the various impurities in its composition, it
happens different color. Accordingly, its properties, its impact
on the skin will depend on it.

Types of cosmetic clay

Effectively clean the skin and remove the black dots home masks with
activated carbon.

In the fight against wrinkles and acne, a mask of yeast is useful –
universal care product.

Each clay color is a solution to a separate problem.

After learning about the cosmetic properties of each type of clay, you can
choose the color that will help to decide exactly
your skin problem. Not forbidden to be combined in
The frames of one mask are different colors. May have to try
not one tool until you discover that invaluable formula
beauty that will make your skin radiant and youthful. So,
The color palette of cosmetic clay is as follows.

  • White (another name is kaolin)

One of the most popular in cosmetology. Possesses bright
pronounced drying properties, so the mask out of it
almost perfect for caring for problem (inflamed)
and oily skin. Kaolin tightens enlarged pores, removes from the face
excess fat, famous for its whitening and anti-inflammatory
action. White Masks
clay, improve the complexion, make it outlines more
crisp, give the skin a feeling of freshness.

  • Blue (also known as kil, or

This is the second most popular type of clay (after kaolin), widely
used in cosmetology. This breed is valued for
the earth at a sufficiently great depth and manages to feed there
the most useful substances (microelements and mineral salts,
in particular), which then transfers to the skin. Mask of it
used as an anti-inflammatory agent. She is not easy
masks various skin defects, but very effectively and
Acne and acne cures relatively quickly, heals wounds and
microcracks, cleans from dirt, beautifully tones,
improves the complexion. Rejuvenating effect blue
clay allows you to use funds based on it for
fading skin care: they are able to smooth facial and
shallow age wrinkles. With the help of this Cambrian variety
clay you can lighten freckles, pigment rashes
different kind. Masks activate blood circulation, normalize

  • Green

Green clay is valued in cosmetology for its excellent cleansing
properties. Trace elements with which it is rich control
hydrobalance of the skin. Therefore, the mask of it is recommended to use
owners of thin, dry, flaky skin. But rejuvenating
It also has an effect, like all other masks from
cosmetic clay: it smoothes wrinkles, tightens the skin,
makes it supple and elastic.

  • Black

Black clay masks must be tried at least once
each. They have a pronounced anti-toxic effect:
remove toxins and other harmful substances from the skin, clean the pores on
sufficient depth, remove the layer of dead cells and various
pollution. After such means the skin begins to breathe freely and
to function more fully. Trace elements contained in black clay
(magnesium, iron, quartz, strontium, calcium), have cleansing
properties and give the masks of her scrub effect.

  • Red (also called

About red clay is often undeservedly forgotten in cosmetology.
– and very much in vain. Masks based on it have at least
effective anti-aging properties. After them and wrinkles
becomes smaller, and the outline of the face appears much clearer.
The uniqueness of red clay, which distinguishes it from other varieties, in
that she can beautifully care for the most tender,
sensitive and irritated skin for which the rest means
just inaccessible. It soothes, relieves stress, eliminates

  • Pink

Pink clay is one of the most neutral varieties of it.
amazing stuff. With a slight lifting effect, she
It will be great to care for normal skin type (or
combined). This is the golden mean: masks from pink (find out
and about pink skincare oil
persons) clay feed a little, slightly moisturize, moderately clean,
Rejuvenate enough.

  • Yellow

Yellow clay for the preparation of masks for the face is used very
rarely, although by its properties it is more effective than many others.
varieties. It perfectly treats acne and other skin inflammations,
awakens to life, tones faded, tired skin and gives it
healthy, beautiful, natural color.

  • Gray

Another variety of cosmetic clay, undeservedly forgotten and little
used. If you see a bag of sulfur in a pharmacy or store
clay, be sure to purchase it – you will not regret. She got
from the seabed, so rich in beneficial and active substances,
that will nourish any type of skin equally well and

These are the main grades of cosmetic clay that can be
use as part of homemade masks. Determine the problem
which one you want to decide (oily or dry skin, cleansing or
getting rid of acne, rejuvenation, or you just need a refreshing
Effect). And after that, choose the color of clay.

For the experiment, you can buy several colors at once to
it was possible to compare or combine them in one tool for
enhance effect. Restrictions in the choice of recipes will not be, since
there are a lot of them.

The use of clay masks for skin

Homemade clay recipes for facial skin

Any mask must be prepared with the mood, with the soul –
then its efficiency will be several times higher. Do not hold
make a mask if you are upset or in doubt about the miraculous
action of cosmetic clay. Nature reveals its secrets only.
those who are set up exclusively for a positive result. So,
the choice is yours.

  • Kaolin mask for oily and problematic

Kaolin (2 tablespoons. Spoons) diluted in warm boiled milk (30
ml), add talc (2 tablespoons). Such a remedy will relieve from
oily shine, dry fine acne.

  • Mask of green clay against

Dilute green clay (3 tablespoons. Spoons) in mineral water (1
Chin spoon), add hazelnut butter (3 tsp. spoons).

  • Rejuvenating mask of pink

Pink clay (1 table. Spoon) diluted in warm boiled milk
before the formation of a creamy mass.

  • Black cleansing mask

Black clay (2 tablespoons. Spoons) diluted with calendula tincture (2
table. Spoons), add fresh, just squeezed from the lemon skok
(1 tea. Spoon).

  • Yellow toning mask

Rub yellow clay (2 tablespoons. Spoons) with raw egg yolk
(preferably homemade egg) add sea buckthorn oil
(2 tea. Spoons).

  • Whitening mask of blue

Blue clay (2 tables. Spoons) diluted in sour milk (1 table.
spoon), add tomato juice (1 table. spoon).

  • Nourishing red clay mask for normal
    skin type

Red clay (1 table. Spoon) diluted in water (1 table. Spoon),
add honey, which should be liquid, but not hot (1 tsp.
spoon). Leave for 10 minutes. Stir the mixture and add to it.
chamomile and geranium essential oils (half a teaspoon).
Perfectly tones the skin, which begins to shine.

  • Lifting mask of gray clay from

Gray clay (2 tables. Spoons) diluted in milk (2 tables.
spoon, add sour cream normal liquid (tables. spoon).
The mask perfectly tighten the skin, relieve small wrinkles, improve

Having made one (any) mask, you can be sure that it is not
just masks the problem, but eliminates its cause, that is, treats.
With regular use of these tools can be for a long time.
get rid of a variety of misfortunes and forget about their complexes. Their
effectiveness will depend on how right you are
apply on face.

Recipe for clay facial masks

Rules for applying clay masks to the skin

The scheme of preparation and application of masks with clay on the face is simple and
similar to using any other masks.

  1. Choosing masks from cosmetic clay, be sure to
    Watch out for the rest of the ingredients that make up it.
    If you eat eggs and honey without any fear, then these same
    products applied to the skin can cause her allergic
    the reaction. Therefore, be sure to pre-test
    means you have prepared, putting them on the skin of the wrist.
  2. And one more not less important nuance. If there is any serious
    problems (purulent inflammation, open wounds, fungal diseases
    skin), it is better to first consult a dermatologist. it
    will avoid trouble in the future.
  3. Do not mix powder in hot water: it must be
    boiled, but cooled to room temperature.
  4. If the prepared mixture turns out to be too liquid, dilute
    it is still clay powder. If too thick, add water.
  5. Before applying the mask you need to steam the face (make steam
    bath) and clean the skin with a scrub.
  6. Do not apply these products to the skin around the eyes.
  7. During the operation of such funds, it is desirable not to do anything at home.
    study: lie down to rest. This is only 15–20 minutes.
  8. Wash off the mask should be warm water.
  9. Do them twice a week.
  10. A full course of treatment with any cosmetic clay is 10
    masks, after which it is recommended to take a break in 2-3 weeks.

Homemade cosmetic clay masks for the face – effective and
Quite a quick solution to many skin problems. This is explained
the unique properties of this substance which is the world in
so different guises – white, blue, green, black—

Do not reject this wonderful gift of nature: learn them
enjoy yourself for good – and enjoy always
a delightful result. This remedy and cares for the skin, and
heals it at the same time, as a result of which the face transforms
for a few treatments. Make one of the masks – evaluate the result

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