Closed comedones: causes and treatment

Closed comedones are a type of acne and
familiar to most of us. These are open white subcutaneous acne,
often associated with restructuring of the body during sexual
ripening, pregnancy or age-related changes. How to get rid
from closed comedones (eels) are described in more detail below.


  • The essence of the disease
  • Causes
  • How to treat closed comedones?

The essence of the disease

Closed comedones are white acne, consisting of
dense clot with the addition of dead skin cells of the epidermis and
a large number of microorganisms.

They usually range in size from a few millimeters to 5 cm in
diameter and can be very painful. Often they dissipate
throughout the body as a result of stress, strong mental
experiences turning into neurosis or various diseases,
related to mental disorders or pathologies
gastrointestinal tract.

The closed comedo is represented by white skin fat.
formed as a tight knot. As a result of contact with
oxygen is a chemical reaction, making the eel darker.
Most often, such acne appears on the forehead, nose, chin and

Most often they suffer from adolescents during sexual intercourse.
maturation, as well as women in menopause and throughout
the entire term of pregnancy. Age frame: from 14-25 years old and after 55
years old.


Like any disease, closed comedones have causes.

Medicine distinguishes between the following main reasons:

  1. Genetics. Heredity, which is passed from parents to
    children If someone of your kind was sick with a closed form, then
    the probability of inheriting this disease is 50%. Rest
    will depend on the lifestyle you lead.
  2. Untidy skin. If you do not do your skin due
    in a way (you do not feed and do not moisten dry and you do not degrease
    oily), then as a result you can get unhealthy shine on
    face and lifeless skin.
  3. Change hormonal levels. With this process, the level
    testosterone (male hormone) in the blood increases as a result
    what closed comedos can develop. After
    hormones are restored, there is a possibility that
    the disease can disappear by itself.
  4. The effect of drugs. When applying different
    hormonal or contraceptives in a woman’s body
    hormonal balance may be disturbed, as a result of which
    produce closed comedones. If timely draw on this
    attention and refuse medications or replace them with
    more suitable then the probability of getting rid of this disease
    makes up 80%.
  5. Stress. Nervous shocks and experiences do not pass without a trace
    for human skin. Most often on its surface are formed
    small white nodes, which later turn into closed
    comedones. Therefore, before starting treatment of these inflammatory
    processes on the skin, it is imperative to complete a course
    therapy to calm the nervous system, otherwise all efforts in the fight against
    closed comedones will be meaningless.
  6. Allergy to oily or oily basis of decorative cosmetics.
    Often, cosmetics may be too oily.
    This primarily refers to a variety of basic and tonal
    creams that form the basis of beautiful makeup. Therefore, in order
    to apply any decorative tool, you must hold
    allergic test on the inner wrist. If the cream will be absorbed
    quickly and well, without leaving a greasy effect on the surface of the skin,
    then it can be applied on the face.

How to treat closed comedones?

Getting rid of closed comedones is not an easy task. More often
In the event of a similar problem, women resort to
beauty services. Cosmeticians offer
complex cleansing of the face and mechanical acne removal
way (extrusion). But not always this procedure allows
completely defeat them, besides it is very painful.


Before you begin the treatment of comedones,
it is necessary to undergo consultation at the same time at several
specialists: dermatologist, gastroenterologist and endocrinologist.

How to get rid of closed comedones? This can only be done
when the cause of their occurrence is established. Maybe,
the causative agent of this disease lies much deeper, and on your face
see only the consequence of white eels. Therefore, even with
their removal, they can be formed again and again and efforts can
prove to be in vain.

Treat closed comedones can also be comprehensive. This process
is to use drugs (antibiotics) in
combined with cosmetic removal of acne from the surface.

When treating comedones, it is also necessary to observe and
hypoallergenic diet, which is to exclude from the diet
sweet and fatty foods.

You can get rid of closed comedones only when combined
treatment of internal organs and external signs in the form of acne and
acne. To get rid of skin, you can turn to help.
professionals and perform procedures independently in
home conditions.

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