Closed comedones: what you need to know

Comedones on human skin – an unpleasant phenomenon that occurs
due to overactive sebaceous glands or
the result of follicular hyperkeratosis (impaired process
skin cell renewal). Moreover, the disease appears
the dominant factor in the formation and development of comedones,
since cell renewal is simply necessary for normal
the functioning of the skin.


  • Comedo comedo – strife
  • One pitch from comedo to acne
  • 10 rules for skin care with comedones

Comedo comedo – strife

Skin rashes, called comedones, are divided into two types –
open and closed comedones. The first are formed when appearing on
the surface of the skin contents of the mouth of the follicle. This view is considered
most noticeable since visually represents black
points. Such formations are easy to remove even at home.

Get rid of closed comedones is not so easy. Attempt
conventional mechanical removal can only lead to the fact that they
will turn into red, inflamed acne with a white tip. This kind
comedos are popularly called “prosyanka” because they look alike
on millet grains. In dermatology, the term is used to define them.

What are the causes of the impetus for the emergence of closed comedones?
on the face? The main reason is accumulation in the sebaceous glands.
secret secreted in excess. Lack of exit
discharge in the pore and contributes to the formation of small nodules
whitish color under a thin layer of skin (subcutaneous

Among the many causes of rashes gated
The main factors for their appearance are improper skin care.
(especially oily or dry), and the use of cosmetics,
causing closed comedones.

One pitch from comedo to acne

Open and closed comedones are often confused with acne. However in
unlike acne in comedones, no inflammation is observed. When
Milium is inflamed by mechanical stress or other
factors, it turns into a pimple. Most often the process of turning
initiates the livelihoods of fungi and bacteria that live on
human skin and eating secretions of the sebaceous glands.

Often the cause of the inflammation is propionbacterium acne,
able to multiply even in the absence of oxygen. Penetrating into
comedo, bacteria of this species begin to multiply there,
excrete the so-called toxins that irritate the walls of the sebaceous
glands. Thus, inflammation is triggered in comedones.
process. At the same time the size depends on the depth of inflammation.
potential acne: the deeper it is, the larger the pimple.

There are several “scenarios” of the inflammatory course.
process in milium:

  • the abscess resolves itself (inside) what happens
  • pus from an abscess that has burst from the inside gets into the surrounding
    tissue, which contributes to the spread and long course
    inflammatory process;
  • appearance of an abscess on the surface of the skin. Then enough
    light pressure to pushes out of the pimple

10 rules for skin care with comedones

The main task in the treatment of milia – open pores, thinning
cuticle, which prevents the release of sebaceous secretions out.
Therefore, skin care covered with closed comedones in home
conditions provided for a number of relevant measures.

Daily skin cleansing with special cosmetic
means and sponge is perhaps the main condition for preserving
beautiful and healthy skin. The procedure is carried out twice a day:
in the morning and in the evening. Apply facial wash to moist skin
beat until bubbles appear, then rinse with a sponge.
Thus, pollution is perfectly removed from the epidermis,
dead cells with excess fat.

Deep cleansing procedures should be performed every 7 days.
skin: scrub or peel with fruit acids (BHA and AHA). Two
peeling procedures cannot be combined, this path may cause
severe irritation.

When treating miliums, masks with clay (green,
blue) or badaga. However, when peeling or scrubbing
apply such masks should not be more than once a week. AT
other cases, masks are allowed to do up to three times
a week

In the evening before bedtime you should always take off your makeup using
alcohol-free tonics, or cosmetic milk.

Skin prone to dryness should be moistened daily with a cream. but
means should not clog pores.

Vegetable masks are very useful for the face with comedones. Vegetables:
carrot, cucumber, zucchini rubbed on a fine grater, add to
3-4 drops of lemon juice, 5 drops of olive oil. Keep on
skin 15 minutes, wash off with warm water.

When comedone dermatologists recommend a diet,
consume balanced food. Must be reduced to a minimum
or exclude skin products
secret: fried foods, fatty meats, sweets, pastries, smoked
products and spices. You need to eat more fruit, fresh vegetables,

In the summer in hot weather when applying daytime makeup tonal
cream is better to replace loose powder.

Use daily preparations Differin and Skinoren, the most
effectively fighting closed comedones. Skinoren contains
azelaic acid, which slows down the process of growth, keratinization and
epidermal cell necrosis. So does Differin,
only the tool has additional properties: slush
and dissolves the upper epidermal layer. However, drugs are not
give instant results. The skin will be thinned and the pores will open
freeing up white plugs after only 3 months of regular

Do not attempt to remove (squeeze, pick out
or rip off) closed comedones, this increases the risk of entering
infections, and can cause severe inflammation. For this
it is better to contact a specialist who will perform mechanical
cleansing involving skin disinfection, miale puncture
sterile needle, as well as the elimination of accumulated fat in it.
After the procedure, the patient is prescribed maintenance therapy.
Closed comedones are also removed by electrocoagulation.

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