Cockleshell hair – classics are always in fashion

shell hairdoOne of the most
Famous Female Hairstyles – French Shell Hairdo,
which is considered classic and never go out of fashion.
Simple and straightforward hair styling allows you to make a strict
hairstyle for every day, and if you add a drop of fantasy and
creativity – and ready for the original evening hairstyle.

How wrong are those who consider the “shell” boring and too
traditional. Today, this hairstyle can be disheveled and
naughty, solemnly stately and coquettishly decorated with ribbons –
it all depends on the occasion and your desire. A hairstyle “shell” its
hands – it is also a great opportunity to conjure over their
way, making it more feminine and non-standard.

hair shell photosSo,
hairstyle “shell” – how to do? To begin, carefully combing
hair, then take them to the tail in the back, without using a rubber band, and
start spinning into a harness. Perhaps tight twisting, but you can
make the harness more loose, leaving individual strands or smooth
taking away all the hair. The next point: we make a loop on the harness
head, the tip of the tail is hidden in the roller, fasten the entire installation
hairpins or pins. Haircut is ready!

If you want to make a strict “shell”, then carefully
pick up all the strands, having a smooth hair, slightly sprinkled hair
varnish or spray. You can use studs, barrettes neutral
colors, scallops.

In order to give your appearance of romance, do not hide
the tail of the “shells”, and curl it with hair tongs and release
out. Hair clips with rhinestones, ribbons,

Another option is not to take away all the hair, but only
part. The rest, not taken in the roller hair can be dissolved
slightly curled. Then your “shell” will not only be beautiful, but also

Wedding hairstyle “shell” should be in harmony with the dress
the bride, to answer her image, to be in her taste. Looks great
“shell” in the frame of flowers, lace mesh. Can do
Absolutely smooth hair, making it additionally different
decorations, and you can put a “shell” with romantic strands and
curls, giving a kind of carelessness (while carefully laid out
each curl). And it is always important to remember the sense of proportion and strict
according to style, whether it’s a business meeting or a reckless noisy
a party. After all, only then you will be irresistible, your appearance
impeccable, and the mood is great!

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