Coffee – the secret weapon of femme fatale!

Sometimes no, even the most expensive and branded means.
to care for the hair, unable to return her former shine and
healthy looking, lost from endless stress. Dark haired
women can be used to restore curls mask
for hair with coffee – a natural way, which with the right
performing it will quite easily fix the situation.

Coffee for hair The use of tools, including coffee,
shown for damaged, dry, slow growing hair, and
when they fall.

The effect of coffee on the hair

The content of the article:

  • The effect of coffee on the hair
  • Features of the CORRECT application of coffee for hair
  • Effective hair masks with coffee
  • The most popular recipes for hair masks:
  • Coloring masks with coffee
  • + Video.Mask for hair with brandy and coffee

The main active ingredient is caffeine, which improves
microcirculation of blood, thereby activating hair growth. In the fruit
This plant also contains a large amount of fat,
organic and fruit acids, alkaloids, iron, potassium, magnesium
and other minerals. In particular, linoleic acid increases
skin elasticity and slows its aging.

Researches of scientists concerning the plentiful use of coffee
like a drink, very ambiguous. But absolutely for men
its use prevents baldness.

Features of the CORRECT application of coffee for hair

So that coffee does not harm the hair, but is useful for them,
requires strict adherence to some rules:

The grinding of the product should be fine or medium, but not large.
The thick of the drink should not contain added sugar, milk or

  1. For masks with coffee suitable only natural product, in a hammer,
    freshly welded or thick, but NOT SOLUBLE!

  2. Contraindications: the light color of the hair (the possibility of giving
    locks of unpleasant reddish hue), high pressure
    (especially in the presence of hypertension), individual

  3. Test for allergic reaction: apply cooked
    remedy on the area near the ear urine – if unpleasant sensations
    after 15 minutes did not arise, then the tool suits you.

  4. Washing your hair before the procedure is contraindicated – the more and more
    The dirtier the hair, the better the result will be. For convenience, you can
    just spray your hair with a spray bottle.

  5. The mask is applied to the scalp with massaging movements, and
    the rest is distributed over all the locks to the

  6. The warming cellophane and warming covering
    is welcome.

  7. The holding time of the product on the head depends on the shade of the hair:
    for light more than 10-15 minutes is not recommended, and brown-haired and
    brunettes can leave a mask on her hair even for the night.

  8. Means is washed off rather easily, with use flowing
    water and nettle broth.

  9. The hair is dried without the use of a hairdryer.

  10. The last stage is a thorough combing out of dry strands of grains.
    coffee that could stay.

  11. The minimum course of application of coffee – 10 procedures, time
    a week

Effective hair masks with coffee

Adding a variety of ingredients allows you to increase
The effectiveness of hair care products:

Component Beneficial features
Olive oil Nutrition, restoration of the structure, disposal of the whipped
Honey Nutrition and Strengthening
Cognac Increased blood circulation, activation of hair growth
Bow Antiseptic properties, hair growth activation, treatment

The most popular recipes for hair masks:

Mask for brittle thin hair

Hair oil Somewhat warmed up in a water bath or in
microwave olive (castor, burdock) oil is combined with
2-3 tablespoons of freshly ground coffee and, if desired, with a couple of drops
essential oil. The consistency should resemble sour cream. Stand
half an hour, wash off with neutral shampoo. Procedure
repeats weekly until hair becomes healthy
kind of.


Honey and coffee 3 spoons of ground coffee, honey and brandy
connect, mix to obtain a watery mass (you can
increase the amount of brandy). The composition of the hair is covered on
half an hour under warming.

Dandruff mask

Bow Grated onions, honey, coffee and burdock oil
combined in equal proportions (with the beginning of hair loss, you can
add brandy). Mask hold for half an hour.

A sharp onion smell after this remedy can hold
a couple of days! Better to do it on the weekend!

Coloring masks with coffee

HairThis drink can also tint curls in
coffee color, and this applies to the previously painted
by chemical means to hair.

To tint coffee, which is rather unstable
dye should be resorted to ladies who have not been exposed

Coffee staining recipes:

  • Thick gruel of 20 grams of basma, 40 grams of henna, 100 grams
    fine coffee (ingredients are poured in unboiled boiling water)
    applied for a noticeable effect on the head for 3-5 hours,
    but can be left overnight. Wash off with warm water.
    without shampoo, then it is advisable to rinse the curls with cool water
    a small amount of vinegar or lemon juice. Acquired color
    it will be better to hold if you refrain from washing your head on
    throughout 3 days.
  • Replacing basma for brunettes can serve as a decoction of
    boiled for 5 minutes 100 grams of ground coffee in a glass of water
    followed by the addition of a bag of henna. Whole mass carefully
    stirred and applied to the curls, covered with a “warm image”
    washed off without shampoo. Rinsed with cool water
    adding vinegar or lemon. To keep the coffee shade 2 in
    month you need to make a coffee mask.
  • Coffee rinse helps keep deep brown
    shade and pleasant aroma of curls. For its preparation is necessary
    40 grams of ground coffee pour 2 glasses of water and boil
    maximum 10 minutes on medium power, cool, strain.
    The decoction is applied regularly after washing the head.

With the constant use of coffee, hair not only acquire
strength and density, but also luxurious well-groomed appearance. Of course, such
hair care products are most suitable for
owners of dark curls, but with proper use on
other hair color they also give a tangible result.

+ Video.Mask for hair with brandy and coffee

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