Collagen hair straightening

“Spit – girlish beauty” – this expression has not lost its
relevance and in our days. And let the braid itself is not as popular as
before, but beautiful, well-groomed hair always remain in fashion. Among
Modern hair restoration methods are gaining popularity
straightening using collagen.

And the remedy is so zealously promoted to the masses, that
inevitably think about it – what is the essence of the procedure and
Is the effect as great as it is described? Let’s open this
subject in more detail.

What is collagen hair straightening

The content of the article:

  • What is collagen hair straightening
  • Indications and contraindications
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Results and effect after the procedure, photo before and after
  • How and what the procedure is done, the composition of drugs and how much
    takes in time
  • Reviews
  • Care after the procedure
  • Analogs and similar procedures
  • Frequently asked Questions.

Collagen is essentially protein (fibrillar protein, second
the name is the protein of youth). Collagen Straightening Procedure
simple – collagen in large quantities is applied to the curls. Can
call it a kind of spa treatment for hair.

Introduced protein can not replace their own
worn collagen fibers, however it has been proven that such procedures
make the body shake up and start generating an update
on their own.

Collagen “holds together” tissues, participates in their process
recovery, increases strength and protects against mechanical

HELP! | Nature has provided the production of collagen
in the human body from an early age however
gradually the amount of protein decreases, which is reflected in health and
appearance. After 25 years, washing it out becomes more intense:
Firstly, the synthesis process with the participation of amino acids slows down, and
secondly – more and more often women resort to drying hair
a hair dryer, styling irons, poured on the poor hair huge
number of mousses and foams, resort to regular staining
hair. Yes, frequent stress, bad habits, too much sun
add benefits. In general, they put a lot on their hair.
experiments, the result of which is brittle hair, fragility
and dull look.

History of creation

Collagen has long been used in cosmetology, however
it was originally used in the care of the skin of the face. Professional
hairdressers preferred keratin hair straightening,
which was positioned as a health and restoring

However, in the end it turned out that keratinization is very dangerous for
human: the substance methylene glycol from its base, decomposing,
releases formaldehyde poison that can inflict irreparable damage on humans
harm with frequent use. Then we paid attention to the processing
head of hair with liquid collagens, toxic substances in which
are missing.

Collagen can be applied to the scalp, unlike
keratin, and it does not cause irritation.

There are several types of protein:

  • Animal (harvested from large cartilage
  • Sea (from cartilage sharks, stingrays)
  • Vegetable (extracted from silk or

Animal and marine collagen production costs more
because it is better absorbed by human cells and the demand for
him more.

Indications and contraindications

Do not carry out collagen straightening
if a:

  • There is significant damage to the scalp (mechanical or
    consequences of the disease);
  • Frequent headaches for an unexplained reason;
  • Exacerbation of an infectious or chronic disease;
  • High blood pressure;
  • A benign or malignant tumor is detected.
    the brain.

IMPORTANT! Before using substances with collagen in
composition, conduct an allergy reaction: apply a little
on the skin of the wrist or the crook of the elbow and observe the reaction. If a
after 6-8 hours, no allergic manifestations occurred (rash,
redness, itching), the drug can be used.

The list of prohibitions is small. In all other cases
it is possible and even necessary to carry out wrappings with collagen,
especially if the customer complains about:

  • Increased hair loss
  • Split ends
  • Dry and fragile strands
  • Strong electrification of hair
  • Dandruff appearance

Advantages and disadvantages

There are several advantages and disadvantages of this method.
consider them in more detail:


  1. Collagen is a natural product that is not capable of causing
    harm to hair.
  2. The effect of the procedure is visible immediately and persists for a long time.
    (several months).
  3. Laying retains shape even with wind and rain.
  4. Hair after the procedure is easy to comb, they do not tangle and
    don’t push out
  5. Even if the curls are naturally curly, they straighten.
  6. The procedure itself takes only an hour or two, and the correction is still
    faster and, importantly, much cheaper.
  7. Using the described procedure, you can correct, for example,
    unsuccessful perm, just 2 weeks after
    manipulations. You can eliminate the negative consequences of failure
    hair coloring, thermal styling.
  8. Having bought the main ingredients, the procedure for wrapping collagen
    can be carried out at home alone.


  1. Not every client can afford, because this wrapping
    is very expensive.
  2. There is a risk of allergies to the components of the composition.
  3. 3 days after the procedure, you can not wash your hair, collect hair in
    harness and tail, braid braids.
  4. Collagen oversupply also happens. It happens more often
    only in cases where the client conducts the procedure at home and not in
    salon, and does not maintain the recommended dosages and rules. Such
    can occur if you use collagen for perfectly healthy
    hair, but it happens infrequently (since such hair is in our
    time – a rarity).

ATTENTION! Excess collagen leads to
extreme fragility and dryness of the hair, unsightly hair.

Results and effect after the procedure, photo before and after

Shiny and smooth hair with sealed tips and no
the hated “gun” – this is the result of wrapping with collagen. If a
hold a course of wrappings, then the water-fat balance is normalized
scalp and hair will recover even after repeated

How and what the procedure is done, the composition of drugs and how much
takes in time

For the procedure at home you need
purchase a specially designed complex. It consists of
shampoo that removes sebum and external contamination well, and
masks with amino acids, protein and vitamins.

  1. Head thoroughly washed with shampoo.
  2. Strands dry a little with a towel.
  3. Put a mask on each strand. Better to use for this
    silicone brush.
  4. Wrap your head warmly (you can wear polyethylene down
    hat or bag, and wrap a head over the towel). In the salons
    for heating use a special hair dryer or
    hairdresser’s cap, at home you can just put your head under
    a stream of hot water for 15-20 minutes (for half an hour, if the hair is strong
    damaged). Hair dryer is better not to use.
  5. Remove the cap from the head and allow the hair to cool.
    on their own.


The most popular set for collagen wrapping is
Coolhair It can be used on any type of hair, as in
beauty salon, and at home. Zinc, which is part of it,
processes fatty acids, regulates the sebaceous glands and
prevents the formation of free radicals.

In addition, it gives the hair shine and removes dandruff.
Nourishing mask with silk proteins and B vitamins
strengthens the bulbs, stimulates hair growth, retains moisture,
forming a protective film around the hair shaft.

Shampoo and mask lasts about 1-1.5
of the month.

IMPORTANT! Do not believe advertising writing
the miracle effect of the next shampoo with collagen in the composition is
banal advertising move. Despite the fact that this substance
really added to his hair care products
the percentage is so small that it does not bring any tangible benefits.
More lively and silky after washing your hair just will not.

Price in the cabin

The cost of the procedure depends on the selected materials and length
hair, and starts from 1500 rubles.

Source |

Where would you like to make a collagen hair straightening? In the salonHome


Several reviews from |

Care after the procedure

After wrapping do not overload the hair with balms and oils
for hair. If wrappings are performed regularly, then
additional funds are all the more unnecessary. With time when
the frequency of wraps will decrease, you can return to your loved ones
masks for hair.

Analogs and similar procedures

The keratin wrap described above, we add only that
keratin is more suitable for hard and thick hair, and thin and
soft can spoil. Yes, and the effect of keratin straightening
Holds a month 3-4, even 5.

Mention another procedure | – Botox. Not everyone knows that
it can be used not only to increase the lips and smoothing
wrinkles. Botox can not straighten hair, but is able to make it
less porous and fluffy and healthier. Besides he
neutralizes yellowness after dyeing hair. Like collagen,
suitable for all hair types, but the effect is kept
slightly less.

Frequently asked Questions.

  • Expert opinionEustilist hairdresserAsk a question
    • How soon can you dye your hair?

    Hair can be painted no earlier than one month after the procedure,
    better do it beforehand.

    • Is it possible to wrap after

    Of course. Collagen nourishes the hair along its entire length and normalizes
    water-alkaline balance, which suffers badly from drugs,
    used during perm.

    • And at what age can you do kids?

    Till 3 years doctors are not recommended, after – at will.

    • I want to do both keratin straightening and wrapping
      collagen. Will the effect double?

    It is possible to combine these procedures, but they are not of double benefit.
    will bring more harm.

    • Why not use a hairdryer for
      to dry?

    The hot air jet provided by the hair dryer does not cover the whole
    head completely. And in order that the procedure was maximally
    efficient, heat treatment must be performed correctly. Not
    It is recommended to heat the strands in turn, turning and in turn:
    at the same time the fibrillar protein crystallizes, and this leads to
    loss of elasticity of hair and their breaking. That is why they recommend
    carry out at least the first wraps in professional salons:
    there the masters use special electric thermocap and

    • There was a feeling that the hair became dirty faster
      after wrapping, why?

    The case is most likely a violation of the technology of applying a mask. Her
    not advised to apply directly to the roots! Back off skin
    heads for 2-3 centimeters. If you constantly violate this rule
    the sebaceous glands will begin to produce fat secretion even more actively, and
    the head will look untidy after a few hours
    washing up.

    • How often do you need to do the procedure and how much
      holding on?

    The effect of the procedure performed at home is kept 2-3
    weeks, in the cabin – 30-40 days. You can repeat it every
    two weeks for two months. During this time happen
    accumulation in the hair of nutrients in the future is enough
    will conduct rare corrections.

    • Can I do the procedure when

    In the period of childbearing, many cosmetics (as
    both food and medicine are prohibited. Risk
    to hurt a child makes a woman pay special attention to
    choice of personal care products, but collagen wrap –
    the rarest exception that you can use
    please once. Natural thing to remember: pre
    Notify your doctor and take a test on


Modern cosmetology can handle almost any
impaired hair. However, not all means are good in pursuit
perfect curls. Make choices based not only on bright
signboards and screaming slogans, but also listening for explanations
professionals, the experience of friends and your own intuition. Only in this
If reflected in a mirror, it will make you happy.

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