Collagen hair wrap description procedures and TOP 5 popular masks

Among the variety of cosmetic procedures for hair,
Special attention is paid to collagen based techniques. it
substance effectively restores even the most damaged
shag from root to tip.

What is hair collagen for? Action and ways
of use

The content of the article:

  • What is hair collagen for? Action and ways
    of use
  • Pros and cons of collagen – harm or benefit?
  • Photo BEFORE AND AFTER Collagen Wrap
  • Types of drugs and release forms
  • Reader Reviews
  • Price in the cabin
  • Hair care after collagen wrapping. What shampoo
  • Home Collagening
  • TOP 5 Most Popular Collagen Hair Masks
  • Homemade masks
  • Collagen useful products
  • Frequently asked Questions
  • Video
  • Conclusion

Collagen is a kind of “building material” for hair,
nails, bones and skin that provides connective tissues
strength and elasticity.

Note! Clinical
studies have proven the relationship of collagen levels in
body and hair condition – the more of it, the thicker and more saturated

Due to its chemical composition, collagen closes
hair scales, smoothing them along the stem. Under influence
proteins after the first use of the hair becomes more
smooth and moisturized.

Feel for the properties of collagen can be not only in the salon
beauty. You can increase its level in the body from the inside, using
certain foods and food additives. Or act
on the hair outside, using masks and shampoos based on

Pros and cons of collagen – harm or benefit?

The therapeutic effect of collagen is noticeable after the first
procedures and over time, it will only increase.

  • Hair is restored even after
    repeated stains and clarifications;
  • Improves the appearance of hair – down
  • Thermal effect is neutralized.
  • Sealed tips;
  • Curls become smoother and
  • Normalized water-fat balance of the skin
  • Hair defects are treated, not masked.

However, in some cases, collagen can be harmful:

  • Excessive load on follicles will aggravate
    situation if the hair is weakened and prone to
  • Incorrect dosage of the drug with collagen
    can create the effect of “unwashed hair” on the head.

If you’re not sure whether collagen is right for you or not,
consult with the trichologist. In the event that he approves
your decision, ask for a procedure in a beauty salon, let
Your hair is handled by a professional.

Photo BEFORE AND AFTER Collagen Wrap

A few photos after the salon procedure “Kallogenovogo
wraps. ”

Types of drugs and release forms

There are three ways of collagen extraction, and accordingly, all
they vary in quality and effectiveness.

Animal origin

The cheapest protein, and accordingly – the most affordable and
common, mined from cowhide. Therapeutic
the effect of such collagen is practically zero, since its
the molecules are too large to fit the hair structure.
However, the cosmetic effect is quite noticeable – on the rods is created
thin shiny film that makes hair visually

Plant origin

Extracted from wheat germ. Manufacturing process
collagen of this species is quite time consuming and expensive – therefore
and it costs more compared to animal protein. Well replace
collagen synthesized by the human body, however, is introduced into
Cosmetics are rare, due to their high cost.

Marine origin

Most often introduced in premium class cosmetics,
as it is much more expensive than all of the above types
collagen. Extracted from shark oil, stingray, and some species

Note! Advantage of this
collagen to others is the presence of hydroxyproline – this
substance contributes to the improvement of natural regeneration and
cell rejuvenation.

Synthetic origin

Artificial collagen is not yet in high demand.
the cosmetic industry, however, according to the clinical
research, it can serve as a valuable substitute
natural proteins, seamlessly combined with the structure of the hair.
Moreover, synthetic protein attracts moisture and retains it.
inside the hair shaft.

Collagening is a multistage salon procedure,
the result of which is noticeable to the naked eye after
first session.

Indications and contraindications

The effect after collagen wrapping is noticeable immediately and holds on
up to 1.5 months. It manifests itself in the fight with the following

  • Damage and section along the length of the hair shaft.
  • Dryness and lifelessness.
  • Seasonal loss (apply only after consultation with
  • Electrification.
  • Dandruff.

Despite the safety of the technique, from collagen wrapping
to retire if:

  • Exacerbated chronic inflammatory skin diseases.
  • On the scalp there are microcracks and wounds.
  • Are allergic to one or more components
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Note! Elevated
blood pressure in some cases is
contraindication to collagen wrapping – mandatory
consult a doctor.

How is the procedure in the cabin?

Salon hair collagen procedure is performed in 3

  1. Shampoo shampoo deep clean.
    The procedure must be repeated twice, after which the hair is wiped.
    towel to a slightly damp state.
  2. Application of collagen composition. Composition
    distributed from root to tip. Hair must be abundant
    moistened. The master can use for distribution
  3. Drying. For better hair treatment and absorption
    master uses a sushiuar.

After the hair is laid using curling and combing – as
result, smooth, shiny from root to tip mirror

Reader Reviews

Some feedback from our readers:

Mary writes:

“I do not like to go to beauty salons – all procedures
I study to do at home or use folk recipes. But on
the advice of a friend went to the collagen wrap. I have a lot
heard about the benefits of collagen for hair, and often bought different
shampoo balsams marked “with collagen”. But this is just nothing
compared to salon collagen wrapping! Split ends
soldered, additional volume and shine appears! No way
I expected this on my dead “Supra” hair!

Maya writes:

“I read a lot of reviews and
contraindications before you decide to go to the salon. On that
The moment I was pregnant and most of the procedures for me were under
prohibition, including most types of collagenation. But here
I came across a procedure from Arganat! Thanks to the natural
composition, it is allowed, even for pregnant and lactating women! it
was what you need! My dry and lifeless hair has finally become
beautiful! ”

Olga writes:

“My hair was ruined by unfortunate highlighting.
Clouded feathers stuck out in different directions. Was originally
extremely skeptical and did not expect the effect of the procedure longer
than “before the first shampoo” But I was pleasantly mistaken! Hair
retained their smoothness and brilliance, despite the fact that after my
A visit to the salon took 2 weeks! I’ll watch the effect, but for now
I am satisfied with everything!”

Price in the cabin

If you are planning to make a collagen wrap in the salon, then
the cost of the procedure will depend on their length and thickness.

On average in Moscow and St. Petersburg, the price starts with
marks in 800 rubles.

Source of images

Hair care after collagen wrapping. What shampoo

Wrapping is carried out with a frequency of 1 time in 1.5 months. AT
the intervals between treatments for hair can be treated with the usual
in a way.

The main rule – shampoo should be replaced by sulfate.
Also at the time will have to abandon the means for deep cleaning
and scrubbing compositions.

Home Collagening

The technique of home collagen inherently
practically does not differ from the salon procedure. it
average instructions – always push off from a specific
guides to action.

  1. Wash your hair with a special shampoo – preferably
    so that it is released by the same brand as collagen.
  2. Apply a collagen mask over the entire length of the hair.
  3. Put on a cellophane cap and warm your head with a terry
    a towel. Hold the mask for 10 – 25 minutes (according to
  4. Over time, remove the insulation in the form of a cap and
    cellophane and blow dry hair. If necessary, lay
    curling iron

TOP 5 Most Popular Collagen Hair Masks

  1. Incus L.C.P.

The basis of the drug is plant-derived collagen and
silicone microparticles. Strengthens and saturates the moisture weakened
hair rods. Suitable for recovery after staining.
For best results, apply twice a week.

  1. Mask with marine collagen Profresh Collagen

The composition in addition to collagen is saturated with such active ingredients.
natural origin like olive oil and biotin.
It smoothes the hair scales and facilitates combing.

  1. Collagen mask Bielita

Affordable and effective remedy for hair restoration and
neutralization of electrification. As part of the collagen animal
origin, glycerin, betaine and vegetable oils.

  1. Collagen mask Lipocomplex BES

The tool is enriched with components based on soy – phospholipids with
soy extract and soy lecithin.

Apply to lightly dried hair retreat 2 cm from

Note! Before use
mask test for an allergic reaction, causing a little
composition on the elbow bend.

  1. Coolhair Wrap

Unlike the masks listed above, the wrapping from Kulheir
biphasic, as it implies the alternate use of shampoo
and masks.

The shampoo is enriched with amino acids and zinc, making it deeply
nourishes and restores hair from root to tip. Eliminates
dandruff and tightens pores on the skin. The mask also performs deeply nourishing.
and restorative action.

Homemade masks

Sometimes folk recipes do their job better.
than purchased funds. We have collected the most effective masks for you.
home made with collagen!

Mask with shampoo and gelatin

You will need:

  • Gelatin – 1 bag.
  • Water is a glass.
  • Shampoo – 50 grams.

Preparation and use:

Fill the gelatine with cold water and leave to swell for
hours, then heat in a water bath until completely dissolved
lumps of substance. It is important not to bring the mixture to a boil!

Reference! To accelerate the swelling of gelatin send
it in the microwave for 30 seconds.

Allow gelatin to cool to room temperature, add
shampoo, stir and apply to hair. Put on top
cellophane cap and wrap a turban from a towel. Leave until
exposure for an hour then rinse with running water. Repeat
procedure three times a month.

Gelatin mask with honey

You will need:

  • Honey -1 tbsp. l
  • Gelatin – 2 tbsp. l
  • Water -4-5 spoons.

Preparation and use:

  • Fill the gelatin with water and let it swell. After
    the substance has completely absorbed water, add honey, mix and
    Dissolve the mixture in a water bath until smooth.
  • After the consistency is reached – cool the mixture to
    comfortable temperature and distribute over clean and damp hair.
    Put on a cellophane cap and wait 30 minutes.
  • The mask should be washed off exclusively with cool water, since
    hot will destroy the protective film, which has not yet managed to gain a foothold
    on the hair.

Yolk mask

You will need:

  • Chicken egg yolks – 2 pcs.
  • Coconut oil unrefined – 2 tbsp. l

Preparation and use:

Put the coconut oil to thaw – it should become liquid. AT
this time whisk the yolks into a tight uniform foam. Add to
Yolks of coconut oil and mix thoroughly. The resulting mixture
Spread the hair with the comb. Leave for an hour after
then wash off with a mild shampoo.

Collagen useful products

For people with a lack of collagen, doctors recommend to pay attention
on the following list of foods. Since collagen is
protein – it is natural that the list consists of poultry meat and


  • Turkey – 2.4 g per 100 g;
  • Duck – 0.87 per 100 g;
  • Chicken – 0.7 per 100 g;


  • Beef – 2.6 per 100 g;
  • Pork – 2.1 per 100 g;
  • Mutton -1.6 per 100 g;
  • Rabbit meat – 1.55 per 100 g.

Pay attention – eating turkey
leads to the synthesis of carnosine. This substance makes collagen
fiber resistant to destruction.

Frequently asked Questions

Questions from our readers:

What is a collagen wrap?

Collagen wrap, also known as collagenation –
This procedure deeply nourishes and moisturizes the hair. More often
carried out in two stages. The first stage is deep cleansing. Second –
moisturizing and nourishing the hair shaft with fibrillar protein
collagen. Collagen is a substance related to the human body,
which is present in hair, teeth, skin, etc.

Collagen or keratin for hair which is better?

Both procedures can help with the problem of dry, unruly and
split ends of the entire length.

Collagen is better suited for combating cross-section, down and
naughty curls, keratin is more suitable in that case
when hair is inherently thick and stiff.

The effect of collagen lasts about a month. From keratin
– from 3 to 6 months. But here it is worth noting that the collagen
wrapping should be taken as a therapeutic spa procedure. BUT
keratin as a way to straighten curls and give them a visual

What is better for hair, collagen or botox?

Botox is a lot like collagen therapy – both procedures
restore and nourish the hair, but the effect does not last long.
The advantage of collagen over Botox is that it can
straighten and smooth naughty hair.



Hair also needs rest and vital energy,
to look good and grow better. Collagen procedure
wraps can help you with that. If you are not sure
that cope with the task on their own – visit the salon
Beauty, where your hair will take a professional.

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