Collagen mask for skin around the eyes with anti age effect


If the crow’s feet have become too much, and in the morning bother
bags, swelling and dark circles, you need to cope as quickly as possible
these age changes. Collagen mask around will help
an eye that can be bought off-the-shelf in a store or
cook from certain foods at home.

It is difficult to come to terms with the age-related changes that
time reflected on the face. The first affected area becomes
eye area. Skin, devoid of fat, nowhere
take moisture.

The result is that even after 25 years, the crow’s feet are formed.
in the corners, which every year becomes more and more; after 35 –
bags, swelling and dark circles, even if everything is in order with sleep; well and
after 40 – ptosis of the upper eyelid makes look
hard and frowning.

Conventional tools here are no longer cope, and salon procedures
for many – too expensive, and not always
effective. Fortunately, they have a more affordable and benign alternative.
– collagen mask around the eyes, the purpose of which –
fight against age changes.

Who needs a collagen mask around the eyes

What is collagen

Collagen is not synthetically produced in the laboratory.
conditions matter. It is a natural protein that is found in
plants, animals and marine organisms, as well as in humans. is he
considered an excellent building material for nails, hair and
skin. With age, its synthesis slows down and the epidermis loses
elasticity. Cells gradually stretch and can not regain
former form. The result – wrinkles, ptosis appear in the eye area,
bags, folds, crow’s feet and other signs of aging.

But if they get an extra portion of collagen, he
makes them shrink to their former forms. Skin again
becomes elastic – respectively, wrinkles gradually
smoothed out. There is the effect of “anti age”, the achievement of which in
Recently all modern cosmetology has been directed. To his
to achieve, you can regularly make collagen masks for
the skin around the eyes, which will return the look freshness and
shine no matter how old you are. But how in them
sort out?

It is interesting. During boiling in water
the structure of collagen is broken and gelatin is formed. But its
the beneficial anti-aging properties of the substance are not


Cosmetic oil jojoba cope with wrinkles and dark
circles around the eyes.

Morning bruises under the eyes? Then read how with them

Types of collagen eye masks

Can Discover Professional Collagen
masks for skin around the eyes and enjoy long-playing
effect of youth and beauty, which is achieved by working in
salons masters. You can buy branded store products:
the premium class will hit the immediate result, the mass market can
disappoint but still over time the accumulation of collagen in
The cells will have a beneficial effect on the condition of mature, aging skin.
You can prepare such masks at home, but their effect
will be the slowest of all. Why? Because collagen by
its origin and properties may be different.

Masks with animal collagen

Animal collagen is extracted from large skins.
cattle. Eye masks based on it are the most
cheap and low quality. This is explained by the fact that he does not give
100% compatible with human skin. Because of this, he is only
partially absorbed by cells and does not penetrate sufficient
the depth. Yes, and allergic reactions to it occur very

Vegetable collagen for eyes

Most masks for the skin around the eyes contain
vegetable collagen, which is produced from soy
or wheat. They are quite effective because
penetrate to a decent depth in the dermis. But, as shows
practice, collagen fillers in this area of ​​the face much faster
will erase any imprints of age and time, rather than superficial

Marine collagen masked

The skin of deep-sea fish is another source of collagen,
which is used for masks around the eyes. He is not inferior to
efficiency of plant. Judging by the reviews, in some cases
even wins. But not everyone can afford such tools. AND
is expensive, and allergies among the side effects are very
common phenomenon.

Try to know in advance: the collagen mask for
the area around the eyes where you are going
use – which kind of collagen does it contain? If a
counting on the mass market, will have to use rejuvenating
elixir of animal origin. If you have a tendency to allergies
– Marine is better not to apply. Try to start with a vegetable –
This is the best option, as cosmetologists themselves believe.

You should know it. Vegetable Collagen from
green grass will be more expensive than an animal, as it is better and
faster absorbed by the skin.

Types of collagen masks for the skin around the eyes

The effectiveness of masks with collagen

Is the anti-aging collagen mask worth for the area?
around the eyes of spending so much on her
means (if you buy a brand) and time (if you cook at home
conditions)? Women tend to hope for a miracle after
acquisitions of each new jar: put on the skin, and the next morning
wakes up 10 years younger. Despite luring and bright
advertising, you should not count on such an effect. Be modest.
High-quality, good, well-prepared mask with regular
application will be able to:

  • to establish blood circulation in the area around the eyes, which
    will provide cells with the delivery of essential nutrients and
    oxygen – the complexion on this site will improve, dark ones will disappear
  • detoxify;

  • improve the metabolic processes that will force the cells
    synthesize additional amounts of natural collagen and
    elastin (it also prolongs youth);
  • moisturize dry skin around the eyes, which is so lacking
  • smooth age and expression lines and crow’s feet
    around eyes;
  • prevent their education in the future;
  • regenerate tissue for minor injuries (wounds and
  • restore skin after salon procedures;
  • tighten the skin around the eyes, eliminate ptosis.

In short, collagen masks are able to transform the skin.
around the eyes without exaggeration: get rid of bruises, eliminate
bags, puffiness, notorious “crow’s feet”. But for this to be
to choose the right tool and apply it no less competently.
This is the only way to achieve the promised effect.

Wow! In 2005, scientists could
isolate collagen samples from tyrannosaurus tissue.

Application tips

Store collagen masks for the skin around the eyes are presented
in a variety of forms: patches and droplets, fabrics and films,
with hyaluronic acid and elastin – a wide range of products
will allow you to choose what your skin needs. Usually on the package
Brief instructions for use, which are strictly necessary
stick to. As for the general scheme of using collagen in
as a cosmetic, you can consider the following

    1. The most useful will be the mask containing the formula
      natural collagen, which is indicated on the package as
      Q5-26 °.
    2. Collagen masks for the skin around the eyes need
      store in factory thermo-packing at room temperature not lower
      +5 ° С, but not more than +26 ° С. Only such a mode can save all
      beneficial properties of collagen and guarantee high efficiency
      masks. Especially careful you need to be in the summer, when the heat
      temperature exceeds maximum threshold.
    3. We can not allow direct sun exposure to the mask.

  1. Before use, clean the skin with steam.
    bath and scrub.
  2. A distinctive feature of collagen masks around the eyes is
    that it is applied to wet skin. So before that is plentiful
    wash, but do not wipe.
  3. Choose mask patches or droplets: they are convenient to apply.
  4. Collagen mask is driven into the skin around the eyes with pads
    fingers. Strongly rub it over the eyelids is not necessary.
  5. If during the action of the mask you feel a strong feeling
    tightness, put a few drops of water on the skin.
  6. Action time – from 5 to 30 minutes. It depends on the concentration
    collagen in the mask.
  7. Rinse with plain water without using cleansing and soap
  8. After the collagen mask for the area around the eyes is desirable
    use anti-aging eye cream from the same series.
  9. If the wrinkles around the eyes are many, collagen masks do times
    3 days. At the age of 35 years once a week will be
  10. The best time to apply them is in the evening, 1-2 hours before.
  11. The course of collagen home rejuvenation – 12-15 masks.

This is an exemplary instruction on how to make collagen masks around.
eye at home, which will significantly improve
skin condition and suspend age-related changes, inevitably
leading to the formation of new wrinkles. If you want attractive and
well-groomed look after 40 years, this new modern
Cosmetology – for you.

How is this possible? Collagen presents
is a large molecule, many times larger than the pores of the skin. So that
in masks, it is presented in the form of a special colloidal solution. is he
creates a film on the surface of the epidermis, thanks to which
Moisturizing, nourishing and lifting the skin.

Rules for the use of masks for the skin around the eyes of collagen

Brand Mask Rating

No time to make collagen masks around the eyes.
at home? Buy already ready – from one of the most famous
brands of modern beauty industry. A small rating will help you
choose the right tool.

  1. Velo De Collageno – collagen mask in sheets (5 pieces).
    Belnatur (Spain). $ 215.2.
  2. Collagen Elastin Mask – a collagen mask with elastin. GiGi
    (Israel). $ 73.1.
  3. Collagen – anti-aging collagen mask. Baviphat Urban
    Dollkiss (Korea). $ 30.2.
  4. Collagen mask with hibiscus extract (1 pc.). Ondevie
    (France). $ 24.1.
  5. Q10-aktive – collagen gel mask with coenzyme Q10 and
    Vitamin E. Medical Collagene 3D (Russia). $ 22.9.
  6. Dermafleece Collagen Fleece Mask PCM-complex – collagen
    biomatrix with PCM-complex (1 sheet). Janssen (Germany).
    $ 15.9.
  7. Collagen Eye Zone Mask – a collagen mask for the area around
    eye. Purederm (Korea). $ 2.7.
  8. Two-phase anti-aging moisturizing nourishing collagen
    eye mask with a complex of 5 oils. Beauty Style (USA). $ 1.4.
  9. Collagen masks for the skin around the eyes with white
    pearls. Mei Tan (China). $ 0.9.
  10. Shark fat and ginseng – biostimulating collagen
    mask. Twins Tak (Russia). $ 0.4.

Do not forget to study the reviews on your favorite collagen
mask around the eyes: they will help to identify its strengths and weaknesses
before use. If your skin is too sensitive,
prone to allergies, it is better to limit the masks home

On a note. Almost all brands
producing professional cosmetics for the face, there are lines
Collagen-based products.

The best brand masks and recipes for home

Homemade Mask Recipes

How can I prepare a collagen mask for the skin around the eyes in
at home?

The first way is to buy ampoules with a pharmacy
liquid collagen. For example, Korean Sferangs for $ 110, Deoproce
for $ 25 or German etre belle for $ 47. They can be added a little
in the usual mask for the area around the eyes – and the effect of rejuvenation will be

The second way is to make masks from products
whose collagen content is very high. This is gelatin, kelp,
carrots, cabbage, tomatoes, lettuce, cilantro, dill, regan,
parsley, apricots, oranges, blueberries, tangerines.

  • Gelatin Collagen Mask

Dilute gelatin with milk 1 to 5. Slightly heat, beat,
apply on face in a warm form.

  • Collagen Mask with Apricots

Apricot puree (30 gr) mixed with honey (10 ml), raw yolk,
salt (on the tip of the knife), semolina porridge (15 gr).

  • Carrot

Carrot puree (30 gr) mixed with raw yolk, cream (15

  • With oatmeal

Pour the oatmeal (15 g) with boiling chamomile decoction (30 ml),
add 1 ampoule of vitamin E and collagen. Wipe the resulting
mix your face daily.

  • Egg and Honey

Mix collagen ampoule with raw egg and honey (50 ml).

If the crow’s feet began to appear too sharply, if by
in the morning, dark circles and bags noticeably spoil your appearance if
wrinkles are getting bigger, it’s time to ask for help
collagen masks around the eyes. They can be bought ready-made from
well-known brand companies, and can be done at home.
Of course, the second option may not be as effective as
first, but still a little slow down the aging process
possibly. In any case, the skin for which care, always shines
youth and beauty, no matter how many years there was a woman.

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