Colored chalk for hair. How to dye your hair pastel?


Women love to change their appearance, experimenting with
hairstyles, hair length and color. But the change in hair color is
step very responsible. Stylists advise: before coloring in
another tone, try on a wig of that color (see
for example), and you will understand, it will suit you or not.

But there is a small nuance: the paint of one and
the same tone will look different even on two identical
blondes or brown-haired women. It all depends on the structure of the hair, its
thickness, fat content, etc. And go back to your color
not easy. And now there was a way out for fashionistas, a wonderful solution: crayons
for hair. What are they

Crayons for hair are recycled powder
natural minerals and some semi-precious stones, i.e.
have a natural origin. Add to powder
binding components and form pastel crayons, which with
success is used for coloring strands.

Dry pastels are pressed into crayons without any ligaments, therefore
it is considered a light and delicate dye that allows
amazing colors and shades.

Chalks for hair coloring: the pros and cons

  • Quick change of image. You can drastically
    change your appearance in just half an hour. It is convenient before
    party, meeting or when there is no time to bring a hairstyle
    in order.
  • Ease of use, opportunity
    experiments. Paint the strands in one color, make them
    contrasting or creating a smooth transition of tones – it’s up to you to decide
  • Chalk for hair is washed off with regular shampoo.
    This makes it possible to change your hairstyle at least daily.
  • Crayons for hair coloring do not harm them
    as non-toxic and harmless.

But they also have disadvantages:

  • Coloring is short-lived, before the first wash
  • Pastel crayons dry hair, so after
    their washes must apply a balm or conditioner;
  • Chalks for hair stain clothes, and even under the rain
    better not to fall at all. To avoid such trouble
    dyed strands need to be protected with varnish. About clothes too
    worry, it is easy to wash.

How to dye your hair with pastel, a quick guide.

Crayons for hair, or How to dye your hair with pastel coloring
need to wear gloves and cover your shoulders so that it is not a pity
get dirty The floor should be covered, because the pastel will be
crumble. When precautions are taken, properly
comb the strands, lightly moisten them and twist into bundles.

Each rope or strand is rubbed with chalk, which can also be
Moisten for better effect. Pastel is applied from the top.
way down. The depth of color is adjustable as desired. Colored chalk for hair
can be combined as your imagination suggests.

After the strand is colored, it must be combed to remove
excess pastels. If this is not done, then it will begin to crumble, and
on clothes will remain ugly traces. You can fix the color when
help ordinary varnish.

Blondes will look amazing pink
red and purple strands. For brunettes and brown-haired perfectly
purple, blue, green and turquoise crayons are suitable for
hair. After dyeing you can use curling iron.
if necessary.

Before shampooing, you need to comb carefully, so pastel
will wash off faster.

As you can see, it is easy to dye your hair with pastels. It can be done
even to children from the age of five, combining with the carnival
suit, for example, matinee, birthday.

Make up your mind and change your image, make it more impudent and
original, live fun!

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