Coloring balayazh on black hair – photo before and after, types and TOP fashionable shades: red, ashen, Violet

It’s amazing how simple the change of hairstyle affects not only
on her appearance, but also on her mood. Using color changing
you can stand out from the crowd, if you add bright accents, create
fashionable this season, the effect of burnt hair, and even lose with
ten years. With all these tasks balayazh perfectly cope.
Balayazh on black hair

What is balayazh and who goes?

The content of the article:

  • What is balayazh and who goes?
  • Color Benefits
  • Types of balayazha for brunettes
  • Coloring balayazh on black hair for different lengths
  • What shades and colors are suitable
  • Cost in beauty salons
  • Technique balayazha on black hair with bangs
  • How to prepare for the procedure?
  • Necessary tools and tools
  • Step by Step Coloring Instructions
  • Hair care after the procedure
  • Shatush, ombre or balayazh: which is better?

The name itself is of French origin and means
“sweep, revenge.” Matter in principle staining: in order to
get the effect of one color, smoothly rolling into another,
the master colorist paints with wide horizontal strokes,
that vaguely resemble the sweeping broom. Usually,
no more than two or three shades are used, which are selected in
depending on the color of your natural curls. Thanks
With this technique, you can get a luxurious result: hair like
would shimmer and shine. Ashen

There are three types of balayazha:

  1. Full – something akin to booking
    several tones of the same color are used. The result is very
    naturally and naturally. Full
  2. Medium – reminds highlighting. Paint
    applied randomly, the number of colored strands depends on the desire
    the client itself. Average
  3. The tips – it is believed that this is rightfully the most
    sparing option. The main part of the hair color is not exposed,
    only the tips are affected, so if you experiment
    not like you can cut it. Tips

But do not think that with the help of balayazh impossible
radically transformed. This is absolutely not the case: in order to
completely change the image, you just need to choose not similar to yours
natural color shades, and contrasting and bright colors. Where are you
going to do balayazh? DomaV salon

Color Benefits

  1. No age limit. Depending on the
    selected shades, balayazh can afford, as very young
    girls and women aged.
  2. Relatively gentle technique. Not painted
    the entire volume of hair, but only part of it.
  3. Suitable for those who are allergic to coloring
    substance – since only the length is painted,
    problems with the appearance of itching and rash on the scalp will not.
  4. You no longer have to tint grown-ups every month
    the roots. Correction is needed every three to four months.
  5. It is also suitable for those who want to change the image without changing
    natural hair color dramatically, and those who want
    add bright accents.
  6. Just how good balayazh will look does not depend
    whether you have straight hair or curly. Important: if
    the transition is too abrupt, and you don’t like it, curls
    correct this nuance.
  7. If you have thin and devoid of volume curls, this
    equipment will be a real salvation for you – balayazh
    visually gives the missing volume.


Types of balayazha for brunettes

As mentioned above, the balayazh for brunettes performed with
using one and several techniques. We consider them more specifically.


It is this option that gives the most lush volume.
visually. However, the time for staining in this case
will leave much more, because the full balayazh performed
step by step: first strands in the crown region, then the middle part,
further – locks in the frame of the face. Full1


In this case, the master selects a certain amount of thin
strands and stains them with a clarifier. Next, apply a tone.
Due to the fact that the painted curls are not selected by
any system, and chaotically, creates the so-called effect
burnt strands. Average

Near the face

This type of bleaching and toning
several front strands. Near the face


The wizard uses several colors at once, which
move smoothly and smoothly from one to another. Concerning
choose colors, they can be classic and close to
your natural or bright and contrasting. Gradient

Coloring balayazh on black hair for different lengths

Balayazh on hair of medium length

If you are the owner of medium hair length, then for
In order to get balayazh, you need to divide the hair on
several zones and collect tails. Then places
directly near the gum wrapped in foil, and the ends
lightened with a flat brush or even a regular sponge.
medium length hair

Long hair

As for long-haired brunettes, the first thing you need
do is manually select some number of thin strands,
apply paint on them and wrap in foil. For long hair

On short hair

First, the master will make you comb – so that the tips
“stood” like a hedgehog. After that, small pieces of foil grease
dyeing composition and wrapped in them strands. On short hair

On the square

There are several ways to dye this haircut:

  1. Manually selected strands for painting,
  2. Only tips are brightened and colored
  3. The paint is applied only on the strands on the back of the head and near the face.

On the square

On straight and curly hair

On straight and curly hair balagazh looks the same
well, however some difference is still there: if you wanted
get a smooth transition, but the master made too sharp, then curls
hide this defect. On straight and curly hair

With a bang

Bangs, as a rule, not painted completely.
Several thin strands are painted. equipment

Long caret

If you – the owner of a fashionable haircut square with lengthening, then
In such a case, balayazh will make with a more abrupt transition. Long caret

Bob car

Coloring on this haircut looks especially elegant and
stylishly, if the main focus is on the strands framing the face.
Bob car

What shades and colors are suitable


This option definitely will not stay
unnoticed. White color creates a bright contrast on
shiny black hair. White


If your goal is to create the most vivid and noticeable
image, then give preference to fiery-red. No matter,
will you choose a smooth smooth transition along the entire length or a clear
contrast at the tips, rest assured that unnoticed you are not
will stay. Redhead

Gray, ashen, gray

This season, ashen is real
trend! Balaage in this shade perfectly complements the image
fair-skinned brunette with gray eyes. Ideal if your length
shag – just below the shoulder blades. However, if you have already crossed the line
At 30, you need to be very careful, because this color
able to add age. Gray, ashen, gray

Red / Purple / Blue / Pink

As for custom solutions, brunettes are great.
suitable blue, red, purple, pink or crimson shades.
And the interesting thing is that you can use them both separately,
so and combining with each other, making a smooth transition from one to
other. Violet

Cost in beauty salons

Prices depending on the length of hair

Balayazh is a difficult coloring, and therefore in order to
get a really worthwhile result that won’t upset you,
have to spend money. cost

If you have a hairstyle up to 15 centimeters – about 1500

To shoulders – from 2500 rubles.

Below the shoulder blades – from 3500-4000 rubles.

How much is done in time?

Since balayazh is considered a complex technique, which
involves the use of multiple colors and creating a smooth
gradient get ready to spend in a beauty salon right up to
four hours depending on the length and thickness of the hair.

How long does it last? How much is done

With normal hair growth of 1-1.5 centimeters per month, update
You will need staining about once every three to four months.
This is relatively infrequent when compared with monophonic
staining, which must be adjusted monthly.

Technique balayazha on black hair with bangs

As for staining balayazh on hair with bangs, the technique
not really different from the classical one, the only difference is that when
the bulk of the curls have already been painted, it comes time
process bangs. If it is long, the paint must be applied.
about the same level as the other strands. If
short, then you can either manually select individual strands,
which paint, or apply the dye only on the tips.

How to prepare for the procedure?

First you need to make sure that you are in good condition.
your hair. The fact is that if the curls are injured,
you have cut ends, it is recommended to cancel staining
or at least to postpone indefinitely – until
restore the hair. To do this, go to the salon and cut off
a couple of centimeters, and change the care – focus on

Do not wash your hair before visiting the salon
beauty. Coloring is not just done
only on the hair “not the first freshness” – thus, on
a layer of sebum appears in the hairs, which protects the hair –
albeit not one hundred percent – from the harmful effects. combing

Be sure to carefully comb your hair with a comb.
Thus, you will free the curls from falling into them by chance
thread and other inconspicuous things, as well as free tangled

If you are a fan of styling, then a couple of days before
staining procedures try not to use varnish,
gel and other means.

Necessary tools and tools

  • foil;
  • a brush (for thin strands) or a sponge (for thick strands) for
    paint application;
  • clamps;
  • hairbrush;
  • composition for coloring.

Step by Step Coloring Instructions

  1. The first thing to do with black hair is to lighten them.
    about three or four tones.
  2. Then prepare the paint, apply it to the painted
    surface and leave for fifteen minutes.
  3. Next, distribute the coloring composition from top to bottom with a comb and
    wait for about half an hour.
  4. Wash your hair with shampoo and apply balsam.

Step by Step Instructions

Hair care after the procedure

  1. The first thing to do is pick up
    proper care. Get a special shampoo and
    air conditioner on which there is a mark for “painted
  2. Be sure to get a new habit –
    make nourishing and moisturizing masks.
  3. Try to refuse or at least minimize
    use of ploek and hair dryer.
  4. If you still wash your scalding hot
    water, then it’s time to stop. Water should be warm even
    cool but comfortable to you.
  5. Learn how to comb curls. Not
    need to tear off wet hair, dry them with a towel, and then gently
    untangle the strands with a comb with wide teeth.
  6. Do not neglect the thermal protection and head
    fences The hair suffers from both extreme cold and
    scorching sun.

Shatush, ombre or balayazh: which is better?

There is no exact opinion which of these techniques is better. It all depends on
what particular result you want to get.

The difference is that if yokes and balayaz
the transition between the shades is smooth and blurred, then the ombra is sharp and
clear, you can definitely see the boundary between natural and
colored strands. The method of application also differs.
paints. In order to make shatush and ombra, master coloring
first make a pile, with balayaaz such need disappears.
It is worth noting that the light strands of the Shatusha begin approximately from
the middle of your length, at the ombra – only at the tips, but at the balayazh
– all over the head. Accordingly, the first two techniques do not need
correction, and the latter needs about three to four
of the month.

Summing up, with the help of balayazha you can create not
only natural and natural way they think
many. Bright and unusual colors will add you courage and
audacity, and gentle – elegance and femininity. Balayazh –
universal technology that is suitable for everyone without

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