Coloring balayazh on dark hair – 43 photos to and after, types and TOP fashionable shades: red, ashy, purple

Highlighting does not cease to be in demand throughout
many decades. It is constantly changing, improving.
and continues to live in various modern variations: ombre, shatush,
mazhishesh, balayazh-we will tell about the latter in more detail.
Balayazh on dark hair

What is balayazh?

The content of the article:

  • What is balayazh?
  • Features of the procedure
  • Who is balayaz?
  • Types of balayazha
  • Balances
  • Balayazh on hair of different lengths and textures
  • Balayazh on dyed hair
  • We perform balayazh on dark hair at home
  • How to care for balayazhem?
  • What dye technique is suitable for dark hair: balayazh,
    ombre or shatush?
  • Conclusion

French women shared their exquisite secret with the world
negligence: you need to look like you are not making an effort
in order to make an impression. The same must be sought in
coloring: naturalness, airiness, layering.

Balayazh is the result of the hard work of the French masters
colorists, who came to the liking of girls around the world.

Reference! The name of the technology comes from
the French word balayer – “revenge”, as the master sweeps
brush dye through the hair, creating the effect of burnt strands.

During the dyeing, the hairdresser does not use any
strand coating aids
(cap, polyethylene, foil, etc.), which means this
The procedure will bring a minimum of damage to the hair.

If you look at the balayaz in more detail, you can see that
hairstyle acquires chaotically striped or V-shaped color.

Features of the procedure

Most of the world’s population has dark brown
hair, so the desire to stand out and change something completely
Naturally for brunettes.

Having decided to dye, most are faced with a dilemma:
which shade to choose? Emphasize natural dark or play
in contrast, adding a light accent? If you consider yourself to be among
undecided – prefer balayazh. He combines
in themselves both, within the framework of a natural color palette.
the advantages of coloring

Color Benefits

The technology has become popular due to the long list

  • Natural beauty – the work of a hairdresser
    not obvious.
  • Saving and caring for the health of the hair – no
    need to tint the roots every month.
  • Extension of youth – balayaz can hide
    the first signs of gray hair and it is advantageous to shade the skin color, making the face
    more fresh and rested.
  • Individual approach – the master selects the scheme
    staining and shades for each client individually, not
    guided by template patterns.

staining benefits

Possible disadvantages

There are not so many minuses, but nevertheless, you should say about them:

  • It is difficult to perform at home. This
    technique is not suitable for beginners in the field of coloring.
  • High cost compared to more
    popular “classic” techniques.

Who is balayaz?

This versatile dyeing technique fits almost
everyone who wants to give their hair gloss and expressiveness.
Even owners of porous and thin curls can pamper themselves.
change of image, because balayaz does not have a detrimental effect on
hair shaft structure. To whom it goes

Important! Split ends need to be clipped,
as hair dyeing can serve as a trigger for
distribution of the section along the entire length.

Owners of short haircuts can pick out strands from the face or
on the back of the head. You can experiment on a long hair
highlighting the geometry of the square or multi-stage shearing cascade.
Long hair balayazh fills with luxurious silk

As for the color – dark hair balayazh performed
more often than on light ones, as the effect of burnt out on blondes
pryadok almost invisible.

Types of balayazha

Depending on the place where the paint is applied, the balayazh is divided into five


It is a chaotic highlighting of strands to create
effect of sun-burned curls. Classic option
involves the use of natural shades, however,
experiments with bright colors are not forbidden. Classical

Tip coloration

The easiest and most gentle way to update an image without risk
harm the hair. Coloring are only the bottom
10 centimeters from the tip. Dyeing Tips

Coloring with a clear boundary

The name speaks for itself – the color transition border at such
staining is deliberately underlined. The average color should be on
several shades darker than the root. Coloring with a clear boundary

Coloring strands near the face

Just a few clarified locks on the face can rejuvenate the face.
better than expensive beauty treatments. So
trick enjoyed by Melania Trump, Jennifer Lopez, Sarah Jessica
Parker and Julia Roberts. Coloring strands near the face

Asymmetrical coloring

This coloring can favorably emphasize the asymmetry of the haircut:
elongated bangs, face strands, or side parting. Asymmetric Coloring

Note! You can hide asymmetry
due to change of laying. Simply divide the hair into a straight parting and
nobody knows about your coloring.


Now hair coloring has no clear rules – the choice of shade
limited only by your imagination. Consider the most popular
color decisions of the equipment balayazh. Shades

Ash balayazh

Ash curls do not lose their relevance for more than 5 years.
But so that the result of staining fell on your soul, be guided
not on trends, but on your own appearance:

  • Ash-white – perfect for girls
    with ivory skin.
  • Cold silver-brown – sets off favorably
    pinkish skin and blue eyes.
  • Ash and pink honey is an interesting option for
    girls with dark skin and green eyes.
  • Blue-black and ashen – spectacular
    coloring that looks great on winter girls
    color type.


Also ashy can be combined with extraordinary shades: blue,
purple, green, pink.

Caramel balayazh

The shades of caramel fit perfectly on the chestnut base – warm
colors complement each other, filling the hair with natural
modulations. Also caramel highlights can be distinguished curls of color.
coffee or dark chocolate. the advantages of coloring

Purple balayazh

Violet, depending on the depth and saturation may be
cold and warm, which means that it can be used as
blondes and brunettes. In addition, purple can
block unsuccessful discoloration and neutralize
yellowness. Violet

Light balayazh

Balajazh on light blond hair looks as natural as possible
and unobtrusively – the strands seemed to have faded into the sun during the summer
recreation. Light coloured

Medium-blond hair can be no loss in quality
lighten up the wheat blonde – growing roots will only complement

Dark hair is fair
only in the case when there is a need to emphasize symmetry
haircuts, giving the image some futuristic.

Balayazh dark shades

Dark shade balayazh is a good solution.
for hot brunettes. Coffee, brown and cognac shades
make the image more subtle and refined, visually softening
rude faces. Balayazh dark shades

Balayazh cold shades

Cold shades are suitable for girls of summer and winter
color type. Iced coffee, nutty and frosty chestnut
A selection of stylish brown-haired women and brunettes. cool colors

Balajazh warm shades

Warm shades are ideal for girls whose appearance fits into
framework of ideas about tsvetotipov “Spring” and “Autumn”. Various
variations of caramel, wood, gold and copper can
Become the final touch in your image. Balayazh warm shades

Redhead balayazh

If you are a brunette – do not rush to do on your hair
bright orange or copper flashes. Mahogany color
or burgundi will look more appropriate, but not less
attractive. Brown-haired women and blondes can experiment safely
with color, trying on the image of a red-haired beast. Redhead

Balayazh pink

There are lots of shades of pink – from neon to soft
pastel. When choosing it is necessary to focus on the desired image and
color type. Pink

  • Rose tree – suitable for girls with
    peach or olive skin.
  • Rose gold – a symbiosis
    pink, vanilla and purple colors. Most successfully combined
    with an “autumn” appearance – green eyes and beige skin.
  • Crimson – bright and catchy color for the brave
    girls Suitable for brunettes and brown-haired women with porcelain or
    soft pink skin.
  • Sugar Veil (bubble gum) – gentle,
    pastel color for sensitive and romantic natures. Fits
    brown hair with wheat or wheat hair color.

Balayazh color

If you have always felt like a magic fairy, mermaid or
fabulous elf, but did not know how to declare this to the world – the color
Balayaz is what you need. You can use all the colors of the rainbow,
or focus on a specific color palette.
Be sure – with such staining you will not stay
unnoticed. color

Important! Bright and unusual shades peculiar
focus on the face, thus emphasizing not only
advantages, but also disadvantages. If you have problem skin, bruises
under the eyes or kuperoz – give preference to a calmer

Copper Balaig

Hair dye balayazh carried out on dark hair, not
limits you in choosing colors. If you want to add
“fire” to your image – dare. Shades of noble copper
darkened skin is set off favorably and makes it shine in a special way
Gray-green eyes. Copper balayazh

Red balayazh

Red hair color is no longer considered something
informal and extraordinary. He can add
chestnut base, strengthening its warm undertone or play on
Contrast with the blue-black curls. This effect was
gothic name “black rose”. Red

Cool blond

Nordic cold blond is almost an unattainable dream
for many brunettes, which is fraught with many risks. But everything
not so fatal, if you prefer full staining balayazh.
The main thing is to find a good master who can discolor hair,
without leaving them yellow. Cold Blonde

Blue balayazh

What would the Snow Queen look like in modern realities? Dare
to assume that her curls would be as blue as ice and it
would make her more attractive. Blue balayazh – a great choice,
if you want to emphasize alabaster skin and expressive
Blue eyes. Blue

Platinum balayazh

Platinum is a complex color that can only be obtained on
natural blonde or after pre-clarification.
Such coloring takes a lot of time and money.
means, but balayazh in shades of platinum – this is exactly the beauty, for the sake of
which you can make sacrifices. Platinum

Gray balayazh

Gray balayazh has many variations ranging from intense
colors of wet asphalt on dark hair, ending light
grayish haze on the blond hair. When choosing a color is very important
build on their natural color type. Gray

Chestnut balayazh

It happens that dark brown hair is strong
“weight” the image, making light skin painfully pale, mercilessly
highlighting traces of fatigue, wrinkles and pimples. Balayazh
able to save the situation: add a little to your hair
caramel, wheat or honey highlights, and your face is noticeable
will transform. Chestnut

Balayazh on hair of different lengths and textures

One of the advantages of equipment balayazh is versatility –
It can be performed on both short haircuts and on the curls below

Short haircut

Short haircut is convenient, practical and very attractive,
despite the widespread belief that short hair do
The image is rude and unfeminine. Short haircut

You can lighten a few strands on a fringe or
highlight fluff on top

Medium length hair

Hair of medium length and thickness – the best option for equipment
balayazh. Color does not need to be updated more often than once in 3-6 months –
regrown roots look organic. Medium length hair

Long curls

The longer and thicker the hair – the more spectacular it looks
balayazh. This opens up new opportunities for creativity.
colorist: instead of the usual 2-3 shades, you can use 5 and
more. But it should be borne in mind that the coloring of such a head of hair is
very expensive and troublesome procedure. Long curls

Important! If you want to do balaage on long
hair – spend enough time searching for a good master with
experience of similar work.

Curly hair

The most winning combination of coloring techniques and
hair structure. Even doing balaig on dark curly
hair alone at home – you will not be disappointed in the resulting
the result. Highlighted strands emphasize the texture of curls, and in
In case of failure, irregularities and omissions will not be so noticeable.

Straight hair

Smooth hair most often looks too thin and
rare due to lack of natural basal
volume This problem can be solved by
professional staining. Keyword – professional,
as the balayazh on dark hair, especially straight hair, requires
first multistage clarification, and then neat application
paints taking into account all features of appearance and structure. Any
the mistake will be immediately noticeable. Straight hair

Hair with bangs

If you have a bang, the balayaz should cover her for
preserve the natural image. The dye should affect
only the upper part of the “tick” to create the illusion of hair,
burnt under the direct rays of the scorching sun. An exception –
ultrashort “baby” fringe. With a bang

Haircut cascade

Cascade is a haircut that goes well with a V-shaped
method of applying paint with balayazh. So you can
emphasize airiness and multi-stage hairstyle. Haircut cascade

Bob caret haircut

On the bob-cut haircut, the balayazh performs 2 functions at once: does
hairstyle more voluminous in the root zone, and visually lengthens
strands in the face. This combination of haircut and coloring makes the face
visually slimmer, softens the square chin and lengthens the neck.
Bob-bob haircut

Classic car

On each type of square, balayazh looks different.
Classic square – confirmation. Haircut looks more
volumetric and graded, even despite the straight cut. Classic car

Long caret

Long caret – spectacular asymmetrical haircut, with
the help of which you can give the image a special, French
chic. So why not supplement it with the coloring technique
originally from France? This combination gives a stunning effect – on
over the course of several months, you may look like
that returned from the cabin, without putting any effort to this.
Long caret

Balayazh on dyed hair

Intact paint curls – a rarity in our
days Most often the masters have to work with painted
hair For this you need:

  • wash the old dye from the hair;
  • tidy up the main color;
  • pick shade overlapping or neutralizing

on dyed hair

Note! Vegetable dyes
origin (henna, basma, turmeric, etc.) densely eats under
hair scales and are not removed by bleaching.

Procedures are best performed in one session with one master. If a
it turned out that the staining you carried out earlier – make
break in two weeks and only then sign up for balayazh.

We perform balayazh on dark hair at home

Balayazh is a difficult technique of coloring, therefore
take it only if you are confident in your own
power If you do this for the first time, use
following recommendations:

  1. Remember how your hair burns in the summer, and
    better – find a photo that can be used as
    visual sample.
  2. No matter how much you want a radical change, for the first coloring
    choose shades of natural colors that are different from
    your native hair color is not more than 2-3 tones.
  3. Combine the pigments correctly – all colors must be either
    warm or cold.

at home

What is needed?

Make sure you have everything on hand beforehand
necessary tools. The list includes standard items:

  • Paint: from 3 to 6 different shades (in
    depending on the length of the hair).
  • Glass mixing tank or
  • Paint brushes: 2-3 positions
    different widths.
  • Peignoir or old clothes to protect the body from
    traces of paint.
  • Oily cream to protect the forehead, ears and neck from
    color spots.
  • Comb with narrow, thin handle to separate
    hair on the partings.
  • Clamps or elastic bands for fixing individual
  • Disposable gloves.

tools for highlighting

Step-by-step instruction

The coloring technique requires precise and precise movements.
so put all the necessary items in advance nearby and
make sure nothing distracts you. Below is the
The classical scheme of coloring with use of three shades:

  1. Comb your hair thoroughly and use a comb to separate it into
    four sectors: nape, temples, bangs.
  2. Each of the sectors divided into individual strands, adjusting them
    width depending on the desired result. Secure each
    “tail” rubber band or clip.
  3. Lower the gum to 1/3 so setting the markup for
    applying the lightest shade.
  4. Apply the selected tone and withstand the effects
  5. Wash off the dye with warm water and dry the hair naturally.
    way ..
  6. Next, lift the elastic bands to 2/3 of the length and from the resulting mark.
    apply an intermediate shade, slightly going on previously painted
    hair. Carefully blend the color.
  7. Leave the paint for the time necessary for the impact after
    then wash it again.
  8. It is time for the root zone: remove the gum from the hair,
    arm with a comb with a narrow handle and, dividing the hair into rows,
    apply the last, the darkest composition, moving from the beginning
    growth to the border of previously toned hair. As in previous
    stages do the basic steps: blend, sustain and
    wash it off


How to care for balayazhem?

Beautiful hair is the result of not only dyeing, but also
care. To the result from the balayazh pleased you as long as possible –
follow these guidelines:

  • Pay attention to hygiene products: on your
    Cosmetic shelf without fail should be shampoo
    sulphates, moisturizing conditioner-rinse, indelible
    emulsion and spray to facilitate scratching.
  • Monitor the state of the tips: at first
    cut section to prevent stratification
    hair shaft lengthwise.
  • Reduce the use of hot stowing
    tools to a minimum.
  • Avoid strong styling
  • Do not go without a hat, during frost
    and the sun.


Note! If you see that staining
severely affected the state of hair – try salon
procedures. Biolamination is very popular,
olaplex, botox and happiness for hair.

What dye technique is suitable for dark hair: balayazh,
ombre or shatush?

All these techniques are equally suitable for owners of dark
hair. The difference is only in the final result:

Features of staining Balayazh Ombre Shatush
What does the border between shades look like? blurred / chaotic / V-shaped blurred but contrasting border chaotic
For what length is suitable? for anyone with the exception of ultrashort haircuts for medium and long hair for anyone with the exception of ultrashort haircuts
Looks natural? Yes not Yes
Where does the lightening zone come from? along the entire length / with a small indent from the roots from center / ends only from the center
How often do you need to adjust? every 3-6 months every 2-4 months every 2-6 months


As you can see – the balayazh technique can emphasize the merits of your
appearance in the most natural way. All your surroundings will notice
how much you are prettier, but some may not
guess what’s the matter of good coloring.

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