Coloring balayazh on dark hair lengths: popular shades and photos before and after

Balajazh on dark hair of medium length – a great solution for
image updates. Balayazh is a application to the hair
wide horizontal strokes, resulting in them being created
the play of light and shadow, the curls shimmer beautifully. To exercise
2-3 shades are applied, combined with each other and
natural hair color. Balayazh on dark hair of medium length

Balayazh on dark hair of medium length – the pros and cons

The content of the article:

  • Balayazh on dark hair of medium length – the pros and cons
  • Before and after pictures
  • How much is in the beauty salon and how to prepare for
  • How to make a home on their own – step by step technique
  • Hair care after the procedure
  • Alternative staining techniques

Technique dye balayazh on dark hair medium
length has many advantages, among them:

  • Looks perfect on both natural and dyed
  • Suitable for women of any status and age;
  • Allows you to change the image without a cardinal change of color;
  • Gives volume and shine to curls;
  • Refers to gentle methods of staining;
  • Effectively emphasizes the shape of the face;
  • Fits all hair types;
  • Does not require frequent visits to a beauty salon for

Balayazh on dark hair

Among the shortcomings can be identified:

  • Be sure to lighten before staining;
  • High price.

Before and after pictures

  • Balayazh on medium dark straight hair looks
    impeccable. Stylists recommend coloring evenly.
    straight strands, it looks much more aesthetic than applying
    chaotic strokes. balayazh
  • Curly hair – the most winning combination
    dyeing techniques and curl patterns. Strands look
    alive, in constant movement due to overflow of flowers.
    On curly hair
  • You can come across a pretty haircut technique on a haircut
    often. This is due to the fact that the square and balayazh perfect
    complement each other. The combination of square and balayazh emphasizes
    individuality of their owner. on the square
  • On the elongated car. This hairstyle is able to reveal all
    dignity equipment balayazh. Smooth color transition
    Looks more natural, hair glistens in the sun, creating on
    head rays of the sun. On the elongated car
  • Cascade, like other multi-layered haircuts, enhances
    unusual effect balayazha. This haircut allows you to distinctly
    highlight color transitions. Cascade

TOP 6 fashionable shades

Successful staining depends on the right choice of contrasts and
combinations of shades. Choosing a coloring tone, you should turn
attention to the color of the eyes, skin, curls, and the shape of the face.

For dark hair of medium length will suit absolutely everyone such
shades: chocolate, brown, chestnut, coffee. But at
You can choose any other color. Most popular among
the fair sex:

  • Ash balayazh on dark hair average
    lengths should be chosen for women with fair skin,
    gray-green or gray-blue eyes. Owners of the dark
    hair should pay attention to this tone if they relate to
    cold color type. Ash balayazh able to transform
    any appearance in a chic.

Important! Ash balayazh highlights all the flaws
skin, so with scars, uneven complexion or pimples,
better refrain from such staining.

  • Red balayazh like no one better
    brunettes. A bright shade is desirable to do on the part.
    strands or ends of hair, then it will not look pretentious and
    ridiculous. Red
  • Pink color is very popular this season, but worth it
    note that for owners of dark hair, not all of his
    shades. It is worth paying attention to the ash-pink,
    purple-pink, extremely cold bubble-gum. Average length
    Hair allows you to make a bright pink accent on the tips.
  • Chocolate balayazh is a classic, which certainly
    looks great on dark hair. This color can
    pick up absolutely all brunettes. Chocolate
  • Redhead balayazh on medium hair will create a playful
    and memorable image. Perfect for brunettes with
    warm color of the skin. Redhead
  • Purple color goes well with dark
    hair It is worth paying attention that if age
    women over the age of 35, consultation with
    a specialist. The purple shade can look ridiculous on
    representatives balzakovskogo age. Purple Ombre

Important! Technique Balayazh implies staining in
a limit of several shades and does not accept coloring in different

How much is in the beauty salon and how to prepare for

What determines the price

The cost of staining depends on several factors. First of all,
quality results can only be obtained in a good salon
an experienced master. Secondly, the choice of materials influences the cost.
Thirdly, it is worth considering the region of residence, in Moscow and
St. Petersburg, the cost will be much higher than in any other
a provincial town. And, of course, the price is influenced by the length of the hair.
For medium length hair, the cost of services will be from
2,000 to 4,000 rubles. cost

How long does it take and how often needs to be done

In preparation for the procedure, the hairdresser must agree with
customer length staining. Usually the curls around the face are not
subjected to coloring, if allowed by the length of the hair. Further
select the appropriate tone of paint. If painting is carried out with
using the foil, it should be in advance
measure and cut according to the length of the hair. Hair too
should be prepared for the procedure, for this they should be thoroughly
comb with soft brushes. Comb need to with the ends of the hair.
how long does it last

Coloring can last from 1.5 to 3 hours, time
the procedure depends on the number of shades chosen and the length
hair. Balayazh refers to those techniques that do not require
frequent visits to the hair salon, just visit
Hairdresser 3-4 times a year.

How to make a home on their own – step by step technique

Technique balayazh from an inexperienced master can take a long time and
forces, so you should evaluate your strengths and capabilities, and only then
proceed with the procedure. You can invite girlfriends
or call for help from relatives who will help complete
staining as quickly as possible.


  • Non-metallic container for mixing paint – 2pcs;
  • Brush for applying funds – 2pcs;
  • Paint, at least 2 shades;
  • Hairbrush with a sharp end;
  • Protective equipment (gloves, cape);
  • Foil.

Required Tools


Estel. When choosing a composition for equipment balayazh
stylists recommend choosing paint-care for color highlighting
Estel Professional De Luxe High Flash. Cost of a set from
600 rubles. Estel Professional De Luxe High Flash

L’Oréal. L’Oreal has prepared a special ready
set to perform balayazh technique – L’Oréal Colorista Effect
BALAYAGE. The cost of a set of 500 rubles. Paint LoreaL Colorista Effect Bleach

Schwarzkopf. The brand is cheaper, but the same
resistant, as the brands listed above. Stylists recommend
Palette Intense color “E20 Brightening”. Cost of
set from 150 rubles. Palette Intense Color

Step by step scheme

First of all, you should pay attention to the choice of oxidizing agent. For
dyeing dark hair is worth buying oxides of 3 or 6%. If a
hair is dense Asian type, you should choose the
concentrated oxide 12%.

Phased instruction

  1. Carefully comb hair to make tangled curls.
    did not interfere with staining.
  2. Wear a robe or a special cape so as not to get dirty
  3. Wear gloves and prepare a clarifier.
  4. Start bleaching from the parietal area and finish
    back of the head.
  5. After a certain time, prescribed in the instructions, wash off
    means with water and apply balm.
  6. Turn the foil with the matte side facing in about 1 cm.
    This creates a “pocket” that protects paint from
  7. Hair combed and divided into 4-8 zones.
  8. Starting from the neck to dye the hair, highlighting the narrow ones from the strands
    parts for clarification. Apply light paint on the ends, and on the whole
    the remaining length is darker, do not touch the roots. Selected hair
    lay out on the matte part of the foil so that the pocket
    was under the roots.
  9. Carefully shade the transition between shades with
  10. Turn the foil upside down and on the sides, creating an envelope.
  11. After working the head should go to the temples and
    top of the head.
  12. After a certain time, prescribed in the instructions, wash off
    a means of water and apply balsam


Important! Foil should be removed in the same
the sequences that were applied. Every part needs
individually and wash directly on the foil to
The composition did not get on other hair.

Hair care after the procedure

The dark hair technique is a gentle procedure, but
as with any staining, involves bleaching hair. therefore
after hair care, you need to care not less than
conventional staining. care

Hair dyeing using a balayazh technique should end
trimming the tips, so during the procedure in
home conditions, you must always trim the ends.

Balayazh – this is stress for the hair, so you need to
take care of the health of the hair after the procedure. For
of this:

  1. To buy special means for washing the head for
    damaged and dyed hair.
  2. Wash your hair with conditioner, balm for
  3. Apply to the hair 1 time per week nutritious or
    restoring masks.
  4. Use serum for hair tips.
  5. Apply to hair before using hair dryer, ironing or curling
    special sprays or emulsions with thermal protection.
  6. Limit the use of a hair dryer, curling iron or ironing, as well as varnishes
    and hair gels.
  7. For protection from direct sunlight
    wear hats.
  8. Hair should be combed starting from the ends and gradually
    rising to the roots. You can comb only dry hair.

Important! To promote healthy hair can
take advantage of special treatments at the beauty salon. To them
относятся: мезотерапия, биоламинирование и др.Gray-haired balayazh on dark hair

Маски для волос можно приготовить дома самостоятельно. Perfect
an option for hair lightening will be recipes, in
the composition of which is honey, essential oils, dairy products,
yolk and others

As a hair conditioner you can use
herb extracts on chamomile, yarrow, sage. They can
add apple vinegar, lemon juice, burdock oil.

Alternative staining techniques

The main difference from ombre, shatush and coloring is in
horizontal painting method. This technique is performed only on
upper layers of curls. balashik shatush ombre difference

Shatush – hair coloring with gradual
lightening strands. Shatush is performed not from the roots, but on
a distance of 7-12 cm. The curls are more intensely lightened as
approximation to the roots. The tips of the hair may be lighter than the roots on
3-4 tones.

Ombre – a type of coloring suggesting
smooth or sharp transition horizontally. Technique is performed
in such a way that the roots retain their natural color, and the tips
lighten up as much as possible.

Coloring is the coloring of individual
strands of hair in two or more colors. May be complete or partial.
Hair after the procedure looks natural, resembles burnt out
in the sun. Dark hair can be dyed not from the roots, but with
a small indentation that will allow not to paint strands each

On the dark hair of medium length can be done the most
interesting and bold ideas

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