Coloring balayazh on dark long hair – appliances, how to do, prices and photos before and after

Long curls are beautiful in themselves, but competent coloring
makes them even more attractive. A good choice – equipment balayazh on
Long dark hair. This is a gentle painting technique that allows
change the image and create a variety of images. Balayazh on long dark hair

What is balayazh, its features, advantages and

The content of the article:

  • What is balayazh, its features, advantages and
  • Photo before and after on long dark hair
  • Types of balayazh and fashionable shades for dark long hair
  • How is balayazh in the cabin: features and cost
  • How to make yourself at home: appliances
    dye balayazh on dark long hair
  • How to care for hair after the procedure?
  • Reviews
  • The difference between technology and ombre, highlighting, coloring and

Balayazh is a coloring technique that involves applying to
hair tips in contrasting colors. Dye can
applied to all hair from the roots, but the main features
painting in that only the top layer of hair is dyed, and
the master puts the dye in the shape of the letter V with “brush strokes”.

Balayaz has many advantages:

  • The result of staining can be both gentle and
    natural as well as bright and extravagant. It all depends
    from used paints.
  • The technique is suitable for women of all ages. Her
    can be used for hair of any color, length and structure.
  • Coloring gentle and does not spoil the hair.
  • Thanks balayazhu can hide some flaws
    face and focus on the merits.
  • There is no need to constantly tint
    the roots.


As for the minuses, it is worth noting that dark hair
in most cases require prior clarification.
This, to some extent, may still have a negative impact on their
condition. In addition, perform such staining at home
conditions will be quite difficult, and going to the salon is not cheap

IMPORTANT! Balayazh will look beautiful only on
perfect haircut. It is better to take care of this before staining.

Photo before and after on long dark hair

Balayazh can be used both on direct and on
curly hair. With the right choice of colors he
emphasize their beauty, regardless of structure.

On straight

The technique looks beautiful on straight long hair. By
smooth color transitions it adds volume and natural
radiance. On Straight


The classic combination – balayaz and curly
curls. Long strands can be used large
number of colors and perform complex staining. Special
fit in this case, natural shades. On curly

Types of balayazh and fashionable shades for dark long hair

Technique balayazh may look different depending on its
the type and colors used.


With the classic balayazh hair painted in two tones.
An important feature – the most smooth transitions.

Tip coloration

Girls who do not want to radically change the image can
use balayazh technique only at the tips. Dark
hair is usually lightened. Dyeing Tips

Coloring with a clear border

Most often balayazh done with smooth
transitions. But the boundaries between tones can be sharp.
Begin the transition is usually in the area of ​​the cheekbones or closer to the tips.
Coloring with a clear boundary

Coloring strands near the face

Due to the isolation of the face, it is possible to refresh the image and
underline its oval. Most often used for this bright
shades. Coloring strands near the face

On the haircut cascade

The overflows created on the hair with balayazh perfectly complement
step haircuts. They emphasize their texture and add
volume On the haircut cascade

Caramel balayazh

If the hair is brown or chocolate in color,
Caramel balayazh – a great solution. With such shades
strands will play with new colors, and their owner visually
get rid of a few years. Caramel balayazh


Ash shades are the perfect choice for hot brunettes with
cold color type. You can dye both the tips and the hair.
the entire length. Ashen


If you want to experiment with shades you can turn
attention to the options of pink. This coloring on dark hair
looks very gentle, especially if you choose strawberry or
pastel pink. Pink


With the help of red balayazh on the hair creates an incredible
flaming effect. Thanks to such modulations remain without
attention will not work. Red


Add to the image of mystery help tone
purple. This is quite a bold decision, so you can
only color the tips or front strands. Violet

Redhead balayazh

Reddish, copper, carrot shades go well with
original dark color. This option will suit girls with
warm skin tint and brown eyes. Redhead

Platinum balayazh

Platinum tones are a good choice for those who want to try.
yourself in the image of a blonde, but not ready for dramatic changes.
Thanks to them, you can create a noble and aristocratic image.

ATTENTION! Aged woman is careful
use platinum tones, as they can visually add
of the year.

How is balayazh in the cabin: features and cost

Coloring balayazh best trusted literate
a specialist. He will pick up the appropriate shades and color
strands the most gentle way. How is balayazh in the cabin

Salon coloring is done without foil. With
need strands first lighten. Then the master puts
dye of the chosen shade with sweeping strokes.

How to prepare for the procedure, how much time they do and
how much is the effect

If the hair is badly damaged, do not rush it.
staining. It is better to take care of their recovery, and
only then go to the colorist. 2-3 days before painting
It is recommended to wash your hair – so they will gain additional protection,
and the color will take better. how to prepare

The duration of the procedure depends on the complexity
staining. You can get a light effect of burnt hair
and in 45 minutes, and for difficult painting with preliminary clarification
need 3-4 hours.

If the specialist picked up shades, the balayazh will not have to
update every month – growing roots will be
look very organic. It is enough to repeat the procedure once
2-3 months.

What determines the price

The cost of salon balayazha depends on the length of hair, complexity
painting and quantity of colors used. For long
curls price averages 2800-4000 rubles, while
for short – about 1500 p. cost

How to make yourself at home: appliances
dye balayazh on dark long hair

Self-confident girls can use this
appliances at home. It is important to do everything in accordance with

Necessary tools and tools

The following tools will be necessary for house balayazha:

  • selected dye and oxidizer;
  • non-metallic mixing tank;
  • cream;
  • tassel;
  • foil;
  • comb with rare teeth;
  • gloves;
  • clamps;
  • cape on the shoulders;
  • towel;
  • shampoo and balm.


Step by Step Dyeing Instructions

Coloring should be done as follows:

  • You must wear gloves and prepare the paint by mixing it with
    oxidizing agent.
  • It is recommended to grease the area of ​​the forehead, ears and neck with a fat cream. it
    necessary so that the paint does not hit the skin.
  • Hair with a comb should be divided into four equal
    parts and separate them with clips.
  • It is necessary to work with each zone in turn. At first
    a thin layer of lower strands is separated. Paint is applied with a brush from
    tips to the roots in the form of the letter V.
  • No need to bring the brush to the roots and stain the strand
  • Similar actions are repeated for the next part.
  • It is necessary to paint strands of different widths. Also recommended
    paint them with different transition heights and intensities
  • To prevent paint from falling on unpainted hair, you can
    separate strands with foil.
  • Next you need to wait for the required time (20-30 minutes in
    depending on the dye and the desired result).
  • At the end, the dye is washed off with shampoo, the hair is dried and


How to care for hair after the procedure?

Long colored hair requires special care. To save
their health and beauty, you need to adhere to the following tips:

  • For the care you need to use professional tools for
    stained strands.
  • The ends of the hair should be trimmed regularly.
  • Useful moisturizing, nourishing and regenerating
  • From home remedies you can use natural plant
    oils, for example, burdock, almond, castor. After washing
    It is useful to rinse your head with broths of medicinal plants.
  • Do not wash your hair with hot water, as well as abuse
    hairdryer, curling irons.
  • To preserve the beauty of balayazha, you need to regularly update
  • If an undesirable yellowish tint appears on the hair,
    It can be disposed of using toning agents.




The difference between technology and ombre, highlighting, coloring and

When balayazhe on the hair creates glare and color
accents. The roots in the process of staining are not affected, but
The borders between colors are often smooth and barely noticeable. Hair
painted only on the top layer in a characteristic form
inverted triangle.

Ombre is a similar technique, but its peculiarity is that
the transition between the used tones is always noticeable. is he
can be both smooth and crisp, but see it anyway
can. Most often, ombre is performed using a pile. balashik shatush ombre difference

Shatush technique is also done with a pile, but it should
to be lighter, and the paint is kept on the hair for less
of time. As a result of this staining, the color changes.
only 5-15%, the changes are barely noticeable, but they allow you to successfully
refresh the image. Shatush is mainly used for girls with
blond hair.

Is balayazh suitable for long dark hair? Yes

Another similar staining technique is
coloring Its feature is in the use of large
quantities of shades – from 3 to 15. They can flow into each other
over the entire surface of the hair or applied to a specific area.

Long hair with dark hair is a fashionable universal option,
which, with proper execution, will suit almost every
to the girl. You can try to make it at home, but
nevertheless it is better to entrust it to a professional, especially if you are beautiful

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