Coloring balayazh on light brown hair – popular shades, photo before and after on straight and curly curls, technique run

Balayazh – one of the most popular methods of coloring today
hair. She is often chosen for a girl with a light brown tint.
strands, and for good reason. This painting makes it possible to refresh the image
without dramatic changes. In addition, brown hair is well taken
pigments of both light and dark shades. Balayazh on brown hair

Balayazh on brown hair: what is it?

The content of the article:

  • Balayazh on brown hair: what is it?
  • The advantages and disadvantages of staining
  • Before and after pictures
  • Popular hairstyles for balayazh
  • TOP of the most fashionable shades
  • Warm shades
  • Balayazh on brown hair at home: turn-based
  • Required tools
  • Properly care for hair after dyeing.
  • How is balayazh different from coloring shatush and ombra?

Balayazh technique involves creating the effect of burned strands.
This is a horizontal staining method in which usually
several tones of dye are used. Chaotic paint applied
“throwing” strokes on the surface layer of hair. In this way,
The result looks the most natural. Brown hair

Transitions between shades can be both smooth and
sharp. Can be painted as tips only, and
most of the hair. Where are you going to do balayazh?

The advantages and disadvantages of staining

Dignity balayazha on light brown hair

  • Coloring visually adds hair volume.
  • Suitable for any hair length.
  • For light brown curls, you can use any shades.
  • Painting is gentle and allows you to get rid of the problem of regrown
    roots. Only the top layer of hair is stained, so the risk of their
    spoil the minimum.
  • With the help of technology you can correct the imperfections of the face and
    to focus on its merits.


Very few minuses and they are in

  • Painting is very complicated, and doing it at home
  • It is better not to use the technique if the hair is badly damaged.
    First it is worth curing them.

REFERENCE. Balayazh looks better on the dark blond
tones, since the transitions in this case will be brighter and more noticeable.

Before and after pictures

Technique balayazh universal. It can be done on the hair of any
length and shade. In the photo you can see how it looks staining.
in various ways.

Long hair

Long hair allows you to maximize the beauty
staining. In this case, you can create complex
Transitions and use a large number of shades. For long hair

On medium hair

Looks beautiful balayazhk on average
lengths Usually they use the classic version with
smooth transition. For medium hair

On short hair

If the hair is very short, the classic technique is
they will not work. Usually only one tone is used.
You can also select individual strands, for example, on the face.
On short hair

On straight

Balajazh on straight brown hair allows you to add them
dynamics and volume. Looks nice soft transitions between
related shades. On Straight


Curly curls and balayazh – the perfect combination.
Soft coloring makes the image tender and feminine. Minus only
one – curls tighter and more difficult to paint than straight
hair. On curly

Light blond hair

On light blond hair, they often use cold and warm hair.
blond shades: honey, gold, ashen, platinum. Brave
girls use color tones. Light blond hair

IMPORTANT! Selected shade for at least a couple of tones
must be different from the original, otherwise the transitions will be almost

On dark brown

On dark brown strands, in addition to the above tones,
used a palette of red, nutty, copper, chocolate
shades. Of the color inks usually choose those that go to
deep cold undertone. On Dark Blonde

Popular hairstyles for balayazh

Balayazh well with many hairstyles. When dyeing
The hair length and clipping features are taken into account.

Long hair with bangs

Balayazh is very long-haired girls. With her bangs
can be left the same as the bulk of the hair, or dye
additionally. If you want to add brightness to the image, you can
make a few colored strands along the length of the hair or dye it
way tips. For long hair with bangs

On short hair with bangs

On short hairstyles with bangs dyeing can
exposed only the last as well as a few strands
faces. Usually in this case no more than 1-2 are used.
tones of paint. On short hair with bangs

On the square

When performing balayazha on a bob haircut, several
options. You can dye individual strands, the entire length of the hair, only
the tips or strands of the face. Transition between shades sometimes
made sharp. On the square

On the car with lengthening

The classic option is to perform balayazha on the square with lengthening.
Often the master lightens and shortens only the front elongated
strands, performing a smooth transition over the entire length. In the presence of
elongated bangs it can also be painted. On the car with lengthening

Bob car

On a bob-caret haircut, both soft and
contrast transitions. You can paint only the tips or framing
face strands. Bob-car

TOP of the most fashionable shades

When choosing shades for balayazha need to consider the original shade
light brown hair and features of appearance. Fashion trends
offer many interesting options.

Cool shades

These colors will suit girls who have blond hair with cold
grayish, gray or blue eyes and light skin.
Cold shades


Ash gamma can be used to brighten
tips on light brown strands. You can choose ash-brown or
light ash. Such a stretch of color will create on hair
beautiful smoky overflow.

White (blond)

Cold blonde can be used on light blond and on
dark blond hair. In the latter case, the painting will be
more contrast. White (blond)


Platinum will look expensive and noble on light brown hair.
balayazh. This is a great option for girls who want to become
blondes, but are afraid to spoil the hair with full lightening.


Looks elegant in shades of gray.
But we must bear in mind that such a gamma may draw attention to
imperfections of the face, so you should not choose it if you have problems
with skin. Gray

Warm shades

Tawny girls with warm tint of the original hair color and brown
or with green eyes it is recommended to stay warm


Amber, copper and reddish shades will help to visually give
hair volume, liveliness and depth. Especially good they
Suitable for short hair. Amber


Warm wheat and honey colors are suitable for classic
staining. Master performs a gentle transition from natural roots.
to bright ends. Wheat


Strawberry shade can be used for light blond hair –
The image will be very gentle. Painting may be subject to
just the tips or most of the hair. Strawberry

Color shades

Girls willing to experiment can pay attention to
color balayazha variations on light brown hair.


Tones of pink will help to refresh blond hair.
Despite the brightness, they allow you to create a very gentle image. On
dark blond hair can be used deep and rich
pink shades, on light-brown will look better pastel.


Balayazh, imitating flames on the hair, will not give it
the owner to go unheeded. Can be used
classic red, burgundy, wine tones or more pastel,
close to strawberry. Red


Violet refers both to warm and to cold,
therefore suitable for any color type. Violet

IMPORTANT! The lighter the original hair color, the more
light shade of purple is better to use.


Caramel tones are going to girls with a warm blond shade
hair. With their help, you can perform classic balayazh with
soft transitions. Separate strands may also stand out.


Shades of coffee combine well with light brown and suitable for
reverse balayazh. In this case, the hair roots are darkened, and
the ends, on the contrary, are highlighted. Coffee

Balayazh on brown hair at home: turn-based

Despite the seeming simplicity, it is correct to do balayazh
not everyone can. Best to entrust staining
an experienced master in the cabin. But with self-confidence and
If you want to save money, you can color the strands in this way and at home.
conditions. It is important to follow all the rules. Balayazh on brown hair at home

How to prepare for the procedure

Before dyeing hair is recommended them
cut. Balayazh emphasizes the beauty of a haircut, and if
make it after painting, then its beauty is lost. Also
It is recommended a couple of weeks before the procedure to do nutritional and
regenerating masks that will help improve the health of hair.
An important point of preparation is the right choice of shades. For
this must take into account the original color of the strands and its color type.
blond haircut

Required tools

For home staining will require the following:

  • the dye of the selected shade;
  • the foil cut into strips;
  • hairbrush;
  • tank for mixing paint;
  • tassel;
  • clips for hair.

ATTENTION! Any paint can provoke
allergic reaction, so it’s worth a test
on individual intolerance.

Step-by-step instruction

The algorithm for performing balayazh is as follows:

  • Hair need to comb comb with frequent
    teeth. If they get messy, the whole painting technique
    may be broken.
  • If the hair is short, it suffices to confine one
    shade. If medium or long, it is better to use two
    and more. So the transitions will be soft and smooth.
  • The dye is applied to the strands alternately from the center of the length
    to the tips, then they turn into foil.
  • The composition should be left on the hair for a while
    specified in the instructions.
  • When the required period is over, you need to carefully
    remove the foil and rinse the hair with shampoo, then
    use balm.
  • For best effect, it is recommended
    similarly color only the tips.


In the end, the hair is dried and stacked.

What paint to choose: TOP-3 best brands

Many manufacturers offer paints that can
use for home balayazha. It is recommended to choose
products of a proven brand with a safe composition, so as not to
spoil the hair. The following dyes are popular:

  • L’Oréal Colorista Effect BALAYAGE. It’s ready
    set designed specifically for balayazha. The correctness of the technique
    provides a special comb that you need to walk on
    hair. The palette presents both natural tones and
    quite unusual. Effect BALAYAGE
  • Curex color intense balm. It is tinted
    balm from the brand Estel Professional, which helps
    neutralize the yellowness of the hair and create a cool blond. Dye
    unstable (lasts up to 6 weeks), therefore suitable for temporary
    experiments. Curex color intense balm
  • Garnier Color Naturals. Inexpensive paint with
    The right composition and rich palette. For balayazha well suited
    cappuccino shade. The dye is suitable for all hair types and can
    paint over gray hair. Garnier Color Naturals

Properly care for hair after dyeing.

So that brown hair dyed using balazhig technique will not spoil
under the influence of dyes, it is important to properly care for them:

  • Use products to care for colored hair.
  • Useful special balms that neutralize yellowness.
  • It is recommended to make masks aimed at food and
    hair restoration.
  • Minimize the use of a hair dryer and thermal instruments.
  • In the summer you need to protect the curls from the heat, in the winter – from the strong wind
    and temperature extremes.

How is balayazh different from coloring shatush and ombra?

Technique balayazh has much in common with other popular
staining – shatush and ombre. They are really similar in many ways.
and many do not understand the difference between them. However, the differences
there is.

When painting shatush use 2-3 close to each other
shade as close to the original. Soft stretch
paint allows you to achieve the effect of sun-bleached strands with
gentle glare. This technique does not use foil,
and the hair is pre-combed. Dye is applied
on strands chaotically. balashik shatush ombre difference

Balayazh like shatush. Colored strands
arranged randomly, which creates a natural effect. But
There are differences in technology. The dye is applied sweeping
movements only on the top layer of hair. Boundaries between
shades are very soft and smooth.

The difference between ombre and the above techniques is that the transition between
tones traced clearly. It can be sharp and smooth, but
in any case will be traced.

Balayazh – a great choice for light brown hair. is he
refreshes them, makes them more voluminous, gives the image brightness, but when
This does not traumatize the strands. By following all the rules, you can
embody this beautiful technique and at home.

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