Coloring balayazh on short hair – photo up and after, technique, price

Owners of short haircuts can emphasize it with one of
newfangled staining techniques. A popular option – balayazh on
short hair. Thanks to this technique you can refresh your hair,
without resorting to dramatic changes. Balayazh on short hair

Balayazh on short hair: what is it?

The content of the article:

  • Balayazh on short hair: what is it?
  • How to make a short hair on short hair?
  • Balayazh depending on the hair color, photo
  • Options balayazh on short hair (haircut)
  • How to choose a color?
  • Balayazh depending on the type of hair
  • How much is in the beauty salon
  • How to do at home
  • Care after dyeing
  • What is shatush and ombra and how do these techniques differ from

Balayazh – fashionable hair dyeing technique, in which the dye
applied to the top layer of strands with chaotic brushstrokes like
the movements of the sweeping brush. This is a gentle coloring that is not
implies a dramatic change in primary color. With it you can
to change the hairstyle as a whole or to emphasize its individual strands.

The advantage of staining is that as the roots grow back
hairstyle will still look well-groomed and harmonious.
You do not need to visit the master every few weeks.
her updates. A variety of colors allows you to create both
gentle and natural image, and more vivid and non-trivial. Where
are you going to do balayazh? DomaV salon

How to make a short hair on short hair?

When performing balayazha dye is applied to the hair by the method
free sweeping brush. If the strands are very short, dyed
tips, if longer – painting begins above the middle of the length with
indent from the roots. The dye can be applied by hand, brush,
comb, using foil. But most often the foil or film is not
is used. short hair

When balayazhe curls are painted in the shape of a triangle,
which originates at the base and stretches to the tips.
Begin painting from the head, gradually moving to the temples and
bangs. Depending on the shades used on the hair
bright or natural highlights are created.

IMPORTANT! Before coloring it is worth updating at first
haircut – then it will beautifully emphasize its texture.

Balayazh depending on the hair color, photo

Thanks to the correct selection of colors you can make beautiful
balayazh on short hair of any color. His cardinal replacement
it is not required.

On dark short hair (for brunettes)

Brunettes can complement the image of chocolate and coffee tones.
You can play on the contact and use platinum shades – they
will go well with rich black. For
brown hair fit tone of red and eggplant. On the dark short hair

On blond short hair blond

Owners of blond hair can emphasize them.
shade close to the main one, for example, gold or
honey. You can also use platinum, pearl
tones. To create an unusual image, you can use color
shades: strawberry, pastel pink, soft blue and so on.
On blond short hair blond

On light brown hair

Light brown hair color is universal and makes it possible to embody
different solutions. To create a natural image you can
use a shade of 1-2 tones lighter than the main. Allowed
emphasize them with more vivid hues, for example, tones of copper and
reddish. On blond hair

On light brown hair

Light blond hair with a cold sheen can be emphasized.
silver, platinum, pearl tones. If they have a warm
subton, you can pay attention to the golden, sandy shades.
On light brown hair

On dark brown hair

On the dark blond strands will look balayazh in gray
or graphite tones. From warm shades you can draw
attention to the nut, light coffee, caramel colors.
On dark brown hair

On redhead

Owners of red hair should choose warm
shades. The image can be supplemented with red, copper,
in orange tones, add caramel or golden highlights.
On the red

Options balayazh on short hair (haircut)

The technique can be used on any short haircut.
Especially good balayazh looks at such

Bob car

A balayazh on a bob-cut hairstyle will make it bulky in the upper part and
will help to visually lengthen the bottom. Thanks to this technique
You can hide a massive chin and balance the proportions of the face.

Short caret

On a shorter car, staining can only be subjected to
strand tips. Successfully looks bright selection
dyes are straight for the face. Short caret

Short asymmetry

Very interesting balayazh looks at asymmetrical short
haircuts. Chaotic application of the dye emphasizes their texture.
If you wear a long bang, you can also paint it in
such a technique. For a short asymmetry


A great combination – balayazh and haircut squares. And the technique
suitable for both wavy and straight hair. Can handle
only the tips, individual strands or hair along the entire length.
Natural combinations of shades look beautiful.
But you can also experiment with bright unusual tones.

How to choose a color?

When choosing colors for balayazha need to consider the original color
hair, and also shade of eyes and skin.


Cold shades are suitable for girls with a cold sheen.
skin and gray or blue eyes. They make the image more
noble and aristocratic, beautifully emphasize facial features.

Ash balayaz (gray)

The shades of ashy look beautiful on black and
cold blond hair. Blondes can use
light gray tones such as pearl and mother of pearl.
Ash balayaz (gray)

ATTENTION! With ash tones worth exercising
caution women aged.


Balajazh in cold colors looks beautiful and expensive
blond, such as platinum, pearl, silver. They
recommended if the original hair color is sufficient
light coloured. Blond


Balajazh in warm shades suitable brown-eyed and green-eyed
girls with dark skin. Coloring refreshes the image
makes it softer and more feminine. Warm


Golden tones create luxurious modulations on the hair and
visually add volume to them. They go well with
light brown and chestnut original color of curls. Golden


A good solution for balayazha – caramel highlights. With them worth
experiment brunettes and brown-haired women. Caramel


Creative short haircuts can successfully complement the color
balayazh. Dark-haired girls can use rich bright
tones, fair-haired – gentle pastel.


Balayazh in red, wine, burgundy, strawberry tones will make
the image is as bright as possible and will not allow the owner to be left without
attention. The red gamma goes well with the blond, chocolate,
chestnut source color. Blondes should choose more
delicate color options. red


One of the most fashionable dyeing techniques is tiger balayazh,
which looks both bright and natural. Him
the peculiarity is that only
warm shades: honey, copper, golden, caramel.
The original hair color should be dark.

Balayazh depending on the type of hair

Technique balayazh universal. It can be used as direct
short hair and curly locks.

Straight lines

Balayazh well complements short haircuts on straight hair,
such as bob or bob bob. In this case, you can experiment
with bright tones and contrasting combinations that will make an image
more interesting. Straight


On wavy hair, such coloring also looks
very beautiful. The technique emphasizes their texture, and curls
Become an ideal base to create smooth natural
transitions. Curly

How much is in the beauty salon

Holders of short hair do not have to pay for
staining too much. On average, such a painting in
Salon will cost 1000-1500 rubles.

How to do at home

You can save money and try to perform balayazh at home
conditions. To please the result, stick to everyone.
rules and follow instructions clearly.

Coloring technique in balayazh style

If you yourself do balayaz for the first time, it is worth
limit one shade close to the main – so the risk
unexpected result will be minimal. It will not be superfluous
consult with the stylist regarding the choice of color, and
also ask a friend to help you. Coloring
performed as follows:

  • You need to prepare everything you need: lightening and coloring
    composition, gloves, brush, cape on the shoulders.
  • Strands are prepared for dyeing by creating
    vertical pile or use fixing means.
  • Dye is applied from the bottom of the head. Then need
    gradually move up to the zone of the temples, then when
    need to bang.
  • To underline the facial features and refresh its contour brightening
    means is applied on locks at the person.
  • Depending on the length of the strand dye from its middle
    it is shaded to the tip by sweeping brush strokes.
  • The paint should be kept for 15-30 minutes, then it is washed off with warm water.
    using shampoo.
  • If necessary, additional paint is applied for

at home

Features of hair painting balayazh short hair with

The bangs are usually the same color as the roots. But
you can select its individual parts with a lighter color or create
transition if it is long enough. It is necessary to paint a bang
after processing the bulk of the hair. short hair with bangs

Care after dyeing

Balayazh – sparing technique for short hair, not rendering
negative impact on their condition. However, to maintain
Beauty and health strands are important to care for them properly,
Considering the following recommendations:

  • Use quality professional tools for
    care for dyed hair.
  • Regularly update the haircut – then
    coloring will look perfect.
  • Periodically do nutritional and regenerating
  • Wash your head with warm, not hot water.
    It is recommended to choose shampoos that do not contain
  • Do not abuse use of the hair dryer, pleyk and others
    thermal instruments – they are very dry strands.

What is shatush and ombra and how do these techniques differ from

There are techniques that are very similar to ballad, such as ombra and
shatush, and many do not understand the difference between them. But some
there are differences. The ombre technique involves moving from
dark roots to lighter tips. Border may be
both sharp and smooth, but in any case noticeable. At that
while with ombre, the lower part of the hair is completely brightened, while
In the technique of shatush, only the tips of the individually selected are painted.
strands. To the hair in front when painting is given
more attention than back. Hair lightened in
chaotic order without the use of foil.

Balayazh is considered to be something between shatush and ombra, but
also has differences from them. Selected color
not all hairs are processed, but only part of them from the middle of the length
up to the tips. Paint is applied with horizontal wide “sweeping”
brush strokes that provide a natural effect. balayazh on short hair

Balayazh for short hair – a good choice for those who want
slightly change the image. The technique does not injure the hair, does not require
permanent root tinting and gives unlimited possibilities
for experiments. You can paint in the cabin or in
home conditions, taking into account all the recommendations and features

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