Coloring dark hair: how fast and easy refresh hair, 29 photos

coloring of dark hairGirls who decided to change the image and
add appearance new paint worth trying

This procedure is perfect for owners of dark

With the help of properly selected colors you can create
extravagant look with deep and bright shades or
achieve the most natural effect of hair that has burned out
the sun.

  • 1 The advantages of this type of staining
  • 2 Technology
  • 3 Difference of coloring from highlighting
  • 4 What colors are suitable for dark hair
  • 5 Types of coloring
  • 6 How to conduct staining at home
  • 7 Aftercare

The advantages of this type of staining

The essence of coloring – in the coloring of individual
strands. By changing the intensity and tone of the dye, you can
achieve a smooth transition effect that resembles a natural
burnout hair.

Popular and bright highlights, animating hair. In one procedure
up to 10 shades can be used. It is important that they harmonize
between themselves.

coloring on dark hair of medium length photo

Random application of different colors on the hair is not
has nothing to do with coloring. Before the start
coloring master thinks over the general image of the client and only after
This proceeds to the choice of dyes.

The advantages of coloring can be attributed

  • ability to work with curls of any shade, length and
  • more respect for the hair compared to the traditional
  • the result lasts up to 1.5 months;
  • The work uses several shades of different
  • With the help of properly selected colors can be visually
    increase the volume of hair;
  • pre-bleaching of the strands is not necessary.

Council Dark hair may not be dyed
roots, but with a small indentation. This trick will help to postpone
a trip to the salon, growing strands will not be evident.

red coloring on dark hairThe procedure is suitable
girls who want to try a new image, but not ready to complete
color change.

Coloring for dark hair, photo of which can be found in
fashion magazines, better to do in the cabin.

An experienced master will pick up the harmonious shades, lighten the part
strands to give the volume of hair.

It is difficult for a beginner to understand how this or that paint will look
on the natural and clarified locks.


Before starting the procedure, you need to decide whether
bleaching. It is necessary for very dark strands: black,
dark chestnut. To the end result did not disappoint, it is important
act carefully and take your time.

  1. The hair is divided into zones and stabbed. Work begins with
    back of the head.
  2. A narrow strand is laid on the foil and painted. After
    wrap curl you can proceed to the next part
    hair, gradually moving to the crown and temples.
  3. When using multiple colors, they alternate according to
    pre-designed scheme.
  4. The paint is aged 10-15 minutes (exact dates are indicated in
  5. The foil unfolds, the drug is washed off, the hair
    processed by balm.

Council Changing the exposure time, you can achieve different
shade intensity even when using a single paint.

Color scheme may vary depending on
selected methods.

You can refuse to use foil and get more
soft, natural effect.

The paint is distributed from root to tip, or dyed strand.
for a certain length.

Apply the drug can be a brush or a brush.

Coloring is different from highlighting

Some clients of salons confuse coloring of hair and
grinding These procedures have common features, but the differences between them
a lot. The main task of highlighting – clarification of individual

Master of hair coloring pulls out individual curls from the mass
and puts on them bleaching composition. Drug removes from
hair shaft coloring pigments, color intensity depends
from the exposure time.

Most often highlighting is used to create an effect.
burnt strands, sharp contrasts are less popular. Among
features of the procedure:

  1. Highlighting is not recommended to do on too dark hair.
    The ideal range – from light brown to medium chestnut.
  2. Black or dark brown strands with contrasting light
    stripes will look unnatural.
  3. The procedure well hides the first gray hair, but with significant
    the amount of hair lost from natural pigment from straightening
    better to give up.
  4. After lightening your hair you need to carefully care
    restoring damaged texture.

Council For home highlighting created
special kits, very comfortable to use.

Coloring is a more complicated procedure. It not only brightens
individual strands, but also gives them the desired color. maybe
use of the most different shades, from natural to it is underlined

When dyeing dark hair may be preliminary
clarification. When applying dye on medium hair, deprived
pigment, the final color will be more vivid and expressive.

Council Coloring gives you unlimited possibilities.
to change the image. To hairstyle was always in perfect
condition, requires frequent visits to the salon and color correction.

What colors are suitable for dark hair

It is necessary to choose shades for coloring taking into account the color type. Him
determined by skin tone. If she has a pink glow,
cold gamma: blue-black, ashen, reddish,

For the skin having a warm yellowish tint, suitable honey,
caramel, golden or cream colors.

Council When selecting shades it is important to consider
age. Women over 40 should not experiment with bright
paints. They are suitable warm light colors, throwing a soft glow
on the face.

With the help of color you can adjust some features.
appearance Light strands on the face soften the oval, make facial features
more harmonious. Especially beautiful are shades of white sand, cinnamon,
light gold.

Smooth transitions visually increase the splendor of hair. Can
experiment with a soft hazelnut or golden chestnut
gamma. It goes well with coffee or chocolate tones.
bulk of the hair.

Council Cold contrast tones look more
extravagant and attract attention. They require a clear form.
haircuts and appropriate makeup.

Types of coloring

Specialists in staining distinguish several basic techniques.
coloring Popular tricks include

    1. Ombre. Coloring with smooth or sharp transition of shades on
      horizontally. Usually the tips are brightened, and the roots retain
      натуральный темный цвет.Возможно обратное омбре с обесцвечивание корней и
      darkening the bottom of the strands.

    1. Sombre. A variant with a more natural effect, imitating
      natural burnout of hair. Only dyes are used.
      natural range, providing smooth transitions.

    1. Bebilights Creation of warm highlights, reminiscent of the sun.
      Ideal for dark hair of a warm type: nutty,
      chestnut, chocolate.

    1. Color highlights. Technology involves the use of light
      bright shades. Beautifully emphasizes the texture of curly or curly

    1. Balayazh. The technique involves applying paint free.
      brush strokes. Used as a natural range, and underlined
      bright, unusual tones.

    1. Shaumbra. Unusual technique using a combination of bright
      shades: violet, green, red, blue. Underlined
      unusual tones are applied on natural or bleached

  1. Reservation. The alternation of light and dark strands. Fits
    for thin, thin hair, perfectly imitate the missing

The choice of technology depends not only on personal preferences,
but also from the hair texture. Curly strands fit soft
sombre, sun or color highlights, natural or contrast
balayazh. Straight hair looks spectacular ombre (classic
or the reverse), bebilights, booking. Pre-painted
strands will decorate the contrast ombre or bright highlights.

Council In the warm season it is worth giving
preference for the effect of burnt hair using golden
or sandy scale. Autumn and winter are particularly beautiful bright unusual
options and sharp, emphasized artificial contrasts.

Bob or bob haircuts – a universal option for any type
coloring Ombre looks beautiful on graded hair,
sombre or sun glare.

The caret without bangs will be decorated with brondirovaniem
roots, a sombre or balayazh in natural scale. And in the photo below
creative coloring with bright colors:

With pronounced asymmetry, an interesting pattern can be emphasized.
properly selected color. Contrast ombra will do;
bright highlights, an unusual Chambray.

How to spend staining at home

Coloring is recommended in the cabin. However girls
having skills with the paint can try to hold
procedure at home.

So that the result is not upsetting, it is important to observe some

  1. Coloring can be carried out in 2-3 days after washing
  2. During the work it is necessary to use no more than 3 paints. Desirable
    so that they differ from each other by 1-2 tones.
  3. Protect the skin will help applying fat cream at the roots of the hair.
    Be sure to use plastic gloves and capes.
  4. After dyeing and rinsing, the strands are treated with balsam,
    included. If not, you can use any
    nourishing conditioner, softening strands and fixing color.
  5. Hair is better to air dry without using a hair dryer.

This video shows another version of the coloring on the dark


After coloring it is desirable to keep the resulting effect on
as long as possible. Hair Coloring Specialists
recommend the following techniques:

  1. You should wash your hair no more than 2 times a week.
  2. It is advisable to use soft water. The easiest and most accessible
    mode of mitigation – boiling. The temperature should not be too
    high, from hot water color fades.
  3. Professional shampoos are suitable for washing.
    specially for colored hair. The kit must be purchased
    conditioner that fixes color and gives shine shine.
  4. Air drying will help to preserve the health of the hair, without
    use hair dryer.
  5. In the warm season, the hair must be protected from aggressive
    sun rays. Suitable sprays, creams and mousses with high SPF.
  6. Comb curls better special devices with
    many teeth of different lengths, carefully unraveling
  7. Once a week before shampooing is helpful to do
    regenerating, nourishing or deeply moisturizing mask.
    Professional line products or homemade mixes will do.
    with eggs, low-fat kefir, herbal broths, black bread.
  8. To restore the hair texture will help wraps with vegetable and
    fruit purees. Useful masks from fresh peaches, grape
    juice, mango or avocado.
  9. Improving the condition of dry hair will help rubbing into the roots
    heated vegetable oil (castor, burdock,
    almond). The procedure is carried out 1 time a week before washing.

Council Give up deep cleansing shampoos,
they will weaken the intensity of the coloring pigment.

Coloring is a great alternative to complete
staining. A variety of techniques allows you to choose
option suitable for a particular hair type. Procedure carefully
refers to the hair and with proper care keeps curls
healthy and beautiful.

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