Coloring for short hair – 22 ideas for bright image

Create a unique image and emphasize individuality
coloring on short hair will help. It will revive the natural color.
hair, enrich it with a natural color transition
shades will make the image stylish and extravagant.

Coloring for short hair

This way of experimenting with the color gamut opened
unlimited opportunities for self-expression.

  • 1 Features coloring short hair
  • 2 Basic types of coloring
  • 3 Advantages of coloring
  • 4 Disadvantages of coloring
  • 5 Coloring on blonde hair
  • 6 Coloring for dark short hair
  • 7 Coloring on red short hair
  • 8 color
  • 9 Longitudinal
  • 10 Transverse
  • 11 How to make coloring at home
  • 12 Precautions

Coloring features for short hair

Coloring is often confused with highlighting, but it is completely
different methods of staining. For highlighting use
simple technique in which several strands are stained
one color. Coloring technology is more complex, it has
its features.

To give the hair the necessary tonality of the master use from 5
up to 20 colors, with the shades should be the most combined.

Basic rules to be followed when
coloring – it is impossible to combine warm and cold colors,
From this haircut will look vulgar and unnatural.

Main types of coloring

Coloring is divided into two types:

  • harmonious – with soft transitions; Coloring with soft transitions
  • contrast – with brightly colored
    sectors. Coloring Contrast

All technology comes down to these types, and then it all depends on
wishes of the customer and the stylist’s imaginations. The main thing is skill
a professional who will emphasize the dignity of appearance
client and from a simple haircut will make trendy hair
with deep color.

For short hair apply this type of coloring:

Type of staining Method Description
American Select at least 5 shades that match the natural color.
Salt pepper The root part is clarified, the tips are painted in
dark color. Recommend gray and blonde.
Multicolor Technique arbitrary staining strands. Suitable for brunettes and
Coloring only bangs Without affecting the rest of the hair, dye
just bang.
Zonal In some areas of the haircut are bright pictures
tones of paint.
Neon Form the calling image by coloring with bright hues.
Unstable – lasts no more than two weeks.

In addition to the main types of kolorazh use others:

  • asymmetrical – extravagant, effective
    looks; Asymmetric staining
  • screen – drawing is applied through
    stencil, but without daily styling is lost relief
    pattern. Stencil Painting

Restrictions for color options do not exist. maybe
paint drawing a flower, animal or hieroglyph, but such
images are laborious and short-lived – difficult to save

Advantages of coloring

The simplest haircut after toning looks trendy,
bright, fresh.

Original coloring will decorate both the young girl, and
mature woman visually making her younger.

In the photo you can see how with the help of coloring they emphasize
complexion. If a person is not satisfied with his characteristic
paleness or darkness, then light colors are colored
paint with cool shades, and dark – with warm.

Important! Correctly selected tonality
contributes to the visual correction of the shape of the face, makes it more expressive

There is no longer any need to fight with gray coloring
this can be done by staining with silver or gray

When coloring with several shades of one color
gamut visually creates an incredible volume and density
hair. This technique is particularly suitable for owners of weakened
and sparse hair.

Important! Choosing color you need to consider your
individual features, because the wrong shade is not
hide defects and emphasize them.

Disadvantages of coloring

Fashionable hairstyles


It is impossible to achieve the necessary tonality if the hair before
these were subjected to chemical perm. After this procedure should
go about 3 weeks, during this time the hair structure
will recover.

Sometimes, to get the desired shade, the hair has to
bleach. For hair it is painful, so before the main
coloring they need to rest 3-4 days after

It is impossible to paint over completely the hair roots.

The main disadvantage of the fashionable procedure is that
coloring is only possible in the cabin, with home painting
the result will not be as good.

Coloring on blonde hair

Hairstyles for blonde hair

Looks impressive on bright short hair
coloring with the use of achromatic colors. Options for
a lot of contrast staining, but the most sought after
mixing platinum with black, pink with
dark red.

Young girls with short hair are popular
uneven contrasting strokes on blonde hair
paints from a different color palette. This method is called multicolor.

Belykurym most suitable zone, patterned, neon

Expressive hairstyle add a few strands, painted in
unusual color.

Need to know! For blondes there is no limit in choosing
colors and type of coloring.

This video shows how to make coloring on the blonde

Coloring for dark short hair

For brunettes ideal harmonious
coloring, with imperceptible color transitions
shades. This is a complex procedure that requires a certain
sequences – to get the desired shade every time
lighten strands by 2-3 tones.

To enrich and revitalize the dark paint, add a few
light strokes on individual sectors. At the same time appear
glare shading dark colors. This technique
called – Belaylits.

Imitation of a sun-burnt hair is called Ombre, and

Mixing unusual bright, rich colors –

Dark Hair Coloring

Smooth color from black to white –

Coloring for dark hair requires high
skill. Color tone is selected as much as possible.
close to the natural color. Painstaking work of a stylist
creates the illusion of a thick head of hair, a natural natural color.

Worth knowing! Black-gray haircut
tones look rich in combination with fur.

Coloring on red short hair

Special color gives multicolor coloring redhead. For
they use the same technology as blondes, but
color range is enriched by natural red color.

Actually there will be a contrasting mix of red with turquoise,
light green, pink tone. For harmonious coloring apply
brown in all shades, burgundy and
the black.

Coloring on red hair

Particular attention is paid to the color of the eyes and skin. Color
kolorezh palette picked up, given their

  • light blue or green eyes set off light toning
  • hazel eyes blend beautifully with
    copper brown or red tint;
  • black-brown eyes stand out against the background of volost

The natural red color with
strands painted in ashen or yellow.

Brown toned paint applied to light brown
hair, make haircut creative, add charm to the image and

This video shows how to make coloring for short


In order to give brightness to the color, coloring is combined with

Also pixel coloring has become fashionable, which for the first time
appeared in Spain. His creativity is expressed in coloring
hairstyles in the form of geometric patterns.

Normal haircut “Kare” is transformed by dyeing
multicolored bright stripes. This original version
emphasizes the geometry of the haircut.

The rainbow coloring of short is especially interesting.
haircuts In this case, the upper strands are colored harmoniously and not
catchy, but it is worth raising them, and the bottom row will shine all
rainbow colors. Laborious but very brave effective
tinted, giving a highlight hairstyle.

Color Toning


With this method, the use of color dyes is unlimited,
but it is better to use 5-7, otherwise the hair will work
overloaded with paints and alyapista.

For volume, the image adds shadow and tonality.
Sveta. Only with the right choice and distribution of colors
haircut comes to life and gains a bulge.

First, the master selects the base color, then uses
other colors, each a tone darker or lighter.
Thus, get the necessary tone.

Longitudinal coloring


Previously, this method was used for dyeing bangs or tips
hair, and now it is the most progressive method

With this method, the master prefers to use three tones.
color range.

Dyeing the haircut, paint is applied from the roots, circular
tiers. The most intense color starts at the root.
head, gradually lighter to the ends of the hair. Hue transition
should be soft. When the roots grow, it looks
Naturally, as another tier of staining.

Transverse coloring

How to make coloring at home

It’s difficult to make the lateral coloring independently
laborious and laborious process, subject only to
to professionals. A longitudinal toning, subject to
technology, you can do it yourself.

Tip! At home for the first
coloring should be applied coloring tools that will wash off in
for 2-3 weeks.

What is necessary for coloring:

  • a set of coloring matter;
  • bowls and brushes for each tone of paint;
  • foil;
  • hairbrush;
  • gloves;
  • restoring balm.

Do not wash your hair for 2-3 before staining.

Hair Coloring


Then discolor dark strands designed for kolorage.
To do this, they are separated, lubricated means for
bleaching and wrap every strand in
foil. Withstand the paint, according to the instructions. Further
proceed to the main staining.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Select the necessary dyes, distribute them in tones in
    separate tanks with individual brushes. Tanks should
    be glass, plastic or
  2. Color bleached strands, keeping tonality.
  3. Each colored curl wrapped in foil.
  4. Withstand the coloring agent as recommended
    to paint.
  5. Rinse with warm water, apply a reducing

Put paint without abrupt transitions, bang painted in
final moment.

A warning! End result after
Coloring at home may not correspond
expectations. Therefore it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the rules.
carrying out this procedure, carefully pick up the paint.

Precautionary measures

Before painting it is necessary to make sure that the paint is
no allergies. To do this, on the elbow bend a little
coloring agent, if after 5 min. skin does not turn red – paint
can be used.

Coloring in the salon

Special care requires coloring on curly and dry,
weak by nature hair. They must not be discolored by
This they will become even weaker and any staining for them –
stressful. Therefore, it is necessary to moisturize the hair as much as possible.
and feed with special agents before and after dyeing, and
Also protect from direct sunlight.

On such a complex procedure, as coloring, it is not necessary
save. It is better to entrust the creation of your image to the present.
professional, giving him complete freedom of action. Fantasy and
skill stylist can create a completely unique
form. Pick up the color tonality that will be
match and look great, it should have a real
artistic taste and professional experience.

Also do not forget about the daily self
hair care use shine to freshen paint
and fixing tools to save hair. If you comply with these
rules, tinted haircut will always be a source of confidence in
yourself and increased attention of others.

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