Coloring gray hair

Gray hair coloring makes it possible to radically change
hairstyle or slightly refresh your image. Thanks to modern
technologies and tools can do it in a beauty salon,
and at home. Recently, the coloring of color has become fashionable.
graying hair.

Coloring it

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Complex technique of hairdressing, in which the master
uses several shades of paint, similar in tone, coloring
individual strands of hair. With this technique you can
visually change the volume of hair. This is especially like
owners of fine hair. In addition, there are special haircuts.
for short and medium hair for women.

Coloring allows you to change the shade of hair at each
new styling. Simple haircut with such coloring
will acquire a special highlight, and the complex will become more

A wide range of colors for hair colors allows you to use
in coloring from 2 to 10 shades. This technique
allows you to always be in trend. Inventive master colorists
Constantly offering new ways of coloring: thin strands,
only bangs, original patterns using stencils.

Coloring can be:

  1. Full – first select the main shade
    which are matched to the corresponding and natural color
    completely painted over.
  2. Partial – here remains the main
    natural hair color, and added to it other shades of similar

This staining technique has no age
restrictions and it can try any woman
faced with gray hair. Young girls will be able to stand out with
using bright, unusual colors, and older ladies often choose
soothing shades.

Kinds of coloring

This staining technique can be done in 2 ways:

  • longitudinal – with such coloring strands
    painted in different shades over the entire length, this method is not
    is too complex and can be applied independently in
    home conditions;
  • transverse – staining is from the roots
    by the end of the strand, a smooth color transition from dark to
    light, this method of wizard is considered very profitable – when
    further regrowth hair roots add a new shade, refreshing

High-quality coloring with natural colors.
transitions can be done only by professional masters,
who have the experience and the availability of the necessary tools and
materials. For self-staining, it is better to choose a simple
way of coloring

Recommendations for coloring at home

Hair dyeing in the salon makes life easier, but
It happens that this possibility is not always available, and you can
experiment with your hairdo yourself.

That the result was positive and the hair and mood are not
spoiled, some preparation is needed.

  1. Before dyeing, it is not recommended to wash the hair (2-3
    the day before the procedure) and do not use styling products
    (mousses, varnishes).
  2. So that during the coloring of the scalp is not painted, it
    can be greased with any fat cream.
  3. Before the procedure, carefully examine
    staining instructions so as not to be mistaken with
    dosage and observe precautions.
  4. For the dilution of paints select a separate capacity for
    each shade.
  5. Prepare special combs, foil and
  6. For home experiments, longitudinal
    coloring – each order is colored over the length and
    wrapped in a separate piece of foil.
  7. After dyeing, strands must be unwrapped and
    rinse separately.

Home coloring should be completed by washing the head with
shampoo and care agent.

Selection of colors

Coloring involves the use of paints of several
shades, and the correct selection of colors will transform the hair,
to elevate the shape of the face and profitable to emphasize it.

Owners of blond hair are recommended for
coloring warm shades of red honey and cold platinum
or ashen.

Dark-haired ladies before coloring
it is necessary first to lighten the strands slightly to give
expressiveness colored strands. So the hair fit
brown shades from chestnut to chocolate. Brunette
Refresh coloring in ashy shades, you can add and
several straightened strands.

Coloring on gray hair

Coloring gray hair

Separately, it should be said about gray hair. Their feature is
lack of pigmentation, increased rigidity and inability
split the hydrogen peroxide.

Sedin appears when the hair roots cease to be produced
Melanin is the pigment responsible for color. Hair fill bubbles
air and as a result of the refraction of light waves look white. AT
Unlike “colored” hair, gray ones perceive staining a bit.
otherwise, this procedure will have to be done more often.

In this situation, coloring is a great way to change and
refresh your image, make gray hair inconspicuous. Dyeing hair in
several shades, it is recommended to choose
light colors. They will make invisible grow
the roots.

Do not forget that coloring is hair coloring, and
that means they now need extra care. Would need
additional cosmetics, for washing, gentle
drying and moisturizing, nourishing masks.


A few reviews about coloring on gray hair
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Video instruction on coloring hair

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