Coloring hair coloring – pros and cons, photo before and after, what it is, how much is held and to whom is coming

Traditional monochromatic coloring gradually fades into
the past, and it is replaced by new technology, in which
used more than two shades. One of them is coloring.
Due to the large number of options this technique fits all
and gives you the opportunity to create a truly interesting and stylish
form. Coloring


What is coloring?

The content of the article:

  • What is coloring?
  • Who is suitable for coloring
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Suitable coloring tints
  • Types, methods and options for coloring
  • What does the coloring look like – photo before and after
  • How to make coloring at home itself
  • How much is hair coloring
  • Suitable hairstyles
  • Reviews of the procedure
  • FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

The main feature of coloring is the use of several
tones. They can be from 2 to 15. Most often taken natural
close to each other tones, but there are options for creative
painting with contrasting bright colors. Coloring hair

Hair can be colored both along the entire length and in
separate zones, for example, on the tips or near the face. Everything
depends on preference and desired outcome.

Who is suitable for coloring

Due to the large number of varieties coloring
fits almost everyone. With a good choice of colors and
the correct performance coloring will decorate the hairstyle of any length and
ideally complements any original shade.

On dark hair

When coloring black hair, they are most often required.
pre-clarification. Shades need to choose from
taking into account the color of the skin and eyes. Successful solutions – chocolate,
caramel, red, red, tones of gray and platinum. If a
I want to create a custom image, you can use pink,
blue; green. On dark hair

On light brown hair

On blond hair will look good coloring in
natural shades. Often used copper, honey,
wheat, golden tones. You can also pay attention to
platinum. On blond hair

On blonde hair (for blondes)

For light hair, both dark shades and
tones lighter than the original. You can choose platinum,
caramel, mustard, light shades of red. If you want
make color coloring, you should choose pastel colors.
On blonde hair (for blondes)

Coloring red hair

Red hair color is bright enough, and with the help of coloring
You can emphasize this brightness or, on the contrary, give the image
softness and naturalness. Shades of red may be used.
chestnut, golden, strawberry, purple tones. redhead

Coloring black hair (brunettes)

Black hair owners usually need
pre-clarification. From the colors you can turn
attention to the range of gray and ashen. A good choice can be
shade of eggplant and mahogany, from color – blue and
Violet. black hair (brunettes)

On gray

With gray hair, coloring visually rejuvenates and makes
The image is more interesting. Best used light
shades. Thus, the growing gray will not
strike the eye. On the gray


For coloring brown hair can be used
natural tones, for example, honey, golden, caramel. Also
they are well highlighted in shades of red. Chestnut


To create contrast on brown hair can
used light colors from platinum to wheat.
You can pay attention to the color options. For example, will
Look good combination of red and purple. Brown


Coloring on chocolate shades will be successful with
blond tones. One of the most relevant colors is Ivory or
ivory shade. Chocolate

REFERENCE. In the trend neon coloration,
suggesting the use of the brightest colors. This is enough
complex technology that should be trusted professional.

Advantages and disadvantages

The technique has many advantages:

  • This is a rather gentle coloring,
    allowing to change image without harm for hair.
  • Coloring fits all regardless of
    age, length and hair color. This is due to the large
    the number of its species.
  • With the help of painting can be created as a natural
    image, and extravagant bright.
  • Coloring emphasizes haircut, visually hides
    some flaws and focuses on
  • Painting can be made so that you do not have to
    tint roots every few weeks.

Advantages and disadvantages

Very few cons, and they are in

  • Coloring is pretty hard to do at home.
    conditions. This is especially true for multicolor complex
  • Any staining, even gentle, is still
    stress for hair. Therefore, we must remember the importance
    proper care.

ATTENTION! Wait with hair coloring
badly damaged. First, it is better to do their recovery.

Suitable coloring tints

The choice of colors for coloring and their number is determined
preferences and desired outcome. Also worth
take into account features of appearance. Actual presented
below tone.

In bright colors

Coloring in light shades refreshes the image and
visually rejuvenates. Beautiful natural highlights on
hair fit almost any girl. In bright colors

Cool blond

Cool blond shades like platinum, ashen,
Pearl, suitable for girls with fair skin and blue eyes.
Such an image will look noble and aristocratic.
Cold Blonde


Caramel, by contrast, is a good option for a warm color type.
This color successfully emphasizes brown and chocolate.
curls. Caramel


Coloring in copper shades is a bright and stylish option. is he
suitable from the nature of red-haired girls or brown-haired women. Copper

In dark colors

Using dark tones will refresh the image without
dramatic changes if you are a brunette and beautiful to play on
contrast – if blonde. In the dark colors

Chocolate shades

It will look beautiful combination of several similar tones.
chocolate – from the darkest to the shade of milk chocolate.
With this method you can refresh the blond strands.
Chocolate shades

Cold coloring

Cold shades will suit you if the skin has a bluish
tint, the eyes are blond, and the original hair color is ashy as blond or
rich black.

With an ashy (gray) shade

Gamma ashen from dark graphite to ashy blond
makes the image noble and aristocratic. Such shades
many go, but women should be careful with them
age With an ashy (gray) shade

Coloring gray

Gray color beautifully emphasizes the original black hair color
or cold blond. Also this option looks good,
if your strands are gray. Coloring Gray

Ash Blonde

Coloring ashy blond can be used on dark,
light brown or blond hair. The result is stylish and
attractive, but it is worth considering that such a shade can
emphasize all the imperfections of the skin. Ash Blonde

Color and bright coloring in 2, 3 colors

For coloring can be used bright non-standard shades.
and combinations thereof. They ideally complement creative haircuts and
like girls who used to stand out from
the crowd.

Coloring hair purple

Violet coloring is suitable for a cold color type. Him
can be used on black hair. Purple can be combined with
lighter tones, such as lilac, and used to
zonal staining. purple


Dyeing with red shades – the choice of girls with
warm color type. Their variety will make the image bright and
stylish. Redhead


A bold and non-standard choice. You can choose any tones of pink
from saturated to delicate pastel, but it is important that they
harmonized with the main one. You can combine pink with purple or
lilac flowers. Pink

Coloring with red

The palette of red will suit brunettes and brown-haired women.
It favorably shades dark skin and adds volume to her hair.

In blue

Blue can be used on its own or combined with blue.
This will be a good solution for hot brunettes. This color can
select individual zones, such as bangs and roots. Blue

Coloring in 2 colors

A popular variant of coloring is the use of two shades.
besides the main one. It is important that they are combined between
by myself. These can be related natural tones,
and colored, for example, red with violet or blue with

Coloring white with brown

The combination of white and brown will combine in the hair
all the benefits of blond and dark hair. Such an image will be
at the same time bright and natural. white with brown

Blond and caramel

Beautiful and natural look will be coloring in which
caramel color is combined with the blond tones suitable to it. Can
use beige, golden, honey tones. Blond and caramel

Types, methods and options for coloring

There are several options for coloring, depending on
which result will differ.


In this form, the shades go into each other.
horizontally, from root to tip. The transition itself can
be both smooth and sharp. Transverse


Provides vertical staining of strands from the roots
up to the tips. The technique is similar to classic highlighting,
but the number of tones used may be greater. Longitudinal


With this method are used, honey, beige
tones. Dye smears applied to the hair with a chaotic
or staggered order. Foil not applicable. Strands look very
Naturally and delight beautiful tones. American

Coloring hair tips

Coloring the tips is a good way to refresh the image without risk.
for hair and drastic changes. They can be painted in
natural shades or bright colors. hair tips


With this coloring, several related
natural shades. The final result looks like
hair burned out under the hot summer sun. Californian


Thanks to the use of contrasting colors, the image will be
bright and non-standard. Various
combinations, for example, burning black and cold blond, juicy red
and deep blue. Contrast


Assumes coloring of a separate zone. it
maybe bangs or, for example, strands framing a face.


In the coloring technique, up to 15 tones can be used, as
close to each other, and contrasting. Consider the important rule: what
shorter hair means less colors are recommended.

What does the coloring look like – photo before and after

Coloring is suitable for hair of any length. Only important
to choose the right look and color.

On short hair

On short hair zonal coloring looks good,
in which only bangs or other parts of the hair are colored.
Creative haircuts emphasize color staining.
Use more than 2-4 tones in this case
recommended. On short hair

On medium hair

Owners of medium length hair can be used.
almost any technology. It can be as natural
options, and non-standard solutions. But important is not
overdo it with the number of colors – from 3 to 8 will be
enough For medium hair

Coloring tiger eye on medium hair

On the hairstyles of medium length looks good fashionable coloring
“eye of the Tiger”. It is done on dark hair and suggests
the use of several warm colors, such as caramel,
chestnut, copper, gold, wheat. Transitions between them
almost invisible, but strands with such staining acquire
incredible shine tiger eye on medium hair

Long hair

Long hair gives excellent opportunities for
experiments. Actually the most natural
indented staining as well as complex multitonal
coloring. You can paint only the tips or color wide
strands with gradient. For long hair

Straight hair

On straight strands, the coloring is multicolored.
stripes. Suitable options with sharp transitions and
zonal staining. On straight hair

On curly hair

Wavy curls can complement the natural variations
staining. Several tones close to each other,
emphasize their beautiful texture. But you can also select individual
strands of bright colors.

How to make coloring at home itself

Not all coloring techniques can be made independently. The
However, if you are confident in your abilities, perform at home
conditions simple coloring is quite possible. For this you need
take into account all the features of the procedure.

How to prepare for the procedure

2-3 days before the procedure it is worth washing your hair, and after that it’s not
use cosmetic and styling products. In this way,
dye will take better, and the hair will not be injured.

Another important point is the choice of dye. AT
Home conditions should not use more than three shades.

IMPORTANT! If bleaching or washing is required, their
It should be done in advance, but not on the day when it will be performed

Suitable paints – TOP 3 brands

Many manufacturers of hair cosmetics offer dyes,
suitable for coloring. You can pay attention to the products
following brands:

  • Estelle The manufacturer offers a wide
    color palette. It includes both natural and color shades.
    tones. There is a line for painting gray hair. The dye acts
    sparingly and provides strands with gentle care.
    The cost of paint – from 200 rubles. Estelle
  • L’Oreal Professional. Worth paying attention
    on the Majiblond series, which allows you to gently lighten the strands, and
    also create the actual tone coloring technique. Price
    dye – from 600-700 rubles. Majiblond
  • Selective professional. Advantage of this
    manufacturer in a rich color palette that includes both
    bright and pastel options. Thanks to the mixton palette you can
    create the most non-trivial coloring options. Cost of
    starts from 400 rubles. Selective professional

Required tools

Home coloring will require the following:

  • dyes of selected shades;
  • several brushes (separate for each paint);
  • non-metallic containers for mixing paints;
  • fat cream;
  • clamps or rubber bands;
  • cape;
  • chopped foil;
  • scallop to separate the strands;
  • gloves;
  • shampoo and balm.

Required Tools

Step-by-step technology for self-coloring of hair

Coloring is done as follows:

  • Prepare dyes.
  • Comb your hair and divide it into several
    sections, fasten with clips;
  • Lubricate the skin with cream on the hairline.
  • From each part of the hair should be separated alternately thin
    spinning and dyeing them from top to bottom, enclosing the segments
  • If staining starts with bangs, gradually
    move to the head, if from the head – go to
  • The alternation of colors is determined by the chosen method, but
    It is important to do everything quickly, so that the colors will turn out
  • Each colored strand is wrapped in foil,
    so that the rest of the hair does not get dirty.
  • Keep the dye in accordance with
  • After the foil is removed, the hair is washed with
    shampoo After applying the balm you need to dry them and
    to lay down.

Step by Step Instructions

How long does it take at home and in the beauty salon

The duration of the coloring procedure is determined by its technique and
complexity. Simple home options can be made in 1-2 hours.
More complex techniques, involving a large number of colors,
may take up to 6 hours. But they are better done in the cabin.

How much is held and how often you need to do

Persistence coloring is determined by the type of colors.
Semi-permanent dyes are washed away in a couple of months. Resistant
paints last longer, and renewing is necessary as
hair regrowth. Considering that most species
painting does not affect the roots, it is enough to do coloring
about once every 3 months.

How to make henna coloring

Henna – a dye of natural origin that does not spoil
hair, but only strengthens them. It is used just like regular ones.
paint, but you need to keep it for at least an hour. Another feature in
that the pre-dye needs to be filled with hot water and
stir thoroughly to get the consistency of sour cream.
Before applying to the hair, the resulting mass must be cooled.

How much is hair coloring

The price of coloring depends on the length of the hair and the complexity of the technique.
In salon conditions, it can be 1500-6000 rubles.


Home coloring is a more economical option.
Several colors and all the necessary materials can be
purchase for about 600-1000 rubles. cost

Suitable hairstyles

Coloring can be done on any haircut. When choosing
specific technology must take into account its features.


On a hairstyle, the square looks good and full, and partial
coloring Relevant vertical technology with
contrasting shades. You can use natural
tones, creating smooth transitions between them. Caret

On the extended square

With an elongated quad, in addition to the above options,
use zone coloring, highlighting the strands of the face.
Their clarification or coloring in color looks especially successful.
tones. On the elongated car


On such a haircut looks great coloring randomly selected
wide strands. Brunettes can emphasize hairstyle
blonde, blondes – play with shades of red or colored
pastel. Rack on the leg

On the square with bangs

In this case, an interesting option would be coloring in one
technique tips hair and bangs. But you can also make bangs
accentuate the image and color it only. On the square with bangs

Best Coloring Cascade

Graduated haircuts are perfectly combined with the technique.
coloring You can use its multitonal appearance,
combining contrasting shades. If the hair is brown or dark, their
ideally emphasize blond in several tones. on cascade hairstyle

Haircut asymmetry

With asymmetrical haircuts, you can use several tones,
placing them in the hair chaotically. Stylish option – sharp and
contrast transitions. On the haircut asymmetry

With a bang

A bang can be part of the coloring, repeating one of the colors,
applied to the bulk of the hair. Can also be used
zonal coloring and paint only her. Highlighting it
in a lighter tone, you visually refresh the image using colored
tones – guaranteed not to be ignored. With a bang

Reviews of the procedure

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What coloring is suitable for brunettes with brown

Girls with such appearance should use warm shades.
It can be honey, wheat, caramel, chocolate tones.
Natural techniques like Californian will look great.
coloring From color tones red can be applied.
purple, pink.

Is it possible to make coloring on thin hair?

You can, if they are not too damaged. AT
Otherwise, you should first do the recovery strands.
If the hair is thin, you can use gentle techniques, for example,
paint only the tips.

Highlighting and coloring What is the difference?

When highlighting selected strands and
painted in one color. Most often they are clarified on
several shades. Coloring is a more complicated technique, and in it
more than one color is used. At the same time on the hair different
tones can be arranged quite differently.

What is the difference between coloring and coloring?

The peculiarity of toning is that they are used for coloring
semi-permanent dyes that do not contain aggressive
components. It can be tint balms, shampoos, mousses,
tonics. Toning changes the shade of curls, but only on
certain term. It doesn’t matter how many dyes
used for staining – one or more. Feature
it is in their composition.

Coloring involves the use of large
number of shades. It can be performed using
light tinting dyes, but more often resistant

What is the difference between brondirovanie and coloring?

As a result of the booking procedure, a gentle and
natural image that combines both light and dark
shades. 3-5 tones are used for this staining, which
as close to each other as possible and allow you to create the effect of light
highlights or faded strands. At the roots, the hair remains dark, and
along the length they gain wheat, caramel, golden and others
bright hues.

When coloring can be used more
the number of colors than when booking, and their choice of restrictions
not. It can be bright and contrasting with each other.
tones or several variations of the same color.

Is it possible to do coloring on bleached hair?

Coloring can be performed on bleached hair.
The only exception is when they are very strong.
damaged. The advantage is that the strands that were already
lightened, take any colors, even shades of blond and pastel
tones. In order not to injure the hair, it is recommended to entrust this
procedure professional.

Are you going to do a hair coloring? Yes

Coloring is an interesting and versatile coloring technique.
It has many types, so it can be considered universal.
If your choice is a complex multi-tone
staining, it is better to entrust it to a specialist. But simple
variation can be done at home.

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