Coloring hair – the secret to creating fashionable image

coloring hairHave a modern
women to create different images there is now a mass
Opportunity: you can change the haircut, dye your hair in a new
color, make a spectacular styling or try something
original. More ideas will allow to realize one of the most
fashionable today procedures – coloring hair, which allows
Refresh the look and give it a zest.

Coloring as a type of coloring

For lovers of various kinds of experiments with hair,
coloring will be a great opportunity to change the image and not
harm their already exhausted head of hair. Thanks to
when coloring, only a single part of the hair is colored, this
The procedure considers the most gentle and gentle.

At the moment there are two types of such staining:
highlighting and coloring. The first procedure is based on the method
bleaching strands and painting them in bright shades. Second kind
it is the coloring itself that involves hair coloring in
several colors and shades contrasting or close to each other
tone that allows you to create more original and vibrant

Special dyes are used for coloring:
tinting, resistant, tint or brightening gels and mousses.
Thanks to such a wide choice of dyes, you can get
various effects. Perhaps someone else did not dare to change his
natural hair color, so temporary dyes will allow
just “try on” coloring on yourself. In a few weeks
means will be washed away and natural color will return.

Choice of shades

From the correct choice of colors depends on the final result.
staining. Now the color range of dyes is so wide that
it can easily get confused. Of course, if the procedure is carried out
experienced master in the cabin, he will easily select the shades you need
and colors. But, for those who decided to independently understand
wisdoms of such a technique of staining, it will be useful to know what
It shades perfectly suited to a particular hair color.

Mostly coloring on dark hair is done after
prior to their clarification. Some shades on natural
hair will simply be invisible, and therefore the result of dyeing
not as impressive and beautiful as we would like. So vysvetliv
strands on the dark hair can be colorized
red coral, cyclamen or chili. Ideal also
will become strands of ash-platinum shades, creating red highlights
tones and coloring the tips in bright colors.

Spending coloring on light brown hair, preference is given
brown-red shades. It will also look very impressive.
dyeing strands in dark red and chocolate colors using
at the same time at least 3 different shades. Owners of redheads
hair should be chosen for coloring copper, bright light,
golden coffee shades, as well as the color of “coffee with milk” and blond.
Before you carry out coloring on blond hair, their
no pre-light is required.

Coloring methods

types of hair coloringColoring technique is very
diverse, which makes it possible to create on the hair various
color effects and make the image original, bright and

One of the most popular types is vertical coloring. With
such a master first selects the right amount of colors
(usually from 3 to 10) and their tone. The process itself begins with separation.
hair into separate zones, after which each strand is painted in
its color. The main features of the vertical coloring
asymmetry, unevenness and bright transition effect are considered

In horizontal coloring, usually no more than 3 are used.
colors. In dark colors paint roots, lighter shades.
put on the main length of the hair, and coloring the tips of the hair
make the most light colors. This method allows you to give color
hair depth and create the effect of burnt strands.

Another popular way of coloring is stencil. AT
In this case, the master can create incredible hair
drawings that are painted in bright rich colors and very
look impressive on the hair.

The latest fashion trend has become neon coloration, using
which is painted in bright colors separate hair strand. Because
get a green, blue or red curl – pretty bold
solution, for neon coloration are used unstable
dyes. Literally after the 5-6th head wash, the color is completely
washed off.

Hair coloring at home

For those who want to save money on visiting the salon or for
there is no time, there is always an alternative. So you can
do coloring of hair at home, previously
having bought a special set.

Preparation of hair for coloring is a very important stage. To
make sure the selected colors are correct, try first
paint some separate strand. If the color suits you,
then you can begin to fully implement the transformation of your
shag Owners of dark hair also do not forget about
that coloring on black hair is carried out only after
lightening, and for the best effect of the procedure, the hair should not be washed
at least 2-3 days.

So, having prepared hair for coloring and acquired specially
set of tools, you can proceed to the procedure itself. Of course,
the final result depends on your experience and dexterity, but know
how to do the coloring correctly, it does not hurt you at all.

Coloring technique:

  • First you need to prepare the coloring composition according to the instructions and
    cut into long strips of foil. Pre also worth
    lubricate the skin on the rim of hair growth with petroleum jelly and wear gloves, so
    how the dye easily stains the skin and is very difficult to wash off.
  • Then, taking a small strand of hair at the back of the head, put it on
    foil, brush well with paint and wrap, twisting it to the roots.
    The amount of foil curling will depend on the length of your
  • Next, start moving to the temples and forehead, coloring the right one.
    number of strands in your chosen colors and shades.
  • When finished dyeing your hair, leave it for the recommended period.
    in paint instructions. The effect of paint when coloring is similar
    those used in ordinary staining.
  • After time, remove the foil, alternately spinning
    all strands, and wash your hair. In order to moisturize and
    restore hair after dyeing use conditioner
    deep action.

If you still have not decided on the color or want
experiment with coloring techniques, you can
purchase temporary dyes. With them you will be sure that
If the result is unsatisfactory, the paint will be washed off
some time, and your hair will be beautiful again and ready to
new experiments.

Today coloring is not just a fashion trend. This is a great
way of expression and manifestation of their individuality
around. Ate you want to always be “on top” and attract
looks surrounding their hairstyles, coloring will be for you
a great tool to bring your own
images and styles!

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