Coloring ombra with bangs – on medium, short and long hair, 21 photos and matching hairstyles

Ombre hair dyeing technique is no longer popular
First year. One of the reasons for this is its versatility. She fits
for any hairstyle and hair length. Gradient looks interesting
painting on girls who wear bangs. Ombre with bangs

Features ombre with bangs

The content of the article:

  • Features ombre with bangs
  • Who is this ombre?
  • Performance techniques
  • Types of staining
  • Options for different types of hair
  • Choice of ombra by type of bangs
  • How to make at home?
  • General rules of care
  • What to fear when painting ombra

This type of coloring, as ombre, involves the transition from more
dark shade at the roots to light or vice versa. In classic
Transition option is made smooth, but there are other techniques.
Ombre goes to all girls regardless of length,
structure, hair color and type of appearance.

Ombre with bangs also looks very interesting. Coloring
suggests a number of nuances. Variants of its execution can be

  • Ombre without staining bangs. In this case
    bangs remain the same color as the hair roots.
  • Coloring bangs in the general style. It’s more
    interesting variation. Usually the bangs are lightened, which refreshes the face and
    allows you to visually become younger.


Sometimes ombra is done only on bangs, without affecting
the rest of the hair. In this case, it will act as an accent. Such
Coloring suitable for short haircuts.

Who is this ombre?

In general, ombra fits almost everyone. If a girl wears
bangs and knows that she is her, then painting with the transition will not spoil
her image. It can be used on curls of any length and color. Also,
When performing ombra staining with a bang, you need to take into account the shape of the face,
To highlight the merits and hide flaws:

  • Chubby girls are recommended to leave the top
    dark and add light strands at the top
    hairstyles This will visually stretch the oval.
  • The oval shape of the face is considered ideal, and
    Any variations from classic to bright color are suitable.
    ombre To emphasize the expressiveness of features, you can add
    more light strands around the face.
  • Owners of rectangular or square shape
    it is recommended to soften the oval by bleaching individual strands on
    crown or alternate light and dark tones.
  • For a triangular face type, the creation of a fringe
    tint highlights – it helps to visually hide a wide
  • Trapezoidal shape will become more harmonious when
    using contrasting strands.

To whom it goes

Performance techniques

The owners of bangs, who decided to make an ombre, above all,
must decide whether it will be painted. Can
used different techniques from classical to the most unusual.
Chelochka can not touch at all or make it an accent
image. Performance

If the hair is short, the ends of the bangs can be distinguished bright and
unusual color. On medium and long curls advantageous
Looks option with lightening and bangs, and strands from the face. And brave
girls can choose color staining. Where are you meeting
do ombre? DomaV salon

Types of staining

On hairstyles with bangs can be used any type of ombre.
It is worth paying attention to the following techniques.


Radical ombre allows you to add hair
volume Its essence is that the root zone is obscured, and
gradually selected shade becomes lighter. Also
there is an inverse technique in which the roots, in contrast, are made
light, and made a gradual stretch to the dark ends. Bang
can accent or remain the same color as the roots.


Classic ombre suggests a smooth transition from dark roots.
to bright ends. Bangs can be left the same as the roots.
If it is long, the ombre technique can be applied.
directly on it, creating a gradient from its beginning to the end.


The shades of ashy look beautiful on hairstyles with bangs if
the girl has a cold color type. Especially good they
fit blue-eyed brunettes. Ash


This is a rather complicated coloring technique, in which the transition
should be as smooth as possible. For achievement
uniformity of shade on the tips at the required level is done
highlighting and shading. Transverse


The choice of shades and their quantity is limited only by desires and
fantasy client. On hairstyles with bangs can be used any
tones: blue, pink, purple, blue – only successful is important
combination with the original color. With creative haircuts you can
add colored loops around the face and directly on the bangs.

Sharp ombre

The border between the used tones can be not only
smooth, but also sharp. This option looks stylish and
creatively. It looks interesting painting, in which bangs do
the same color as the lower part of the hair. On the bright

Options for different types of hair

To choose the perfect technique you need to take into account the length of the hair, and
also their original shade.


On short hair is quite difficult to make a classic ombre.
Usually, only the tips or individual strands to the face are lightened. With
the presence of bangs it can be an emphasis. It is for short
haircuts look best bright colors, so you can
to realize the most daring fantasies. Short

Medium (shoulder length)

Medium length haircuts, such as squares, can be made
classic technique or ombra with a clear border. Usually,
the master lightens the strands around the face, which refreshes the image and
emphasizes dignity. If the bangs are asymmetric and
long, it can also be painted using the ombre technique. With
ombra on medium length hair with short bangs it is better to leave it in
the same color as the roots. Medium (shoulder length)


Owners of long hair with straight or oblique bangs can
choose a classic technique with highlight tips. You can also
use bright tones, where besides the tips of the bangs are processed
all strands. It is on the long curls beautifully revealed
difficult transitions, so you can do multi-tone
staining. Long

On dark and black

Brunettes often require prior clarification. Can
choose a contrasting option in which the dark color gradually
becomes very light, or use related tones. With
lightening tips paid attention and bangs. It can be done
accent image. Ombre for short black hair or
Medium length with bangs can be varied due to the bright colors.
On the dark and black

On light

Blondes are almost any tone. Can create soft and
a gentle image using related light shades or make
contrast transition to dark tips. The best option –
a combination of colors, the difference between which is not more than three
tones. On the bright

On red and blond

With light brown hair can be applied quite bold ways.
Suitable reverse technique with lightening hair roots.
Girls with a cool appearance fit transition from
the original light brown in platinum or silver blonde.
On red and blond

On red curls can look good gold, red,
bronze, chestnut tones. The transition in this case is worth doing
smooth, and shades only use warm.

Choice of ombra by type of bangs

Depending on the type of bangs when performing ombra it can
leave in the original shade or paint in different

Short bangs

With short bangs you need to take into account the length of the hair. So, with an ombre
for short hair with straight short bangs last can be done
accent, lighten it and a few strands of face. Also interesting
Looks at the option when an ombra is made with a sharp transition, and
bangs painted in a color similar to the bottom of the hair.
Short bangs

Long bangs

On long asymmetric bangs, you can apply the technique separately.
ombre If it complements the creative ragged haircuts, it is often
painted in bright colors. If you want to create a soft image
In natural shades, bangs remain the same color as the roots.
Long bangs

Straight bangs

If the bang is straight, almost any technique will be appropriate.
An interesting option – an ombra with a sharp transition that begins
at the end of the bangs. You can soften a strict image by adding to
bang a few light highlights. Straight bangs

How to make at home?

At home, you can dye medium and long hair.
If they are short, do it yourself will be very
complicated. The following materials will be required:

  • paint the selected shade (it is better to choose a color of 2-3 tones
    lighter than main)
  • non-metallic container for dilution of the dye;
  • plastic brush;
  • foil;
  • gloves;
  • two combs: one with sparse teeth, the second with thick for
    bouffant creations;
  • rubber bands and clips;
  • shampoo and balm;
  • a cape or a towel that does not mind staining.


The sequence of staining will be as follows:

  • Hair need to comb, separate the bangs.
  • Divide them into four equal parts with transverse partings,
    secure strands with rubber bands at chin level.
  • The hair below the gum better combed to make the transition
  • The paint is applied in a dense layer from top to bottom on each of the strands.
    then they turn into foil.
  • Bangs painted last.
  • Keep the dye need 20-25 minutes. After rinsing
    used balm.

If the original color of the strands is very dark,
require their clarification.

General rules of care

It is better to dye hair using the ombra technique
ammonia-free paints, whose action is the most gentle.

After painting should take into account such rules of care:

  • You can wash your hair 2-3 days after
    procedures to dye managed to gain a foothold.
  • It is recommended to choose the means intended for
    care for colored curls.
  • You shouldn’t wash your hair every day – 2-3 times a day.
    a week will be quite enough.
  • Nutrient masks are useful for colored strands.
    whose composition includes vitamins and natural oils. Their
    you can do it yourself using popular folk

What to fear when painting ombra

If you decide to make an ombre in the cabin, then all you need is
choose a good master. When self-dyeing hair with
bangs it is important not to burn or spoil the hair. If the strands are very
dark, you should not try to quickly repaint them in blond tones,
because there is a risk of damaging them. It is better to use intermediate
tones: light brown, chestnut, reddish.

For heavily damaged hair, it is better to do first.
their restoration, and only then paint. When healthy
Ombre strands will not only refresh your hairstyle, but also make it visually

Popular ombre technique perfectly complements hairstyles with
bangs. To make the effect stunning, consider the length and source color.
hair, face type, and the look of the bang.

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