Coloring on dark hair: photo before and after, price and TOP 5 best technician

There are a large number of hair coloring techniques,
allow you to change the image and make it more interesting than when
monophonic painting. Coloring for dark hair

One of them is coloring. This technique involves a large
the number of options and looks good on dark hair.

What it is: features of coloring dark hair

The content of the article:

  • What it is: features of coloring dark hair
  • Suitable shades for dark hair
  • Types of coloring
  • What does coloring on dark hair look like – photo before and
  • How to make coloring on dark hair at home
    to myself
  • How much is coloring black hair at home and in the salon
    beauty on different hair lengths
  • Suitable hairstyles for coloring on dark hair
  • Hair care after the procedure

Coloring is a professional coloring technique, with
which uses several tones. Their number can be from 2
Up to 15. Most often, similar natural substances are used.
shades, but non-standard creative combinations are allowed.

Coloring for dark hair suggests a range

  • When coloring can be used large
    number of shades. It is important that they are in harmony between
    by myself. The most popular option – stretching one color, consisting
    from a few semitones.
  • The technique can emphasize a complicated haircut and make
    brighter most simple hairstyle.
  • Thanks to coloring, you can add volume curls and
  • It is considered safer than full
    dark hair coloring.
  • Thanks to technology you can hide some flaws.
    oval face.
  • Dark strands often require prior
    lightening, so it’s important that their condition


ATTENTION! Resulting Painting
the result will please with fortitude and beauty only when
proper hair care.

Suitable shades for dark hair

The choice of shades for coloring black hair should
carried out taking into account the features of the woman’s appearance and her
preferences. Can be used as natural tones,
and more creative solutions.

Ash coloring on dark hair

Ash coloring will look beautiful on
hot brunettes with a cold color type. Can
different tones are used from graphite to ash and
pearl blond. Ash coloring on dark hair


Glower coloring will make the image more vivid and
stylish. It is suitable if the original color of the curls –
chestnut or chocolate. Golden and reddish tones will make
Hairstyle tune up with new colors. Redhead

White color

Coloring white is a great solution for those who want
try on the image of a blonde, but not ready for full
clarification. You can lighten as much of the hair, and
individual strands. White


Caramel modulations are perfect.
brown hair. This choice will give hair extra
volume and make the image more delicate. Caramel


Succulent copper coloring can be performed as in the whole
surface curls, and on individual strands. For example, beautiful
looks bang in such shades. Copper

Chocolate shades

Use for coloring chocolate tones
shades will create a natural and harmonious
form. Due to the lack of contrasts staining can be
not too noticeable, but the hairstyle will gain vitality. Chocolate shades

Light coloring on dark hair

For light coloring can be used as cold
tones (pearl, platinum, ashen) and warm (golden,
honey). You can allocate a separate zone of hair or
Color them over the entire length. The last option will do
girls who want to become blondes over time. Light coloring on dark hair

Color and bright coloring in 2, 3 colors

Girls who aren’t afraid of experimenting can
use for coloring bright and unusual tones.
You can create beautiful smooth gradients on your hair or
paint chaotically. Brunettes fit combination of red and
purple. May also be relevant blue, rich pink,
burgundy tones. Color and bright coloring in 2, 3 colors

Coloring hair purple

Violet shades go brunettes and make the image stylish and
mysterious. Isolation of the main mass of hair with such tones will do.
for those who like to experiment. You can also select individual
strands, for example, near the face or bangs. purple

Pink coloring on dark hair

Brunettes fit deep and rich tones of pink. Brown-haired
you can use more tender options like strawberry or
pastel. Color staining is a stylish solution, but note that
Hair will require prior lightening. Pink

Coloring with red

Coloring with red shades creates on
The hair has a beautiful flame effect. Reddish tones
combined with black and chestnut original color. with red

Types of coloring

Coloring technique can be performed
differently. The most common are its following types.


It assumes the transition of one hair color to another on top
way down. A popular option is the well-known ombre. But
The border between colors can be sharp. It is quite complicated
equipment that is difficult to perform at home. Transverse


Longitudinal coloring is also called vertical
since the locks are stained in this direction from the roots to
tips. This is a simpler technique with which you can
handle by yourself. Longitudinal


When zonal coloring is painted only
a certain part of the hair. This may be bangs or strands,
framing face Zonal


Coloring technique makes it possible to use up to
15 shades. Strands can be in any order
painted in a variety of colors. This can be combined as
related and contrasting shades. Multicolor

Coloring hair tips

If you want to refresh the image without radical change,
You can experiment with staining tips. On
dark hair looks beautiful bleached ends. You can also
make colored. hair tips

What does coloring on dark hair look like – photo before and

Due to the variety of techniques and colors that can
used for coloring, it is suitable for any length and
hair structure.

On short hair

For short hair, do not use large
number of colors, optimal to take 2-4 shades.
Creative haircuts complements the color coloring well. Also
You can paint only bangs or strands of the face. On short hair

On medium hair

Medium length haircuts look spectacular
horizontal coloring with a clear border. Can
also use color options. Creative solution – patterned
coloring, in which on the curls drawing is done through
special stencil. For medium hair

Long hair

The longer the hair, the greater the number of options
staining can be used. Looks good
multicolor coloring with randomly colored strands. Also
creating the effect of burnt hair and gradient dyeing
color shades of selected strands. For long hair

Straight hair

On straight hair, you can use complex techniques and
create whole compositions on them. Fit horizontal
Coloring with a clear or smooth border. Spectacular option –
radical brightening of the tips with dark hair
roots. On straight hair

On curly hair

Wavy curls can be emphasized vertical
coloring over the entire surface of the hair. In this case
soft transitions with natural shades will look beautiful,
such as caramel or wheat. On curly hair

How to make coloring on dark hair at home
to myself

The technique of coloring is quite complicated. For creating
non-standard staining is better to contact the master. At home
conditions, you can try to apply simple options

Preparation for the procedure

2-3 days before the procedure is not recommended to wash your hair – so
the paint will take better. Also need to prepare dyes. AT
home conditions it is better to use no more than three tones close
to each other. at home

IMPORTANT! To protect the skin from getting paint on it
It is recommended to put on the skin near the roots of fat

Paints – TOP-2 best brands

Paints that can be used for coloring,
offered by many manufacturers. For example, you can draw
Focus on the following products:

  • Londa color Professional. In the palette
    Both natural colors and bright mixton are presented. For
    Coloring suits shades of red, red and purple.
    Londa color Professional
  • Estelle De Luxe. Advantage of this
    manufacturer in a rich palette that includes 140
    shades. It has both bright and natural tones. Also
    Presents a series for painting gray hair and a line of saturated
    dyes with a nourishing effect.

Required tools

For home coloring, you need to prepare the following:

  • dyes of selected tones;
  • non-metallic dilution tanks;
  • paint brush;
  • hairbrush;
  • pins or clips;
  • glove;
  • cape so as not to stain clothes.

Step by step scheme for coloring dark hair

At home, the vertical is the easiest to do.
coloring The sequence of actions should be

  • Hair is divided into several zones.
  • Strands are separated for dyeing with a width of about 0.5
  • Dyes are divorced according to the instructions.
  • Take turns to put under each separated
    strand a piece of foil and a brush to apply selected
  • Strands are wrapped in foil and aged in
    according to the paint instructions.
  • Then the dye is washed off with shampoo.
    It is better to wash the colored locks separately, so that the dyes
    did not mix and did not change shades.


How long does the procedure take, how long does it take and how
often do

The duration of the coloring procedure depends on the length
hair and the amount of dyes. It can take from 1 to 6
hours Resilience results depend on proper care.
as well as paint resistance. Semi-permanent dyes usually
hold for several months, resistant paints give
long lasting result. how much is holding

If the roots were not affected by the dyeing process, no
It makes sense to repeat it more often 2-3 times a month. If the roots too
were painted, painting will have to be updated more often – about once a
month. Usually when coloring are used such techniques that
allow you to save the result as regrowth curls.

How to make henna coloring

For home coloring can be used henna –
natural and safe dye. But you need to consider that it is very
resistant, and get rid of the resulting shade will continue
problematic. Features of henna for home
the coloring are as follows:

  • Henna is diluted with hot water (up to 85 degrees) and good
    is stirred. The result should be a consistency.
    sour cream. It is necessary to let it cool so as not to burn the skin.
  • Henna is applied similarly to conventional dyes.
    After applying the strands need to wrap with foil.
  • The exposure time determines the final result, but in
    in any case, leave it for at least an hour.
    To control staining can be visually. When desired shade
    obtained, the composition is thoroughly washed with water without shampoo

How much is coloring black hair at home and in the salon
beauty on different hair lengths

The cost of painting in the cabin is determined by the complexity, length
hair and institution level. On average price coloring
short hair starts from 1,800 rubles, medium-length hair – from
2500, long – from 3000 rubles. cost

Home coloring is more economical. Only need to buy
paints and other necessary tools. On average you can
meet the amount of up to 1000 rubles.

Suitable hairstyles for coloring on dark hair

A variety of coloring options allows
harmoniously combine it with any haircuts. Successfully
look multi-colored dyeing on such hairstyles.


On a hairstyle, four of a kind can be made both horizontal and
vertical coloration. Many girls choose for
This hairstyle natural tone that looks very harmonious
Short caret

On the extended square

With an elongated square, strands that frame the face and
make horizontal coloring with a smooth transition.


For such a haircut can be used and natural colors, and
non-standard bright combinations. You can select individual

On the square with bangs

In the presence of bangs often used zonal
coloring where only she is painted. Also
actual staining bangs and tips in one color.


The texture of cascading haircuts emphasizes the vertical
coloring close shades. Also
ragged tips can be distinguished by a separate color.

Hair care after the procedure

After staining to preserve the health of the hair and ensure
color fastness, you need to consider the following recommendations:

  • Use products designed to care for
    colored hair.
  • Try not to use hair dryer too often.
    Thermal devices for styling.
  • Wash your head not too often, using for
    This is warm, not hot water.
  • Regularly do nutritional and regenerating
  • Trim tips in a timely manner and update

Coloring is a great way to change your image.
The variety of its options allows you to choose the right technique for
any girls. The procedure is quite complicated, and it is better to entrust it
good specialist.

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