Comb for combing lice and nits – what choose and how to use, how to use electric comb, comb from pediculosis and gum

Pediculosis or lice is one of the most common.
and unpleasant diseases. Lice bites are little pleasant themselves
besides, it is accompanied by itching, rash and irritation of the skin.
In addition, parasites can be carriers of other, more dangerous
diseases. Particularly susceptible to parasite children that
complicate the problem because far from all pharmacies are applicable to them
drugs because of their toxicity. Efficient and safe method
removal of lice in this case – combing with
special comb. Lysgard comb

Mechanical method of dealing with head lice and major

The content of the article:

  • Mechanical method of dealing with head lice and major
  • Comb lice and nits – the main types and TOP best
  • The best remedies and medicines for lice complete with
  • What can replace the comb from lice and nits
  • Comb lice and its types
  • Lice Hair Ties
  • Alternative methods of dealing with lice and nits

There are two ways to deal with lice: chemical and
mechanical. The first is to use special
antiparasitic agents – insecticides. They have
nerve damage to an insect, depriving it
opportunities to move, feed and multiply.

Mechanical method involves the removal of adults
individuals and nits from the affected area. Most often this
combing with a comb with frequent teeth is the most ancient and
In many ways, the most reliable way to control lice. He does not have
restrictions on health and age due to the lack of adverse
effects, i.e. It can be used to treat children, pregnant women and
nursing women, patients with a tendency to allergies. combing

REFERENCE! Comb is not the only tool
mechanical control of lice. In ancient times (to this day in
some tribes that preserved the primitive system) people went through
each other’s hair and crush the lice with their own fingers. With
defeat pubic lice eyelashes easiest, and most importantly –
safe to take them off with your hands.

Moreover, the chemical method of combating head lice itself
may be ineffective, because toxic agents are not capable
penetrate the thick and dense chitinous shell of nits.
The so-called combined option is preferred.
when for best results after using
chemicals are being combed out.

IMPORTANT! Combs are used as an independent or
adjuvant for the treatment of pediculosis.

Comb lice and nits – the main types and TOP best

Depending on the material used, the combs can be:

  • metal, Metal
  • plastic, Plastic
  • wooden. wooden

REFERENCE! Often plastic combs are attached in
one package with the pediculosis preparation (shampoo, spray,

Scallops made of plastic and wood today in many ways
outdated. So, plastic models often bend during
use, which increases the gap between the teeth and lice
not captured.

Wooden combs are stronger, but usually do not possess
desired frequency and length of teeth. Main advantage
such combs – lower price compared to

Metal Scallops

Metal combs are made of solid and durable
alloys, such as steel, so they do not bend and have
practically unlimited service life. From the usual
combs such ridges are strikingly different even in appearance – they have
long and very frequent teeth. Metal Scallops

REFERENCE! Size of adult head louse
is 2.5-4 mm, nits – about 0.5 mm. Teeth spacing
the anti-pedicular crest should be less than these values.

For better capture of small parasites, some models have
special notches on the teeth. However, the tool must be
safe for human scalp, do not cause wounds and cuts. For
This tooth tips have a rounded shape.


One of the most popular models of modern
anti-pedicular crests. Long serrated teeth
effectively and reliably remove lice and nits. AntiV

Thanks to the round handle with silicone inserts, the product is comfortable
hold in hand, it does not slip and does not injure the skin.


The teeth of the model are made of steel;
anti-corrosion compound. The handle is made of lightweight
plastic, has a fairly convenient form. LiceGuard

The set includes 2 combs at once: one with longer teeth,
the other with shorter ones. This allows you to use the product on
hair of different types and any length. Besides the combs themselves,
Attached hairpin to easily split hair into strands.
The tip of the tool is a magnifying glass.


The product is made of high quality steel, teeth mount
with notches made with. Thanks to this technology
comb will last a long time. With an appearance similar to the AntiV comb,
the product has a significant drawback – during operation
too sharp teeth damage skin and hair. nitdree

Electric combs from lice and nits

Electric comb at the moment – the most
progressive and effective way to get rid of parasites on
hair. The principle of operation is an electrical impulse.
point effects. A small discharge current is absolutely safe.
for a man, but destructive for unwanted guests in his hair
– the insect loses its ability to move and dies.

The big advantage of the gadget is that
parasites do not develop resistance, as happens when
use of chemicals.

Electric comb RobiComb

The device is powered by batteries. The base of the comb is plastic, but
metal teeth, small in length. To exclude contact with
scalp teeth protected by plastic protrusions. In set
Attached brush to clean the tool. RobiComb

REFERENCE! In schools in the US and Japan, electric
Comb used for the diagnosis of pediculosis in children. With
an insect on the teeth of the device appears characteristic
buzz signaling the presence of the disease.

Comb effectively kills lice and nits without causing
harm to human health. The discharge current kills the insect,
therefore, even falling, it will not be able to move to a new owner and
parasitize in his head.

ATTENTION! Safety device is used
exclusively on dry hair!

Pros and cons of the comb as a way to combat parasites


  • Comb can be used not only in the treatment of pediculosis, but
    also as a diagnosis of the disease and its prevention.
  • Unlike most chemicals, the comb is equally
    effective from adult lice, and from their larvae – nits.
  • Mechanical treatment of hair without the use of
    toxic substances are completely safe and therefore can
    used in the treatment of pediculosis in children, at any time
    pregnancy, lactation, as well as respiratory diseases
    systems (asthma, bronchitis) and allergies. In other words,
    This method has no contraindications.
  • The service life of the comb is practically unlimited, which means that by purchasing
    tool once, it can be used multiple times.



  • Hard metal teeth with notches can injure
  • For combing it is necessary to attract an assistant who will
    carry out the procedure, because it is important to see if the comb has captured
  • High-quality device is not cheap.

Instructions for use

For combing to bring the expected result
carry out the procedure correctly.

  1. Wash your hair using a special
    protivopedikuleznogo or ordinary shampoo.
  2. It is advisable to rinse your hair with vinegar
    solution to remove sticky secretions when
    whose care nits firmly sit on the surface of the hair.
  3. Comb the usual comb first so that they
    not tangled under the frequent teeth scallop.
  4. Pulling thin strands and working
    comb, leading it from the scalp to
    hair tips.
  5. Rinse off after each combing
    comb, pushing the teeth with your fingers, under running water
    water or in the pelvis with a disinfectant solution.
  6. At the end of the procedure, thoroughly clean the instrument and
    process with antiseptic.
  7. To achieve sustainable results and prevention
    Recurrence combing is repeated every day for
    of the week.


ATTENTION! It is best to perform the procedure in the bathroom
the room so that the combed out lice do not run around the house.

With the mechanical method of processing, it is important to see the parasites,
therefore it is best to choose a room with good lighting,
use a magnifying glass, and put insects on the hair on a white
paper or sheet pre-spread on a hard
surface. A person brushing an infected person must secure
yourself from lice attacks – hide your hair under a hat, wear
light bathrobe.

Post comb treatment is a prerequisite for complete
excretion of parasites. First, the tool is cleaned of hair.
and insect residues, then thoroughly washed. Can be used
solution of soap with the addition of baking soda, ammonia
alcohol, vinegar or hold boiling. treatment

IMPORTANT! Wooden and plastic devices can not
boil or process vinegar.

Where to buy and price

Most often, combs for lice can be purchased at the pharmacy, sometimes
combs come with anti-pediculosis drugs.

The cost of the comb may depend on the material of manufacture,
principle of action, manufacturer, distributor pricing policy, and
also region of implementation. The most attractive price
official representatives of a particular brand.

* Hereinafter prices are indicated in rubles.

Name of the crest Online store LiceGuard Internet-shop Online store
AntiV 1490 1690
LiceGuard 800 1000
Nitfree 1745
RobiComb 2400 2500

The best remedies and medicines for lice complete with

As already mentioned, some pediculicides are sold in
complete with lice scallops. This is a reasonable offer, because
the use of chemicals does not eliminate the need

Here are the most popular drugs:

  1. Pediculen Ultra – Spray Based
    6% raisin oil for killing head and pubic lice and their
    eggs (nits). Developed by the Research Institute of Disinfectology Rospotrebnadzor.
    The convenient form of the spray makes it easy to apply the product to the hair.
    It has a natural plant odor. Possible for use
    in children older than 5 years. Pedikulen Ultra
  2. Nuda – silicone oil based spray –
    dimethicone. The active substance is safe for humans, but thanks to
    polymer film covers lice and nits access to oxygen in
    resulting in insects dying from suffocation. Means
    contraindicated in children under 1 year old with asthma,
    pregnant and lactating. Nuda
  3. Parasidosis +. Active ingredients: coconut
    acid, cocamidopropyl – cause asphyxia in adults and
    dissolve the adhesive substance by which the nits hold onto
    the hair of an infected person. The product has a pleasant aroma and
    emollients in the composition. The drug is allowed on time.
    pregnancy and care for babies older than 3 months. Parasidosis
  4. Paranit – mineral oil shampoo
    clearol, causing choking lice. Odorless, however
    contraindicated in pregnant and lactating, as well as children under 3 years.
    Individual intolerance to the components of the shampoo is possible.

Where to buy and price

Pedicide medications are available at any pharmacy, including
number in the pharmacy online services, and even in the largest online
stores, for example on .

A drug PharmacyService
Pediculen Ultra 3in1 (spray + comb + magnifier) 528 555 536 528
Nuda (50 ml + comb) 659.50 667 678 803
Parasidosis + (60 ml + comb) 376.30 513
Paranit (200 ml + a hairbrush) 720.30 948 842 1042

What can replace the comb from lice and nits

Thrifty hosts as well as those who hope never again
may be considered too expensive
purchase of expensive specialized comb. but
the news is disappointing for them – the usual combs, even with
very frequent teeth, cannot get rid of lice as effectively
how the comb will do it. What more can such
tools – comb only adults, the size of which
comes to 4 mm. Nits that look like dandruff will stay on
the surface of the hair, which will inevitably lead to a relapse of the disease.
comb with fine teeth

However, manufacturers today offer a number of
alternative ways to control lice and prevent them

Comb lice and its types

Like the pediculite crests, the teeth
specialized comb for lice and nits are located on a very
small, almost microscopic, distance from each
a friend. The main difference of the comb from the comb in this case
– the presence of a longer handle. It is very comfortable and hygienic, because
combing during the procedure will not touch the hair and skin

Well-known manufacturer of medical devices – the company Visiomed –
produces several models of such combs from lice: more simple and
дешевая “ZAP X 200” и усовершенствованная “Zapx VM — X 200” с
curved head. The most noteworthy comb is the “TriXpert” with
three rows of freq teeth. At the base of the comb
mounted magnifying glass. ZAP X 200

You can buy tools in online stores,
distributing products of foreign brands. Issue price
– from 1300 to 2500 rubles.

Electric lice comb

The same brand produces an electronic comb “Zapx VM –
X 100 “. Casting aside modesty, the Visiomed lab called
your gadget “deadly weapon for lice.” The principle of such
same as electric combs – discharge of electric current
affects the insect and kills it without harm
infected person. Zapx VM - X 100

The accessory is distributed through procurement groups, its
the price starts from 1670 rubles. .

Interesting device – comb-cleaner for removing lice and nits
“Showliss Pro” . Comb teeth made of
stainless steel and rounded at the ends. The row of teeth is adjustable in
two positions. During the combing out, the lice and their eggs are drawn in
replaceable filter. The device operates on AC. Showliss Pro

Unfortunately, the gadget is available for purchase only on
Ukrainian and Kazakh sites. Price – from 700 rubles.

Lice Hair Ties

A well-known hair accessory may also have
anti-pediculosis effect. For this, manufacturers impregnate
gum essential oils that repel parasites: rosemary,
peppermint, tea tree oil, lavender, fennel and many

A fragrant mixture to kill the already existing lice can not,
however, such a bouquet is quite capable of scaring off insects, only
intending to settle in the hair.

ATTENTION! Shelf life of accessories is limited and
is approximately 2-3 months.

Apply such gum as prevention of pediculosis in
children spending a lot of time in a large team: in children’s
garden, school, sports camps, etc. Not recommended until
reach the age of 3 years in order to avoid an allergic reaction.

Available models:

  • Orgakiddy gum. In the package 4 pieces.
    They are used only on dry hair, it is contraindicated when wearing
    nighttime sleep. Price – from 1200 rubles. Orgakiddy Gum
  • Eraser from Gilbert Parasidose. In pack 1
    PC. Price – from 930 rubles. Gilbert Parasidose Eraser

Alternative methods of dealing with lice and nits

In foreign countries are beginning to use a new method of dealing with
pediculosis – heat treatment. Insects destroy powerful air
a jet of a special dryer, the temperature of which reaches 60 ° C.
The method can be quite simple and effective, however
has not received much distribution yet. Fen

A more affordable, but daring and extravagant way to solve
the problem of lice – shave off the hair completely. Louse –
only a parasitic insect that cannot live without
the host. If you deprive her of the opportunity to gain a foothold on the human body,
she dies within 4 days.

So get rid of lice without resorting to
special comb, practically not realistic.

The tool is effective both for adults and from their nits,
He has no contraindications. However, pediculosis treatment is better.
use a complex of means, and most importantly – stock up on a fair amount
patience, because the parasite is tenacious and cannot be removed by one procedure.

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