Comedones: causes and methods of struggle

Acne is a disease associated with dysfunction.
hair follicles and sebaceous glands, which can be caused
many reasons. And although a particular threat to human health
comedones do not carry, they are one of the most unpleasant
cosmetic problems and worsen the quality of life. Wrong
treatment of comedones is fraught with irreversible consequences – irregularities,
scarring and pigmentation on the skin.


  • Causes and mechanism of appearance of comedones
  • Locations and types of comedones
  • Prevention and treatment of comedones
  • Folk recipes

Causes and mechanism of appearance of comedones

The main cause of the comedones is
accumulation of secretions produced by sebaceous glands in the mouth
a hair follicle in which a cork is formed from cells
epidermis and dust particles. Closed hair follicle
prevents self-release of sebum, which
continues to accumulate in it.


Slags and toxins that are excreted through the skin
pores that react with sebum, eventually forming a thick
sticky mass. The accumulation of sebaceous deposits leads to the fact that
the mouth of the follicle is reduced or closed altogether. Going on
violation of the separation of fat, stretching the wall of the follicles.

Visible comedones on the face becomes when the mixture of
sebum, toxins and bacteria, partially protrude from the mouth and
under the influence of oxygen, it gradually turns into a black dot.

One of the external causes of acne is
irregular and irregular skin care. Irrational
use of cosmetics with abundant fat, frequent
applying make-up and disregard for the rules of hygiene (do not wash and
does not clean the skin before bedtime), leads to the fact that the skin
dead cells accumulate, hardened sebum, dust,
bacteria and salt crystals (the result of sweating). With
the propensity of the skin to the fat content even one of the listed
factors are enough to start the process of education

Genetic predisposition also affects the occurrence
comedones. People whose family has had or has relatives with
painful manifestations on the skin of the face, the likelihood of morbidity
much higher.

Testosterone levels are another stimulating factor.
the formation of comedones. People with acne prone skin
hormone levels increase the activity of the sebaceous glands. Besides
epithelial cells located in the hole in the hair follicle
do not fall off in a timely manner, which first narrows the duct, and then
completely clogs it.

In rare cases, the emergence of comedones can be a side.
effect of taking certain drugs. Termination of admission
remedy corrects the situation: comedones disappear
on their own.

Stressful situations provoke certain changes in
the body, one of which is a change in the composition of the skin
bacon In addition, under stress and depression, people tend to
less care about hygiene and skin care, which leads to
comedones Restoration of a normal lifestyle and compliance
skin care rules eliminate the rash that has appeared on this
the reason.

The formation of comedones can also cause a humid climate and
polluted air, contributing to the accumulation of dirt microparticles
on the skin.

Locations and types of comedones

Dermatologists distinguish between two types of rash: open (black)
comedones and closed (white) comedones. The first are located
mainly on the nose, forehead, cheeks, chin, on the back (upper
its parts), at least – on the chest.

Closed comedones are under a thin layer of skin and externally.
resemble beads or whitish nodules that are slightly
towering over the skin surface. Limited content
linoleic acid reduces the protective function of the epithelium and acidity

Open comedones most often appear on the forehead, in the ears or on
nose. They, as mentioned above, are formed in the process
oxidation in the pores of the so-called “tube”, consisting of skin
fat, horn particles and microbes. Open comedones are not worn
inflammatory nature, you can get rid of them by
various means, both traditional and traditional medicine.

Prevention and treatment of comedones

Treatment of comedones requires an integrated approach, by all means
taking into account the individual characteristics of the development of pathology. Besides
nutritional regime is necessary to adjust the functions of organs
digestion, as well as the nervous and endocrine systems.

In the treatment and prevention of comedones, it is important to carry out
proper skin care, especially for oily or
combined type. It provides high-quality cleansing and
moisturizing, reducing too vigorous sebaceous glands and
regular elimination of excess sebum, in reducing
the degree of exposure of microorganisms to the skin, periodic removal
dead skin cells and UV protection.

The main tool that helps get rid of comedones
even at home – this is, first of all, hygiene,
use of properly selected cosmetics and appropriate
remedies (ichthyol ointment, tetracycline, differin).

To cure open and closed comedones on the skin of the face will help such
drugs like ichthyol ointment (Unguentum Ichthyoli) and cream,
made on the basis of glycerin – they remove traffic jams,
thus opening the mouth of the follicle;

When treating acne at home, you can use unna –
special tool to remove formations.

From top black comedones will help get rid of topical
action (lotion, cream or ointment), acquired in any

Cleansing peeling followed by application to the skin
cosmetic mask and antiseptic (for example,
Ichthyol ointment) – gives a striking result in the fight against
open comedones.

Folk recipes

Mint infusion. As a prophylactic use
Mint infusion (150 g mint leaves pour 1 liter of water). Infusion
rub face twice a day.

Pumpkin. Getting rid of inflammation on the skin will help
mask from the pulp of the pumpkin. – The product is beneficial
impact on closed comedones, eliminating pain.

Raspberry leaves Effectively an ointment from the juice of raspberry leaves,
which is mixed with petroleum jelly or butter (1: 4). Act
ointment is similar to that drug differin.

Brewer’s yeast. To reduce the likelihood of rashes in
T-zone, folk healers recommend taking during the reception
food brewer’s yeast (1-2 teaspoons).

Herbal infusion. Closed comedones in the early stages of development
are treated at home with the help of herbal picking: clear white,
tricolor violets, a series of tripartite and wild strawberry.
Plants take in equal proportions and prepare an infusion in which
then add honey to taste, and take it as a cleansing blood
anti-inflammatory agent.

Before resorting to the help of folk remedies that help
get rid of comedones, it is better to first seek advice
to a specialist. Not all methods used at home,
are harmless.

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