Comprehensive care or a suitable mask for feet

Every woman is aware of the benefits of masks for the skin. Everything
representatives of the weaker sex do them, but the mask for the legs is not
so much in demand as similar treatments for the face, hair and
hands, because we remember the legs last. However, for
you need to take care of your feet, and it is recommended to do it regularly,
and not from time to time. This need must be met not
just to make the legs attractive and beautiful, but also for
recovery, because it is the feet and legs in general receive daily
the biggest load. In addition, the foot is the area in which
many active health points are located
most internal organs.

All beauty salons can boast a variety of tools
foot care, but not all women can afford
professional services, so today we will try to make out
how to properly care for your feet at home. Will consider
useful recipes for homemade cosmetics, after which each
will be able to determine for himself which scrub or foot mask is more
just fit.

A variety of foot masks

It is very easy and simple to prepare and use any mask at home.
for the legs, and this will require an outstanding list
ingredients and a small amount of time.

Depending on the purpose of use, cosmetics
Subdivided into the following types:

  1. Nutrients. Because dry skin can provoke
    the appearance of cracks that causes discomfort and sometimes pain during
    walking, you must regularly moisturize the skin of the feet. Nourishing mask
    for legs is most often prepared on the basis of olive oil, cherry,
    honey and cabbage juice.
  2. Paraffin products. This combination of moisturizers, emollients and
    restorative components, which gives legs a lifting effect and
    allows to improve microcirculation in tissues. Paraffin represents
    a mass of white, odorless, which is heated
    applied to the skin. This tool gives instant positive
    effect, but to carry out this procedure yourself is extremely difficult
    and even dangerous.
  3. Exfoliating mask allows you to first remove
    keratinized cells, which promotes healing of the skin. And in
    Depending on the components used, you can additionally
    moisturize or cleanse the skin of the feet. This category also includes
    foot scrub, because he has a similar main task.
  4. Cleansers in general should be included in daily
    complex foot care treatments as they allow
    additionally deep clean the skin. For these purposes you can also
    use and improvised items such as a scraper or
  5. Moisturizers. The need to apply such
    cosmetic products associated with the fact that the legs every day
    experiencing tremendous stress and are often forced to remain in
    uncomfortable conditions. These masks nourish the skin, give it a healthy
    appearance and protect it from the occurrence of cracks.

Behind legs care should be complex, therefore follows
use as regularly as possible cleansing and
exfoliating and moisturizing nourishing cosmetic
facilities. This is the only way to ensure the legs are fully healthy and healthy.
beautiful view.

To achieve the desired effect at home, below
There are several useful recipes.

Foot Mask Recipes

Since the legs need to provide comprehensive care, we offer
familiarize yourself with the recipes of different masks, given the previously reviewed
classification of cosmetics.

Let’s start with cleaning masks, because such procedures need to be carried out
originally. Easy to prepare and use
blue clay foot mask. It is enough to dilute the clay to
porridge, and then apply on the feet, and when
dry means – wash off and apply the cream on his feet. Another recipe
cleanser – aspirin mask. For cooking
you will need to dilute 10 aspirin tablets in a small amount
water, then add 1 teaspoon of lemon juice. The resulting mixture
should be applied on the feet, then wrap them with a film and put on
socks, and after 10-20 minutes, rinse off the product and pumice.

After cleansing, dead cells need to be removed with
exfoliating means. An indispensable component in this case
is oatmeal. To prepare the mask should be 2 tbsp. spoons of cereals
mix with the same amount of chopped almonds, after which
add 2 tbsp. spoons sour cream. The mixture is applied to steamed
peeled feet. The mixture is applied to steamed, peeled mortars.
After 20 minutes, the peeling mask and socks are washed off with warm water.
for legs are put on, but before applying a nourishing cream or oil.
Excellent help and coffee with cinnamon, of which the mask is made scrub.
To prepare you need 2 tbsp. spoons of ground coffee mixed with such
the same amount of sea salt and 1 tbsp. spoon of cinnamon. After add
olive oil to make a mixture of the consistency of gruel.
Apply this tool on steamed feet in circular
movements, and after 20 minutes, washed off with warm water.

The next step in skin care is nutrition. For
These goals are perfect mask with turpentine, which
You can cook by mixing 1 yolk, 1 tbsp. spoons
vegetable oil, 1 tbsp. spoons of vinegar and small
turpentine spoons. Mass applied to the foot, and after 30 minutes, wash off.
As already mentioned, for food it is good to use cabbage juice,
which still helps heal the cracks. Blender need to grind
cabbage leaves, then the slurry is applied to the feet.

These recipes are only a small part of a huge variety.
useful tools, which makes it possible to choose the right
option, and constantly try something new.

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