Content laying with pediculocidal agents – description

Pediculosis is not exactly a disease. So called infection
human lice – blood-sucking parasites that feed and
multiply by settling in the hairy areas of the human body.
It is easy to catch lice from another person, because their victims
often become children who still do not keep distance from each other
friend during joint games. So that everyone can quickly and correctly
get rid of parasites, not having time to pass them on, there is
anti-pediculosis styling. Anti-pediculosis piling

What is anti-pediculum styling and where should it be?

The content of the article:

  • What is anti-pediculum styling and where should it be?
  • Composition – what is included in the content of an anti-pediculosa
  • Classic and modern composition – is there any difference?
  • Are there any differences in packing with pediculocidal agents for
    medical staff, patient, in hospital, in hospitals, in reception
    alone, in kindergarten or school?
  • Ministry of Health Order number 342 – a summary
  • Prevention of pediculosis
  • How is the inspection?
  • Modern and effective remedies against pediculosis

Anti-pedicular styling is a set of tools
remedies and medicines for proper and final
disposal of pests. The composition of laying is regulated and
must be complete, otherwise the doctor relieves the patient from pediculosis
or the patient, if he is able to do it himself, having an assistant,
will not be able to complete the procedure. Laying anti-pediculosis photo

IMPORTANT! Disinsection is undesirable.
independently, but you can, if all conditions are met and the level
small infection. A patient with a large population of head lice or a child
Be sure to lead to the doctor.

Such a kit should be kept in all medical
facilities, according to the rules – in the emergency room, if in the hospital
there is a hospital. In the department of the hospital, if it arose
need, issued on request by junior medical staff. AT
school and preschool educational institutions (especially closed type)
there should be a set in case lice are detected during one
from inspections (should be held twice a year). Keep this in
home conditions are not necessary, so how to buy it in full
the composition may not be everywhere, but wishing to get rid of lice in domestic
conditions, the patient can study the composition and purchase all the necessary

Composition – what is included in the content of an anti-pediculosa

The composition of the installation is quite detailed and numerous – there is no
just everything you need, designed to rid the patient of
lice, but also protection for the doctor or any other conductive
cleaning, and also the means included there for the purpose of neutralizing waste
(patient’s hair, etc.).

All this is necessary because the lice, though visible to the naked
eye, but weak. Even smaller than adult insects, their eggs,
called colloquially “nits.” Can not just
throw out objects infected with parasites – there is a chance that
they will find a new victim, if not in a man, then in a wandering
an animal that will spread the infection for a long time.

IMPORTANT! There are at least two compositions.
Anti-pedicular styling – classic and modern. By
modern standards are more comfortable, less traumatic
for the patient and safe for the environment.

Prostate laying should be kept in
sealed and close to sterile container
so that in case of emergency it was easy and quick to find and not
forget all the following things:

  • metal (or hard plastic) comb;
  • a magnifying glass (optional, in case the verifier does not possess
    acute vision);
  • scissors;
  • clipper (trimmer);
  • latex or rubber gloves;
  • yellow bag with the word “hazardous waste” for cut off
  • pelerine for the patient;
  • hair bucket;
  • scarf-kerchief
  • disposable shoe covers;
  • medical cotton;
  • protective overalls and respirator mask for the doctor;
  • sprayer;
  • nine percent vinegar and spirit lamp;
  • currently legalized drugs for
    fight against lice.


As can be seen from the composition, the doctor must be completely
protected – after contact with several infected him
own chances to catch parasites are nearing one hundred percent.
Clothes and hair, if the infection is serious and there is a need for them
cut off, must be properly disposed of. Start off
disinsection, not having all the styling components, is dangerous and
potentially meaningless, as it is incorrectly removing one
the source of infection, you can easily provoke the emergence of a new one.

Classic and modern composition – is there any difference?

Anti-pedicular styling was not always the same – they change
medical and sanitary standards and safety conditions
medical professionals. In the classic version there were some
drugs (ovicides and neovicides, for example) that are
standards are dangerous or undesirable for use on the skin, especially
the nursery. classical

Also in the modern version more attention is paid
individual protection of the disinsection health worker – in
stacking more security features. Care and package
for waste – earlier hair and clothes, if it is also infected, just
processed, folded into a cotton bag and
thrown away.

Modern styling contains more gentle
the means allowing the patient in the vast majority
cases save hair.

Are there any differences in packing with pediculocidal agents for
medical staff, patient, in hospital, in hospitals, in reception
alone, in kindergarten or school?

The composition of the package does not change for certain groups of citizens and
health workers do not create new recruitment options for
individual institutions. Institutions where there is work with children
equip modern styling in accordance with all standards
safety and superior performance on the part
drugs. Outdated, harmful, dangerous to hair (on light
stage of infection) drug with a low probability of getting to school
or kindergarten. school check

Among the standard sets for the needs of patients in hospitals (not
specialized dermatological, as standard) can
come across sets similar in chemical composition to classic ones.
It all depends on the people responsible for the hospital supply and
budget allocation.

Ministry of Health Order number 342 – a summary

This order “On strengthening preventive measures
epidemic typhus and the fight against pediculosis “was adopted in
1998 and is still valid amended by relevance
drugs and the acceptability of preventive measures regarding
the latest sanitary standards. Ministry of Health

By decree, medical and educational institutions are required
monitor and organize screening for these diseases among
students or patients at least twice a year. AT
If symptoms are detected, immediately carry out
disinsection of patients on site, and the rest to ensure prevention
and conduct informative conversations.

Prevention of pediculosis

The main preventive measure to combat pediculosis –
compliance with sanitary standards. Lice may appear not only
from contact with an infected person, but also from being in
unsanitary conditions.

For prevention is enough:

  • weekly wet cleaning;
  • prevent debris, especially food waste and
  • wash your hair with shampoo every three days;
  • daily shower.

If there are signs of a pediculosis, child in an educational institution
it’s better to separate yourself from the team and take a look at
to the doctor.

How is the inspection?

Since the parasites are visible to the naked eye, inspection occurs
without the use of technology, manually. Often used magnifying

A doctor or any examiner examines the hair,
fingering the patient’s hair with fingers in protective gloves and a comb with
frequent teeth. A few minutes of such an inspection is enough
to detect insects, even if the person has never seen them.

Modern and effective remedies against pediculosis

Now methods of getting rid of lice are far from kerosene and other
terrible means of hitting the imagination of modern man.
Ointments, shampoos, other head and body wash products are sold,
containing insect-killing drugs.

Their effectiveness may be questionable if the remedy
cheap or not high quality, but most are well accepted and
even recommended by doctors in the lung stages of pediculosis.

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