Contour plastic face fillers and threads for eliminate any flaws


Is the contour face of the money worth the money?
to spend on it? Find out all the features of this procedure: how much
it is effective, how long does the result hold, is it not painful. You
Useful lists of indications and contraindications. Short review
drugs will facilitate the selection.


  • What is this procedure?
  • Kinds
  • Efficiency contour plastics
  • Indications and contraindications
  • How is contouring plastic
  • Materials used
  • Rehabilitation period
  • Possible complications

Rarely a woman is satisfied with their appearance. Thats
lips too narrow, cheekbones too wide, then nasolabial
folds too clearly marked. These are the individual
features that no cosmetic can handle
facilities. And here comes to the rescue contour plastic
a person who promises to fix all these flaws and bring
to perfection a female image as its client sees. To this
The procedure today is treated like young girls wanting to do
the features of the face are ideal, and so are the ladies in adulthood caring for
deferment of old age. Well, it remains to find out only one thing –
Do they achieve a dream come true?

What is the procedure for contour plastic face

What is this procedure?

If you want to make a contour plastic face, first you need to
find out what the procedure is, what results it promises,
what you end up with and how dangerous it is.

First, this concept includes several procedures for changing
certain areas of the face. For example:

  • lip contouring can make them
    more plump and appetizing;
  • correction of the cheekbones makes them more pointed,
    released, removes fat bags;
  • contour plastic nasolabial fold capable
    reduce its depth;
  • eye area correction removes
    most of the problems associated with this face area: ptosis, dark
    circles, bags, puffiness, crow’s feet, etc .;
  • contour plastic oval face makes it more
    rosary, embossed, eliminates double chin.

Secondly, this procedure can be carried out in different ways.
There are several techniques with which you must advance
read and discuss them with a beautician. Someone better to do
tightening the threads, but for someone the only way out
Injections will become – those very beauty shots. So sort it out
what species represented face contour plastic
cosmetology today to make literate
and the only choice.

From the life of stars. Many foreign and
Russian celebrities are not just joking contouring plastic.
Some of them hide this fact, others feel free to talk
about it. The results also vary: some fillers went on
favor, to others – not so. Among those who have tried this
cosmetic technology on themselves, listed Angelina Jolie (cheekbones),
Masha Malinovskaya (lips), Victoria Beckham (face shape), Kylie Minogue
(correction of the upper lip), Pamela Anderson (for contour plastics
almost all parts of the face of a Hollywood actress have fallen).

What can contour plastic face

Have you done a vacuum facial massage? The procedure is available as in
salon and at home.

Read about all facial treatments offered by salons.
beauty today.


So, let’s understand what kind of contour
face plastics offers women modern
cosmetology. This concept combines a variety of procedures and
operations, each of which has its own characteristics
preparation, conduct and rehabilitation, indications and
contraindications, age restrictions. For those who are afraid
scalpel, it is not necessary to adjust the appearance of such
cardinal method. There is a non-invasive contour correction of the face,
supposing softer, sparing and careful technicians.

  • Reinforcement

Reinforcement – contour plastic face threads
non-invasive thread lifting. Under the skin
implanted polydioxanone self-absorbable filaments that
gradually replaced by collagen fibers. From age not
depends. The procedure takes from 30 minutes to an hour, hospitalization and
special training is not required. Usually put about 10 threads
each costs around $ 25-50.

  • Beauty test

Beautification – non-surgical tightening, injection
contour plastic face, smoothing age-related changes
and improves the appearance. The goal is rejuvenation and face modeling.
The effect is noticeable immediately, persists throughout the year.
Hospitalization procedure does not require pain does not cause,
rehabilitation period is minimal. Allows you to adjust
mimic and age wrinkles, restore lost volume
faces. Such fillers as Xeomin, Radiesse, Belotero are used.
The drugs are quite expensive, so the cost of the procedure
varies between $ 150-700.

  • Fillers

The most popular today contour
plastic face fillers or gels. Refers to
non-surgical types of rejuvenation. The procedure involves the introduction of
under the skin of drugs mainly based on hyaluronic acid.
The effect allows to cope with the main aging processes:
wrinkles are smoothed, nasolabial become not so deep
folds, corners of the mouth rise, change of forms and volumes is possible
lips, chin, cheekbones. The most commonly used drugs
Surzhiderm and Yuviderm ultra.

  • Fat

Lipofilling – contour correction of the face by injection
own fat that is taken from other parts of the body
patient. Improves contour, smoothes wrinkles and folds.
The duration of the procedure is up to 2 hours, the effect is up to several years.
Compared to fillers, it has a huge amount of side effects.
and complications. Lipofilling of one area of ​​the face can cost
$ 1100

Discuss with your cosmetologist in advance which of these contouring techniques
plastic face suits you. The more intelligent the choice is made, the
better results will be. Which, by the way, is better for you too
read in advance.

Keep in mind. By deciding on lipofilling,
Remember: contour correction of the face with the use of injections
Own fat is a very traumatic procedure that requires
compulsory anesthesia and impressive experience
surgeon cosmetologist.

What types of face contouring is in cosmetology

Efficiency contour plastics

Safe, non-allergenic injectables administered with
contour plastics, in a short time, very quickly
dissolve, directly affecting all
intracellular processes:

  • maximum moisture at the injection site;
  • extensive and unimpeded access of oxygen to the cells;
  • renewed production of collagen and elastin
  • neutralizing free radicals leads to anti-aging
  • correction of facial defects: wrinkles are smoothed, pigmentation
    brightened, lip contours, oval become clear and

Many are interested in how much contour plasty of the face.
If it is high quality, professionally executed, the effect will remain
within six months. Approximately as much time is needed for
dissolving filaments and fillers. But it is only under the condition of exact
compliance with all indications and contraindications.

On a note. Effect after contouring
individuals can stay longer than half a year if the body is
slowly process the drug injected under the skin. This
indicator depends on individual characteristics, as well as
facilities. for example, the threads dissolve much longer

Effect of the procedure

Indications and contraindications

Many mistakenly consider the contour of the face only
rejuvenating procedure. In fact, she has no age
restrictions. Make lips chubby, and cheekbones more pointed
possible in 20 years. However, there are lists of indications and contraindications to
its implementation, which must be adhered to exactly.


  • Thin, vague, asymmetrical lips without clear
  • residues of acne and acne in the form of purple-bluish
  • irregular ugly jaw
    massiveness, the presence of a double chin;
  • mournful wrinkles in the corners of the lips;
  • crow’s feet;
  • saggy earlobes;
  • wrinkles on the forehead;
  • deep, pronounced nasolabial folds.


  • Hemophilia;
  • fungal, bactericidal, viral skin diseases;
  • pregnancy;
  • lactation;
  • previously introduced silicone;
  • diseases of the internal organs;
  • weak immune system;
  • recent salon procedures: chemical peeling,
    face polishing;
  • mental disorders, epilepsy.

The beautician is required to identify the patient.
contraindications for face contouring,
to avoid further unpleasant complications. If all with
health in order, he will appoint a date for the procedure.

Like this. Facial contour
contraindicated in patients with mental illness and epilepsy
due to the possibility of seizure during the procedure. Arm
beautician can twitch, the injection will fall into the danger zone that
irreversible up to pinching
facial nerve.

Indications and contraindications for facial contouring

How is contouring plastic

If you want to know how to make contour plastics
persons, select a video for your chosen technology and
take a look. It all depends on what you will enter or sew
under the skin – fillers and gels or threads. Of course, some common
moments they have, but a lot of differences.

  1. About a week before face contouring is undesirable.
    sunbathe, apply aggressive cosmetics, do
    traumatic procedures.
  2. Before refreshing the skin with fillers or threads, beautician
    makes a markup on his face where he will inject.
  3. Depending on the type of contour plastic chosen,
    anesthesia method. Most often it is local.
  4. Next, the drug is introduced or the threads are pulled along the contour.
  5. After that, soothing and wound healing agents are applied.
    (solutions, compresses, masks) while the patient relaxes and
    departs from the procedure.
  6. After some time (20-30 minutes), the first is evaluated.

After that, the specialist gives a detailed consultation of how it goes.
rehabilitation period, what side effects should not be afraid,
and when you should sound the alarm. Here you can ask how
you can often do face contouring: usually
It is recommended every 1-2 years, depending on the drugs.

Helpful advice. If you have a low pain
threshold, be sure to warn about this beautician in advance to
he chose an appropriate, stronger anesthetic.

How to make contour plastic face

Materials used

The title of “The best preparations for facial contouring” by
The following fillers deserve their dignity:

  • Highlight – a drug from an American company
    Mentor, has a long lasting effect;
  • Surdzhiderm (Surgiderm) and
    Juviderm (Juvederm) – hyaluronic drugs
    acids from the French company Corneal;
  • Dermaliv – facial contour correction
    hyaluronic acid;
  • Restylane (Restylane),
    Perline (Perlane) – the result of rejuvenation
    lasts up to 2 years;
  • Ivor (Yvoire) – a novelty in contour plastics
    from the company LG, the drug is developed on the basis of high molecular weight
    GK non-animal origin;
  • Teosyal (Teosyal) – from the Swiss
    Teoxane laboratories, biosynthetic hyaluronic filler
  • Princesses (Princess) – a drug with HA
    non-animal origin, produced by a unique technology
    S.M.A.R.T. from the Austrian company Croma, suitable even for the youngest
  • Ellanse – filler based
    polycaprolactone (biodegradable polyester), absorbable
    suture material;
  • Radiesse (Radiesse) – calcium in the composition
    drug creates under the skin a certain frame, which later
    overgrown with collagen producing cells;
  • Sculptra (Sculptra) – artificial filler on
    poly-L-lactic acid;
  • Artekoll, Artefill –
    synthetic means with lidocaine and bovine collagen.

All of these preparations for facial contouring should select
beautician, given the individual characteristics of women’s skin and
organism as a whole. Each of them has its own characteristics.
To prolong the effect after the procedure, you need to be able to
properly care for the skin after the rehabilitation period.

Additional Information. Many confused
concepts of contouring and Botox. These are different procedures, although
they have one task – to prolong youth.

What makes contouring the face

Rehabilitation period

The beautician is simply obliged to make recommendations after
contour plastics of the person who need to strictly
perform. Otherwise, the procedure can turn unpleasant
the consequences. Minor side effects may develop into
complications, and the result is much less than the promised time.
To avoid this, follow a few unshakable rules.
skin care during the recovery period.

What not to do after contouring

  1. 1-2 days – smile wide, stretching the muscles of the face;
  2. 4-5 days – intense exercise and exercise;
  3. 5 days – take alcohol, coagulants, aspirin;
  4. 1 week – swim in hot water;
  5. 1 week – touch the injection sites, sleep on
  6. 1 week – use alcohol-based lotions;
  7. 1 week – apply decorative cosmetics (foundation,
  8. 2 weeks – go to the sauna;
  9. 1 month – visit the solarium and stay too long on
    the sun;
  10. half a year – intensive massages and myostimulation.

If you fulfill all these requirements, rehabilitation after contour
face plastics will be successful, without complications and unpleasant

Where is the mistake? The most common cause
the occurrence of cones in the places of punctures on the face after contour
plastic becomes a smile in the first days after the procedure. She is
stretches the muscles and shifts the injected under the skin, not yet settled
filaments, fillers and gels.

Recommendations after contouring

Possible complications

Unpleasant consequences of facial contouring may occur.
due to the fact that the drug was introduced into the danger zone, where there is
congestion of capillaries. May be affected by the facial nerve. Sometimes filler
does not take root in the body. But most often the complications are dictated
improper skin care during the rehabilitation period. They may

  • scarring;
  • inflammations;
  • cones;
  • yellow or gray skin;
  • fibrous deformity.

If the contour plastic of the face is performed by an experienced cosmetologist in
compliance with all recommendations and compliance
contraindications she is able to truly work wonders with
looks. Just a few injections – and facial features are transformed.
beyond recognition, become more perfect and close to
ideal. Encouraged by amazing results, women often
abusing fillers and threads, increasingly turning to them for
using In the end, from the natural beauty bestowed upon them
nature, there is practically no trace, then how exactly
Naturalness today remains a trend in the fashion world. So
that, going to the center of aesthetic medicine for beauty shots,
remember this.

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