Contour plastic

The phrase “contour plastic” causes many
unaware people are unpleasant, and even terrible associations. how
it is known that fear has large eyes, and rich imagination is unnecessarily
impressionable person paints terrible pictures: scalpel,
bruises, facial wounds, but in reality it’s not at all like that.
Problems that were once solved only with the help of surgical
interventions are nowadays easily eliminated in a short time
without drastic measures. In modern cosmetology there are
injection methods for the correction of age-related skin defects and scalpel
here is completely out of work.

One of these methods is hyaluronic contour plasty.
acid. Moreover, in the practice of contouring plastic
It is considered the use of not only hyaluronic acid, but also
preparations based on other substances. In order not to be afraid
procedures, about which little is known to ordinary people, let’s
Let us see what contour plastic is, how it is performed, to whom
This procedure is recommended, and to whom it is contraindicated, which side effects
effects and complications may occur after it.


  • What is contour plastic and how it is carried out
  • What substances are used in fillers?
  • Indications for the procedure
  • Contraindications to the procedure
  • Side effects and complications
  • How often can the procedure be performed?
  • The advantage of contouring plastics over other injection
    by methods
  • What can be corrected using contour plastics
  • Lip contouring
  • Contour correction of nasolabial folds
  • Restoration of facial contours with contour plastics
  • Contour repair of the lacrimal sulcus

What is contour plastic and how it is carried out

Contouring is an injection procedure using
which are filled with wrinkles, folds, dips on the face to give
It has a clear contour, elasticity and elasticity. Implant insertion
gives the sunken skin the necessary volume. Going on
improvement of skin characteristics and its significant rejuvenation.
The main drug for the procedure is hyaluronic acid, but
also use other drugs, which we describe below.
There is nothing complicated or scary about this procedure.

Before the procedure, the doctor examines the patient for
identify concomitant diseases and contraindications to
the use of drugs used in contour plastics. A patient
must inform the doctor about the presence of chronic and other
diseases (if any), whether he was previously
contour plastic, if so, what kind of drug.

Immediately before the procedure begins, local
anesthesia, which is carried out with a special cooling gel
or cream. Also conduct antiseptic treatment.

How to carry out the procedure? Contour plastics is performed with
using fillers (fillers). Fillers – thin sterile
syringes already ready for use. Fillers are used for both
linear alignment of the skin relief, and to give
additional volume of tissues (cheeks, lips). In therapeutic
cosmetology fillers are used in a small amount – no more than
a few milliliters.

Large volumes of fillers are used in reconstructive surgery.
(when it is necessary to restore facial tissue in case of burns,
benign formations, etc.). With the introduction of the filler in the skin
the volume that mechanically lifts the tissue is filled,
above it. Wrinkles and dips of skin are pushed out
from the inside, making the skin surface smooth and smooth.

Injections are made intracutaneously or subcutaneously, various
drugs have their own characteristics of administration. Most often the needle is inserted
in the area requiring correction or in close proximity to it.
For the introduction of the filler used the finest needles, but sometimes
blunt cannulas. For many professionals, cannula selection is
preferred because the cannula is less associated with injuries
tissues and blood vessels. At the end of the procedure, the correction zone is gently
massaged for uniform distribution of the drug. In cases
excess of the introduced substance massage is produced more

What substances are used in fillers?

Above we said that in contour plastics they use not only
hyaluronic acid. Fillers are:

  • based on collagen;
  • based on hyaluronic acid;
  • synthetic;
  • autologous, derived from the tissues of the patient;
  • combined.

For a long time, the most common procedure in cosmetology
there were collagen injections. Now took the lead
hyaluronic acid, but collagen is not going to donate
positions. Collagen – a protein that forms the basis of connective tissue
in humans. Collagen literally means glue (with
greek kollo – glue). Collagen makes up 70% of the skin’s protein and
due to its structure is able to strongly stretch. Fat
a layer of collagen gives the skin firmness and elasticity. Exactly this
its property is highly valued and used in cosmetology.

Collagen fibers envelop the fabric like elastic networks that do not
allows them to deform. It can be said that collagen is
frame, which “keeps” facial tissues in an elastic state. But to
Unfortunately, in the process of aging, collagen fibers lose
the ability to perform the function of the framework and cease to “keep” the skin with
the same force. The process of collagen collapse prevails over its
synthesis. In order to restore skin elasticity, you need to enter
exogenous (from the outside) collagen, which is able to trigger the synthesis
endogenous (intrinsic) collagen. For these purposes, use
collagen based fillers.

Autologous preparations are obtained from the tissues of the patient himself. Most
A well-known autologous drug is fat. Injection Based
Own fat known in cosmetology for a long time. Fat
taken from the “fat depot”, which are located on the hips, in the area
belly, buttocks and knees. Collected fat is slightly modified.
The isolated fat cells are used in the fillers for the dermal

What is the advantage of autologous drugs?
A significant plus of these drugs is their endogenous
origin. That is, the drug is released from its own tissues.
the patient. It is a “native” substance that is recognized by the body.
as your own. It does not reject, does not infect the body.
foreign viruses and does not cause allergic reactions.

Synthetic drugs are called permanent fillers.
(non-biodegradable). They are called non-biodegradable for
reason that they are not excreted. Permanent fillers –
These are gels based on synthetic polymers. Synthetic
drugs – the most unfavorable in terms of quantity
side effects and complications. One of the most dangerous complications
which is observed with the introduction of fillers – the migration of the gel from the place
the injection. Allergic reactions and
rejection by the body of a foreign substance.

Contour plastic with hyaluronic acid is the most
common procedure in modern cosmetology. Hyaluronic
acid is synthesized by our body, but over the years the volume
produced hyaluronic acid decreases sharply. Deficiency
hyaluronate immediately affects the appearance of the skin. She is
becomes flabby, dry, thin and wrinkled.

Aging skin is not able to interfere with gravitational
ptosis (omission) of the oval face. Oval face is deformed and literally
merges with the chin. Sometimes metamorphosis is so
essential that it is difficult to recognize in the woman the former beauty.
It is clear that such changes do not please the eye at all. And then to the rescue
Cosmetology No. 1 “Star” comes – hyaluronic acid.

Thanks to its amazing qualities, hyaluronic acid
able to eliminate age-related skin changes, return her youth
and freshness. Hyaluronate fills the extracellular space,
giving the skin firmness and elasticity. Its ability to bind
water in the body gives the skin a moist and fresh look. One
in short, hyaluronic acid is a truly magical substance that
scientists were able to reproduce artificially.

It should be noted that it does not matter at all what method was
hyaluronic acid is obtained. Its molecule is universal and
regardless of their origin successfully copes with
assigned tasks. Currently used as
stabilized (chemically modified) hyaluronic acid,
and unstabilized (native, natural). Stabilized
hyaluronic acid is used in fillers to give
additional tissue volume. Unstabilized Hyaluronate
refers to hydro reserve preparations and is used for long-term
moisturizing tissue.

Combination preparations are long-acting fillers,
created on the basis of two materials: synthetic and natural.
The number of side effects is the same as that of fully synthetic
substances: gel migration, abscesses, rejections, necrosis. Should
to remind that in Europe and the USA these drugs are not used,
they are banned due to the high risk of complications and side effects,
causing serious health problems and even deadly
the outcomes. Correction of side effects and complications after use
synthetic and combination drugs is possible only

According to the duration of action in the body, fillers are divided into three

  • temporary;
  • long acting;
  • permanent.

Temporary fillers are biodegradable (absorbable)
drugs, most often, on the basis of stabilized hyaluronic
acids that are in the body for 6-12 months, and then
completely eliminated from the body.

Long acting fillers are combination drugs,
on the basis of, as a rule, two materials: synthetic and natural,
which remain in the body for 1-2 years.

Permanent fillers are synthetic preparations.
origin that remain in the body for 5 years and
forever and ever.

Nowadays, most professionals share the opinion that
The use of permanent fillers is recommended only by individual
patients who are undergoing contour correction for correction
defects caused by traumatic injuries suffered
diseases or reconstructive surgical

Indications for the procedure

Naturally, contouring, like any other procedure,
has its own indications and contraindications. Recommended
contour plastics for the following skin defects:

  • the presence of wrinkles;
  • in all cases of age wilting of the skin;
  • with deformation ptosis of the oval face;
  • with deep nasolabial folds;
  • in the presence of traces of post-acne and scars.

As for age restrictions, they are not. Unacceptable
is the conduct of such a procedure to persons under the age of 18. BUT
all the rest with the recommendation of a cosmetologist holding
The procedure is considered valid. Contour plastic quite
effective in the early stages of wrinkle formation when they are not present
calm, but they are already laid. Adjust
such states are much simpler at the very beginning and should not be expected
“maturation” of wrinkles, as many wrongly believed.

Contraindications to the procedure

It is not recommended to conduct contour plastics with the following

  • in autoimmune and oncological diseases;
  • in infectious and chronic diseases in acute
  • with allergic diseases;
  • with individual intolerance to the drug, based on
    which procedure is carried out;
  • during pregnancy and lactation;
  • in immunosuppressive conditions;
  • in cases of the presence in the skin of silicone preparations from
    previous procedure;
  • in conditions associated with blood clotting.

Side effects and complications

The contour plastics method has many advantages and
positive benefits, but this does not mean that he has no
effects and complications. Side effects always happen when
This is an invasive method of treatment, as in this case
there is a violation of the integrity of the skin and interference with
body work.

Side effects – normal body reaction to intervention.
from the outside, they should be, but complications are completely undesirable,
they simply should not be. Complications happen because of low
the level of professional training of a cosmetologist, as well as
use of low quality preparations as fillers
of dubious origin. Let’s look at what side
effects are considered normal and which are complications.

The following may occur during contouring
side effects:

  • swelling of the face;
  • bruises and microhematomas at puncture sites;
  • microtraumas of blood vessels.

Usually the side effects do not cause serious concern and
disappear in a few days. Another thing is complications.

After the procedure, contour modeling may occur
The following complications:

  • delayed allergic reactions;
  • immediate allergic reactions;
  • gel migration;
  • Tyndall effect (contouring the gel under the skin)
  • fibrosis (compaction of tissues);
  • necrosis (after vessel embolism);
  • granulomas (nodular seals).

Hyaluronic acid is biocompatible with our body, but often
It happens that the body itself defines it as alien and
Launches the “external intrusion” protection mechanism. As a result
an inflammatory process occurs, and in the puncture sites
granulomas and fibrosis. The emergence of foci of bacterial inflammation
after contouring says gross violations of the rules

A very dangerous and unpleasant symptom – migration and protrusion
gel. The gel may in some cases show through to form
bumps and bumps. If the gel was injected deep, then it
moves to adjacent areas of the face, thereby distorting it
proportions. Also in some cases, the contouring of the gel
under the skin in the form of blue or purple stripes. This is the so-called
Tyndall effect.

To eliminate these complications is possible only through another
injection session, but another drug, hyaluronidase, which
tends to break down and excrete hyaluronic

Avoid slow or immediate allergic reactions.
Type should be carried out skin tests before the procedure.

The most terrible complication is vessel embolism. Vessel embolism –
This drug (often hyaluronic acid) in the blood
mainstream. Usually, a vessel embolism occurs directly during
procedures. The doctor must recognize an embolism in time and take a row
action to avoid adverse effects – tissue necrosis.
For this purpose, an enhanced massaging of the area where the
vessel embolism and administration of hyaluronidase.

How often can the procedure be performed?

Ideally, the procedure is carried out once every six months. But still
the frequency of the procedure depends on which fillers for
contour plastics were used in the modeling process

Suppose if you use synthetic fillers,
non-biodegradable, they remain in the body forever. In that
case, it is not desirable to repeat the procedure, especially if there is no
serious testimony. Well, if you used temporary or long
acting fillers, the procedure is performed after
the substance is completely dissolved in the body.

The advantage of contouring plastics over other injection
by methods

The biggest advantage of contouring is
lack of rehabilitation period.

After the procedure, you can immediately return to a normal rhythm.
life, there is no need to limit yourself in an active lifestyle,
follow bed rest or diet.

There are also a number of significant advantages that allow
give preference to contour plastics. Let’s call them:

  • lack of pre and post-procedure activities;
  • instant improvement of skin characteristics;
  • low-painfulness of the procedure;
  • minimum side effects and complications;
  • good alternative to surgical plastics;
  • good compatibility with other cosmetology

What can be corrected using contour plastics

A rare woman, looking at herself in the mirror, is pleased with her
appearance.Always there is a desire to change something. Contour plastic
provides such an opportunity. Most often corrected:

  • lip contour and volume;
  • nasolabial folds;
  • dips and wrinkles on the cheeks;
  • eyebrow area;
  • ptosis (omission) of the corners of the mouth;
  • lip folds and wrinkles around the mouth;
  • nasolacrimal sulcus;
  • wrinkles around the eyes (crow’s feet);
  • cheekbone area, facial contours, skin tone enhancement.

Based on the foregoing, we can say that the contour plastic
is a worthy alternative to the scalpel. And even surpasses
surgical plastics on the speed of skin regeneration in
post-procedure period and the effectiveness of the received

Below we will describe in more detail about what skin defects
corrected most often with contour plastics.

Lip contouring

The ultimate dreams of any woman are to the best of chubby and
sensual lips. Unfortunately, mother nature is not all
grants such a gift, but what to do if it is not, but very
I want to? Here contouring comes to the rescue. In the past,
to increase the volume of the lips and improve their contour needed to go to bed
under the surgeon’s knife, but nowadays such a procedure takes at most
30 minutes. Dermal fillers for contour plastics can with
ease to increase the volume of the lips, more clearly outline their contour,
give them an expressive swelling.

For the contour plastic lips use fillers on
based on hyaluronic acid, as well as polymer gels and collagen.
Hyaluronate based fillers are temporary,
biodegradable. Upon expiration of their validity, they
break down and excreted from the body naturally. It may
seem like a minus and a plus at the same time. Hyaluronic acid –
natural component of our body, but do not forget
that in our body there are also an enzyme called
“hyaluronidase”, which tend to break down hyaluronic

There is a kind of running in a circle: on the one hand, hyaluronic
acid is necessary for our body, on the other hand, its successfully
breaks down the enzyme hyaluronidase. Why is that? And what’s the point?
Most of the functions that hyaluronidase performs are related to its
ability to increase tissue penetration by reducing
intercellular matrix viscosity. Excessively viscous intercellular medium
does not allow many reactions in the body. For example,
hyaluronidase provides sperm penetration into
ovum. It becomes clear why our bodies constantly
needs hyaluronic acid and why after a while
drugs based on it are removed from the body.

Lip contouring – jewelry fine work. Excess gel
can ruin the natural beauty of a woman and even disfigure her. Have
a specialist conducting a similar procedure must be present
not only experience, but also a sense of proportion.

Contour correction of nasolabial folds

Nasolabial and labial folds are very often formed in
quite young age. It’s hard to say why
going on. Whether genetic predisposition, or active
use of facial expressions, overbite or structural features
persons, but there is a problem and it must be eliminated.

To eliminate this skin defect, fillers based on
hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid, getting under the skin,
creates the necessary volume that pushes the inside out
nasolabial fold, thereby aligning the skin above it. Nasolabial
folds disappear in minutes, but by eliminating
nasolabial folds can not achieve large-scale rejuvenation. For
This needs to be adjusted in all nearby areas.

Restoration of facial contours with contour plastics

Elimination of wrinkles on the forehead, in the eye area and nasolabial correction
folds lose their effectiveness without an elastic clear oval of the face.
In the past, face oval correction was carried out exclusively with
using surgical intervention. These days, thanks
progress, it became possible to carry out the correction of the facial contours without
cardinal measures. The procedure for the restoration of facial contours
performed with hyaluronic fillers

Cavities are filled with fillers, which leads to significant
correction of facial features, the elimination of failures on the cheeks and to the general
rejuvenation. The speed and
the simplicity of the method, the lack of a rehabilitation period and the lack
need for anesthesia. The result is seen after 1-2 days (in
depending on skin type) Contour, unlike other
Injection techniques, for example, mesotherapy, is carried out in just
one procedure, and the effect of the procedure lasts from six months to
of the year.

Contour repair of the lacrimal sulcus

The area around the eyes is a delicate and tender zone. It is in this
zone, the first wrinkles, bags under the eyes, are deformed
upper eyelids and a tear groove appears. Wrinkles in this area
can greatly spoil the overall look of the face. Sometimes just enough
eliminate obvious wrinkles around the eyes and the tear groove to return
face the former prettiness and freshness.

In the past, this defect of the skin of the eyes was eliminated only by
blepharoplasty, and now it can be removed in minutes
using contour plastics. The crease of the lacrimal sulcus is filled
hyaluronate based fillers. Fillers with the finest needles
or the cannula fills the fold along the furrow. Procedure occurs
quickly and does not require a rehabilitation process. Usually runs from
6 months to a year, after which the procedure should be repeated.

Summarizing, we can say that the contour plastic
remarkable innovative methods of facial rejuvenation and elimination
skin defects. It literally works wonders and easily eliminates
problems that in earlier times were solved by the most radical
by measures. The main task of the patient is to find a good
clinic and experienced specialist.

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