Cooling eye mask – amazing new modern cosmetology


Find out what is a cooling mask for the skin.
around the eyes with gel filler, which today
produce many cosmetic brands. The rating of the best will allow you
to meet them. Here you will find general instructions on their
application and home alternatives.


  • What it is?
  • The action of the cooling mask for the eyes
  • Instructions for use
  • Top Marks Rating
  • Homemade Cooling Mask Recipes

Modern life is such that makes women a lot of time
hold at the computer and use all sorts of aggressive
cosmetics in order to cope with goose
paws and swelling. In addition, because of its emotionality,
women often love to cry in the pillow
or vest best friend. The result of all this is red.
mucous, swollen bags, dark circles, swollen eyelids. All this
It is very difficult to hide under make-up, but to work in the morning, however
less need to go. In such cases, excellent and very fast.
can help cooling eye mask that
will eliminate all cosmetic defects in this part of the face. Her of course
it is better to buy 1 time in finished form and then use
several times in a row. But in the absence of such an opportunity,
do something similar at home.

Why do I need a cooling eye mask

What it is?

Shop cooling eye mask, which
offer many leading brands of world cosmetic
industry, reminiscent of carnival glasses with slits for the eyes.
Usually it is made of polyethylene (polyvinyl chloride) – pleasant to
groping material. Inside it there is a cavity in which in the free
movement are gel balls that can for a long time
time to keep cold. They are rammed tightly enough.
Approximately in one mask is 150-200 such granules. Points edges
sealed so that they do not accidentally spill out. If the remedy is not
to use, in their normal state, these balls roll down
way down.

The cooling mask for the skin around the eyes is convenient to use, so
as attached to the back of the head with silicone strings on velcro. Their
the length is big enough so the tool is suitable for any
size. Manufacturers are trying to high-quality Velcro
and kept the blindfold tight.

Before use, a cooling mask is recommended for a short time.
put in the refrigerator (in the side compartment of the door). During this time
gel balls should freeze, absorb cold and
evenly distributed inside the polyethylene cavity. After
of this they still keep a low temperature for a long time without heating
from the skin. Its cosmetic effect is based on this.

It is interesting! With careful handling term
The validity of the cooling mask for the skin around the eyes is not limited, so
as it is reusable.

How does the cooling eye mask work?

Effective cosmetic masks around the eyes after 30 years: 30let.html

Recipes homemade masks for the skin around the eyes with

The action of the cooling mask for the eyes

Quality, properly used cooling mask around
The eye can replace many products created for this area.
faces. Skin under the influence of low temperatures literally
transformed. The versatility of this modern know-how
beauty industry is amazing, because such a gel mask-glasses is capable of

  • removes swelling (including morning);
  • eliminates redness;
  • relieves tension and tiredness in the evening or just after
  • copes even with rezya in the eyes after long sitting behind
  • perfect against sacks, bruises and dark circles under
  • tones the skin through low temperature;
  • awakens after night;
  • relieves headaches;
  • suitable for daily care of delicate and sensitive skin
  • refreshing look;
  • hides the traces of the fact that the day before you had a lot and long
  • relieves muscle spasm:
  • rejuvenates and tightens the skin around the eyes;
  • improves blood circulation;
  • reduces the severity of hematoma under the eye (bruise);
  • well moisturizes the skin.

Such a miraculous and multifunctional cosmetic
the tool is a cooling mask for the skin around
eye. Brand glasses with gel filler especially
effective, as very well developed. Ball pellets
keep the low temperature inside the polyethylene for a long time without giving it
warm up from the skin. Another advantage is that the skin does not
in direct contact with any ingredients. Does everything
cold, so the risk of allergies is reduced to almost zero. Only
use – and nothing more, but on one condition: if the mask is
used correctly.

Be careful! Cooling mask for
the eye can be dangerous if hypothermia is allowed
thin and sensitive skin in this area of ​​the face. Do not forget that
it is deprived of the protective fat layer, – therefore it requires special,
delicate care.

Types of cooling masks for the skin around the eyes

Instructions for use

Many are interested in how to use
cooling mask for the eyes, especially when it comes to brand
facilities. Although just in this case no questions arise
should, as they are accompanied by detailed instructions. Everyone has it
The manufacturer, of course, has its own “zest” in the development of such
gel glasses, but the scheme of their application is basically one for all
similar means.

  1. Make sure that the gel balls in the cooling mask are
    evenly distributed in its cavity, as they are constantly
    tend to slide down.
  2. The duration of the cooling mask depends on you.
    It is necessary to handle it very carefully: if you accidentally damage it
    outer shell, it will no longer be usable, so
    how gel balls will burst and spill out.
  3. Find the best way to mount the cooling mask on
    eyes. Adjust the Velcro strings so that
    the bandage did not squeeze your head, otherwise she eventually you
    will ache. Too weaken it too is impossible, otherwise it will
    constantly subside and ride over the face.
  4. Place gel cooling eye mask before use.
    on the top shelf of the refrigerator door for about 15 minutes so that it absorbs
    in a cold.
  5. Never put such a mask in the freezer or
    microwave – so you just ruin it.
  6. After you put a cooling mask on your eyes, of course,
    better lie down. But if, for example, in the morning there is absolutely no time, in her
    can cook breakfast.
  7. The time of action is individual, in many respects
    depends on the manufacturer. But the average is from 5 to 15 minutes.
    Remember that the skin around the eyes is too sensitive and low
    temperatures will not affect it positively.
  8. Some manufacturers of cooling masks for the eyes are still
    further and allow women in them not to even pre-shoot
    makeup. However, the wise of the fair sex, of course,
    They understand that in this case the mask will not work for 100%. So
    what is better before such a relaxation after all to wash and hold
    make-up remover so that the skin is clean and able to relax
  9. For such a mask between uses you need
    care properly: rinse it in warm
    water with soap, so that bacteria do not settle on it.

Want to get the most out of a cooling eye mask? AT
In this case, try to follow the instructions for the purchased
means. Any deviation or experiment may be fraught.
side effects in the form of severe redness and
micro-damage from hypothermia. And, of course, much will be
depend on how much you have gained such a mask and on what
she is a manufacturer.

Helpful advice. Do not abuse
cooling eye mask – too frequent
sensitive skin just will not stand it. Either once a day or
generally every other day.

How to use a cooling eye mask

Top Marks Rating

Top 10 best gel cooling masks for
skin around the eyes will help you navigate in a variety
similar means existing in the modern market of cosmetology.
Get to know the prices and brands, as well as
Some features of individual gel masks.

  1. EyesCover – gel cooling eye mask with instant
    effect of tightening the skin and eliminate swelling. Greece.
    $ 16.8.
  2. Masque Relaxant – a relaxing cooling eye mask with
    gel filler. L’Etoile. France.
    $ 5.9.
  3. Medolla – cooling gel eye mask
    (it can simultaneously perform the function of a heating mask, if its
    before use, place on in the fridge, and in slightly hot
    (up to 60 ° C) water. China. $ 5.1.
  4. Gel mask for the eyes of Kristaller. Cooling and warming
    at the same time. China. $ 4.9.
  5. Cooling eye mask. Avon. USA.
    $ 3.7.
  6. Face & Eye Cooling Mask – a cooling gel mask for eyes and
    faces. Oriflame. Switzerland. $ 2.5.
  7. Bio-optic Cool Mask – cooling gel
    mask-glasses for the eyes. Ericson Laboratoire. France.
    Good because with it the lineup includes additional
    a product from the same series – a compress with a soothing anti-edema
    Bio Optic Eye Lotion. $ 1.7.
  8. Gelex – gel cosmetic eye mask with effect
    cooling Delta term. Russia. $ 1.
  9. Herb-based cooling mask for eyes (mint, chamomile).
    Bath stuff. Russia. $ 0.8.
  10. Good Look – gel mask for eyes. Russia. $ 0.8.

Cooling masks, glasses for the eyes on the modern
The market is represented in a fairly wide range. There is
funds for those who spend a lot of money on cosmetics
(premium), and for those who prefer budget options
(mass market). But when opportunities to purchase branded goods by
for some reason not, you can find an alternative – homemade masks with
cooling effect.

According to statistics. Most
positive reviews collected Avon gel cooling masks and

The best gel cooling masks for the skin around the eyes

Homemade Cooling Mask Recipes

At home, you can also cook something like that, though
Of course, no gel balls and carnival dressings with stickies
not at hand. First, a great alternative to cooling
eye masks from brand manufacturers are wiping
century of ice cubes. Secondly, based on some ingredients
You can always cook a regular home mask with the effect

  • Cucumber

Aged cucumber in the fridge for at least an hour
circles, attach to eyes for 5 minutes. The most effective
express mask for swelling and bags under the eyes in the morning. May with
Puree the same vegetable in the evening
peeling off the peel and seeds, and put in the refrigerator, and the next morning
wrap in gauze and attach to the eyelids for 5-10 minutes.

  • Dairy

This is a cooling compress mask for the skin around.
the eye, which is well relieves fatigue after working labor
of the day Moisten cotton pads in cold milk and attach for 10 minutes
to the eyes.

  • Peach

Turn the peach pulp without peel into a puree, soak in
refrigerate for at least 2 hours, beat with egg white in
arbitrary proportion. This cooling mask will make the skin around
the eye is as soft as the peach itself + it is bright
pronounced lifting effect.

  • Mint

Grind mint leaves, hold in the refrigerator under the yoke
1.5-2 hours, wrap in multi-layer gauze, attach to the eyelids.

  • Tea room

The most popular, famous, popular and even in some
degree primitive eye mask – from already used tea
tea bags. On the basis of green tea can be prepared at home
conditions of tea cooling mask. Not bags will be necessary, and itself
welding. It needs to be pressed, kept in the fridge for 3-4 hours,
wrap in cheesecloth and attach to the eyelids for 10 minutes.

Gel cooling mask-compress for the eyes in the form of glasses – then
cosmetic, which should be in the arsenal of each
self-respecting women. Modern living conditions are such that the eyes
very heavy loads and the skin around them requires
special care – delicate and express restoring. Exactly
such are masks of this kind.

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