Correct selection of a restoring mask for hair

ways to restore hair with masksEnvironment, lifestyle,
excessive use of a hair dryer or ironing can lead to several
problems: dry hair, lifeless, fragile, damaged tips
hair. These problems can be dealt with using masks for
hair restoration. Best at home, handle
with the problem of dry hair, you can use a mask based on natural
components. You can, for example, take sea buckthorn and vegetable
oil, mix in a ratio of 9: 1 and rub into the hair roots, rinse through
hour. Such a restoring mask will help if you are wondering
the question of how to restore split ends, besides solve
tarnish problem, reduce dandruff and restore
the natural beauty of your hair, also improve the state of the tips

If you are worried about how to restore dry hair,
egg mask – 1 pc., glycerin – 1 tsp, apple cider vinegar – 1
tsp and 2 tbsp of castor oil. This mixture should be applied to
wrap up with a towel and leave for 40 minutes. Similar mask
to restore the hair structure should be done 1-2 times a
a week, the course of treatment is a month. Such a restoring mask for
hair will make your braids smooth, shiny and well-groomed.

Another way is considered interesting and simple. Need to take an egg
1/4 cup of yogurt (natural) and 1/4 cup of mayonnaise. All this
it is necessary to mix well, rub and leave for an hour, after which
wash your hair thoroughly. It is possible to improve the condition of the scalp with
using the following folk remedies: a piece of black bread,
soaked in water, mix with honey, aloe juice and fine salt (according to
1 tsp each). Soak on the head for 1 hour and rinse.

Strength in sour milk! And not only

The simplest mask is from yogurt. Reviews of such a tool
always the most flattering. Just apply a folk remedy head
Cover with cellophane and a towel. After 30 minutes again
smear sour milk, the second application must be
Massage the scalp for a few minutes and then thoroughly.
wash your hair.

Another interesting mask recipe to restore the structure
hair and struggle with exfoliating the tips of the hair: take 3 tbsp.
burdock oil, add 2 yolks and a teaspoon of cocoa. This
the composition must be kept on the head for an hour and repeat the operation once in
week.This is a public and simple mask for
hair restoration that everyone can imagine

And another recipe mask, through which the problem is solved
damaged by dyeing or excessively dry hair: take
burdock oil, almond, rose oil and jojoba oil. All components
mix in proportion to 2 tbsp. burdock, 1 tbsp. almond
oils and jojoba and only after that add 1 tsp. rose oil.
Carefully wrap your head and this mask should already be left on all night.
Do not forget to wash it off in the morning. The tips of the hair will be smooth, the roots
will gain power.

Hair restoration by professional
by means

The first thing you should pay attention to when choosing ready-made
means – which problem solves this or that product. Everything
depends on what questions interest you more. Among
most frequent: how to restore hair structure, how to restore
hair after ironing, how to improve their overall condition? And first, on
what you need to focus your search for is what type of hair
suitable proposed mask, its composition, purpose. Similar
funds are more radical in action that will help achieve faster
the desired result.

Professional shampoos, serums will help to strengthen the structure
strands, they will be brilliant and well-groomed. In these cosmetic
The basis of this is chemical components, so
lovers of eco products such a choice is not suitable. And for all
the rest of these cosmetics are attractive by the speed of the result,
the fact that care is comprehensive and do not have to suffer
preparing a mask or other means with their own hands. BUT
that means professional tools also save you time.

In order not to get confused in all the variety of masks for tips
hair or product for basal nutrition, it is better to ask for
advice to the seller-consultant. Oh, he will prompt the best
Means for restoring hair structure. Mask for
hair is a source of additional nourishment and care in pursuit of
gorgeous hairdo. In stores, the choice is truly very
wide, so that everyone can pick up something to their liking. BUT
Those closest to natural recipes, you can try to make a choice in
pharmacies. There, too, there are various proposals like natural
in its composition, and close to the store.

Restoration of brittle, damaged and dry hair in

professional hair masksAs you can imagine, this is the easiest
and, at the same time, the most expensive way to restore hair.
you simply agree on the day and time, the specialist determines
problem and solves it. Here you will be surrounded by attention and with the help of
various remedies will help improve the health of hair. Saloon
procedures can solve the problem from the inside of the hair, not superficially
as it happens when using conventional means. In good
the cabin must be diagnosed, for this purpose it can
used microcamera, so it is possible to see the reasons
Problems. And only after that you can assign the correct and
effective treatment.

For the treatment most often used serums and masks, which
aimed at solving different problems. Most often turn to
salons asking how to restore hair after ironing
restore split ends and is considered restoration
structure in general. What is interesting services professionals – they are not
only be able to cure, but also prevent potential problems.
Be prepared to attend several sessions. it
not a hair mask that was applied at home and remembered about this
procedure after six months.

If you already started going to the salon – the money is spent big, so
that the case must be completed. Here you will be told which
means will make restoring the hair structure simple and that
use further. In more expensive salons, as one
of the methods of treatment, used nano cosmetics that produces
recovery at the cellular level. And does not lose its popularity
biolamination procedure both over the entire length and the tips

Choose some one mask for hair restoration pretty
It is difficult, as well as to stop on one method. No wonder we women
considered so changeable. Most importantly, in each of
The above methods have their advantages. So here, rather
matter of taste, mood and

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