Corrective underwear – a magical transformation figures

Since ancient times, women have adapted to hide imperfections.
figures, adjusting it with the help of special clothes. Used to ladies
I had to exhaust myself tightly tightened belts and narrow
corsets. Today create perfect or close to perfect shapes.
it became much easier thanks to the existence of comfortable linen,
hiding minor flaws. Now bbw do not need
hiding in black or colorful blouses in a free cut, you just need to
choose a suitable corrective underwear that will hide everything
superfluous and emphasize important.


  • Functions
  • Types and styles of corrective underwear
  • 3 degree utyazhki corrective underwear
  • Tips when buying a miracle


With a high degree of elasticity, linen designed
for body shaping, helps to emphasize dignity and hide
problem areas.

Thus, corrective underwear:

  • reduces or smoothes the stomach;
  • visually makes the waist;
  • visually increases and lifts the chest;
  • makes the transition from waist to hips smoother;
  • tightens the buttocks and reduces their volume;
  • straightens posture;
  • does not allow slouching.

All this instantly creates a slim silhouette and allows
Feel like an elegant lady. Pop, theater and film stars
long used this trick to look perfect. After all this
The easiest and most painless way to make a perfect figure.
Corrective underwear makes it possible even to change the fatties
your wardrobe and feel free to wear tight-fitting dresses, tight skirts and

To fully experience all of the above benefits.
wonder linen, it is necessary to responsibly consider his choice,
taking into account the features and rules for the use of such

Types and styles of corrective underwear

Modern manufacturers of corset underwear do not cease to please
pyshnotelyh ladies, releasing more and more new types and models that
They differ from each other not only in color and style. the main
distinctive characteristic of the ironing clothes – zone

So, for the correction of the abdomen and waist a slimming corset is suitable
or slimming belt. He removes his stomach and sides, and special
bones and elastic inserts on the corset reduce (albeit in
slightly) load on the back.

Graces and half-graces are very popular among girls and women.
Outwardly, they resemble a one-piece swimsuit. Tight corset
the design lifts the chest, tightens the belly, and the waist lines and
hips become more seductive. Difference between half graces
Graces is the lack of their bodice.

Pantaloons and leggings make legs slim and help hide
cellulite and sagging skin.

For a temporary decrease in volume in the hips and waist developed
corset pants. Buttocks in such underwear look fit and more
rounded, and the silhouette as a whole – smoother.

High-waisted shorts fitted with stitched plastic
bones and tight seams, making the tummy becomes
visually flat, and the lines of the hips – smooth.

Attractive and necessary subject of female clothes –
slimming combination. She is worn practically under any clothes.
The function of the combination – correction of forms, starting from the chest, ending
buttocks. Combination patterns, as a rule, always provide for
the presence of comfortable elastic panties and dense texture inserts in
abdominal area.

Excellent version of the integrated “reincarnation” for complete
women – bandage dress. Decreasing the abdominal circumference and thighs,
the dress lifts the chest and maintains the correct posture.

Bustier is a short top, just needed
women with impressive breast size. Such underwear corrects
breast shape, supporting it, and also helps with scoliosis,
inhibiting the progression of the disease.

3 degree utyazhki corrective underwear

To know how to choose corrective underwear, you need to first
turn, to decide on his degree of correction – one of the main

In total there are three degrees of correction of linen.

Easy Perfect for women and girls tight
complexion. This underwear is made from light but pretty
durable fabric. It will not hide body fat, but simply emphasize
dignity and hide the flaws, making the silhouette more

Average. Fits slightly overweight girls who want to wear
tight clothes, pre-hidden fat folds. Silhouette
it will become somewhat smoother, but to throw a few kilograms even visually
will not succeed.

High. The most successful option for donuts. The linen is made from
sufficiently dense and comfortable materials, supplemented by hard
corset. This type of underwear weighs a lot, but the result is obvious.
– the figure is reduced visually by several sizes, appear
attractive bends, beautiful posture is formed.

Tips on buying a wonderful laundry

Choose underwear only your size. When squeezing your
imperfections are not disguised, but will act on the contrary. Cramped
underwear will tie you down and annoy you. Before buying by
opportunities thing you need to measure.

It is better to give preference to the seamless flush linen, then
it can be worn under any clothing, even the most
tight fitting

Do not forget to pay attention to the quality and composition of the material,
from which the product is made. The composition usually includes such
materials like nylon stretch, spandex and lycra. Wherein
It is important that the wrong side of the linen consists of natural

Wearing slimming underwear should not be abused. Despite
many advantages of such clothes (one of which is the use of
breathing tissue during its creation), the body needs rest. therefore
some time is still to be myself.

Attention! Some models may be worn strictly.
a certain amount of time. This information is usually listed on
packaging, so do not neglect the instructions on the packaging.

Correctly selected corrective underwear I can visually
rid of a few pounds, make your tummy perfect
flat, emphasize the waist, round the buttocks. Many women
surely the situation is familiar when there is an important event on the nose, and
the dress prepared in advance does not fit the figure as desired
would. Exactly at such moments the magic of the ironing linen is simply

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