Corrugation to create unique hairstyles

hairstyles in the style of corrugationToday
A fairly common option for creating hairstyles is
use of special devices. They are made with their help.
a variety of hairstyles for both long and short
hair. One such tool is a corrugation. Hairstyles with
Corrugation today are very popular.

What is the “corrugation”? Initially, this term means “rows
parallel waves “. Corrugated hairstyles are possible thanks to
the iron with a nozzle “corrugation”. It can be done very
elegant and feminine waves on hair of any type even in
home conditions. In this case, the hair can be completely done
corrugated or use ironing only to create decorating
hairstyle items.

The way to create styling

In order to flute on the hair not only looked beautiful, but
and did not bring much harm, hairstyles should be done certain
hair, and prepare the hair with the help of special tools. AT
first hair should be washed with heat-resistant
shampoo and conditioner. After that, it is desirable to rinse the head
cool water that allows you to lift hair from the roots and
smooth down the surface of the hair shaft. By the way, the corrugation for
radical volume is also very effective.

After washing, it is necessary to apply a nutrient to the oil
the basis by which you not only protect your “wealth”,
but give the curls a brilliant effect. In order to remove
feeling of tousledness, you can start creating hair with
leveling flat ironing. After this, proceed
directly to making a flute on the hair. If you have long
strands, it is better to divide them into two parts so that nothing
skip. Corrugated hairstyles are made with a special curling iron from
roots to the tips. At the end of the procedure, the result obtained
fix the fixing varnish.

Possible options

pigtail corrugationCan you come up
A huge number of hairstyles based on the above techniques.
Especially if you have long hair. The simplest thing is to leave them.
loose. The second option is a high hairstyle (“shell” or
“bundle”). You can combine straight and wavy strands that
will look very interesting and unusual. For example, it may
be a checkerboard pattern.

Braids look corrugated. They are called “African
we increase “. In this case, the pigtails are light
artificial corrugated strands that are woven special
way and look quite volumetric and very natural. Can
completely achieve the effect of a wet perm.

It should be noted that the described technique helps
many girls to achieve the desired goal – add volume to their
hair. Just a few minutes may be enough to
create something creative, unusual, and most importantly – suitable
for you. Your image will become much more expressive and
memorable. You yourself will begin to feel more confident and
more attractive.

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