Cosmetic face massage

Cosmetic facial massage is an effective procedure.
anti-aging skin changes. Even before the appearance
innovative techniques and techniques, facial cosmetic massage was
the main procedure of classical cosmetology. This universal
The treatment is suitable for all face types and for all ages.
categories. It is safe to say that cosmetic massage
It has a lifting effect that prevents skin aging. If a
hold the massage regularly with some interruptions, the result
similar to plastic face lift.


  • Cosmetic massage goals
  • Types of cosmetic massage
  • Massage Technique
  • Who is contraindicated for facial massage?
  • How is the massage procedure performed?

Cosmetic massage goals

Cosmetic massage is performed to prevent
age-related changes of the skin, as well as to eliminate its cosmetic
defects. On our face are biologically active
points that are responsible for the activities of many domestic
organs. With facial massage, skin receptors are activated, and
transmission of nerve impulses to the brain occurs. During
performing massage stimulates the activity of the sebaceous glands,
effects on the nerves, lymphatic system, blood vessels and
subcutaneous fat. Thus, cosmetic massage
the face favorably affects the work of the whole organism and
contributes to its healthy functioning. Usually massaged
face, neck and décolleté.

For example, a technique such as stroking, relaxes and
calms the nervous system, and other techniques used in
cosmetic massage (rubbing, kneading) act on the nervous
the system is exciting.

Correctly performed massage helps:

  • activation of metabolism;
  • improves blood circulation;
  • removes waste products from the body from the tissues;
  • promotes skin breathing;
  • supports facial muscle tone.

All the above factors have a positive effect on the overall
human well-being, improve his mood and appearance.

Regular massage helps to improve skin.
characteristics, for this reason the following favorable

  • skin becomes elastic and taut;
  • improves complexion and skin turgor;
  • leveling and oval of the face;
  • wrinkles are smoothed;
  • skin fade processes slow down;
  • strengthens the muscles of the face and neck;
  • softens the upper horny layer of the skin;
  • reduced body fat;
  • “double chin” and puffiness of face disappear.

Also, the scalp is massaged for
prevent hair loss and improve their appearance.

Types of cosmetic massage

The following types of massage are distinguished:

  • cosmetic;
  • plastic;
  • pinch;
  • therapeutic.

Cosmetic facial massage contributes to the preservation of good
skin turgor and strengthen facial muscles. This type of massage is successful
eliminates skin laxity, prevents the formation of wrinkles,
smoothes existing wrinkles and folds. Main actions
Classic massages are stroking and rubbing.
Cosmetic face massage is carried out strictly along the massage lines with
using a special cream or oil. For example, the owners
dry skin should be massaged with nourishing cream
or oils infused with medicinal herbs.

Herb oil

Plastic massage is recommended most often for owners
flaccid and fading face skin. This type of massage has a strong
effects on the muscles of the face and neck, resulting in improved
blood circulation and skin tone increases, puffiness decreases and
puffiness, improved complexion, wrinkles are smoothed, and
smoothed skin texture.

This massage is a good alternative to injection and
surgical methods for the correction of age-related skin defects. Main
plastic massage techniques – intensive pressing,
vibratory and fixing actions that are carried out strictly according to
massage lines. Plastic massage is made on talc, or
With the help of cream, this is especially true for owners of dry

A pinch massage is considered one of the most effective.
anti-aging procedures. This type of massage is performed
rhythmic tingling of the skin, which in no case should
to be painful. Also, do not stretch and pull the skin. Pinch
massage activates many metabolic processes in the skin, contributes to
healing of scars, eliminates spots after acne, improves
blood circulation and sebaceous excretion, improves skin texture and complexion.
This method of massage is not performed with a cream, as it
makes the skin slippery and grab it with your fingers is problematic. By
For this reason, plucked massage is performed only with talcum powder.

Therapeutic massage is performed for some skin diseases.
The most effective such a massage for neuralgia, oily seborrhea,
vulgar and subcutaneous acne. A variety of therapeutic
Massage is a plucked facial massage by Jacquet and Lehry. Held
This type of massage is only for talc strictly along the massage lines.
Pinch massage do two fingers – thumb and thumb.
Movement is intensive with a small capture of the skin, without
causing pain to the patient.

Each type of face is selected corresponding to the type of massage.
The cosmetologist recommends a certain type of massage, based on
skin type and its current state.

Many experts recommend combining massage with others.
types of cosmetic procedures. For example, after a massage
it is advisable to hold a paraffin mask with biologically active

After the massage, the cream is applied to the heated skin evenly.
biologically active substances. Then put on top of the cream
hot paraffin. Paraffin should be moderately hot (exactly
as far as the patient can bear). This procedure
promotes rapid penetration of active substances into deep
skin layers, speeds up metabolic processes and improves complexion.

Face massage

It is worth paying particular attention to the age of the patient, since,
for example, patients over 45 years old are not recommended intensive
massage. In these cases, lightweight classic is recommended.
massage, and in the presence of abundant wrinkles – plastic anti-aging

Massage Technique

Massage is a creative process. For this reason, every beautician
has the right to improvise as regards consistency and
repetitions of the main techniques. This he brings to the massage a variety
individual notes. But any improvisation is still based on
classic massage techniques that cannot be ignored. let’s
find out which techniques consists of massage technique:

  • stroking;
  • trituration;
  • vibration;
  • kneading.

Any type of massage begins with stroking. It is very nice
Relaxing treatment to prepare the skin for

Rubbing has a profound effect on both the skin and
and on the body as a whole. When executing, expansion occurs
skin vessels, blood circulation increases, all tissues are saturated
oxygen and nutrients. All this contributes to the rapid
removal of metabolic products from the body. Rubbing has
favorable effect in neuralgia and neuritis, reducing pain
sensations that occur with these diseases.

When vibrations produce vibrations of different ranges and amplitudes.
Vibration spreads from the massaging area to the body’s muscles.
internal organs and nerves located deeper.

Kneading, like stroking, is a basic technique for
any kind of massage. It takes 50% of the massage time. This
reception allows you to increase the tone of the muscles of the face, improve lymph flow,
increase blood circulation.

Who is contraindicated for facial massage?

Any cosmetic procedure has contraindications. But massage
face procedure is very natural and has almost no
contraindications, except in very rare cases.

Facial massage is not recommended in the case of:

  • hypertension;
  • the presence of wounds and abrasions on the face;
  • herpes infection;
  • acne;
  • individual intolerance to the massage procedure.

How is the massage procedure performed?

Cosmetic facial massage is carried out mainly in
aesthetic salons. The patient lies on the couch, a massage therapist
is located at its head. Left open area
neckline, hair cleaned under a cap or elastic tape. AT
beauty parlor sounds relaxing pleasant music
flavored air.

Beautician cleanses the skin of the face, applies a massage cream, oil or
talc (depending on the type of massage) and will begin the massage procedure.
As mentioned above, massage is always carried out according to classical
massage lines and can last 15-30 minutes, but still
duration and frequency depends on the type of massage chosen.
Cosmetic facial massage is carried out with periodic cycles.
Usually it is several courses per year, each course consists of
10-20 sessions. Massage twice a week or after

Any cosmetologist will say that the action from the first session
Massage does not take long. If you decide to improve
skin condition with massage, you should not miss sessions and
spend it from time to time. To achieve good results in
every business is important systematic approach and regularity. By this
the reason is to develop self-discipline and train yourself
maintain this quality.

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